Health care forum raises blood pressure, arrest in Albany murder, plan proposed for Troy Proctors, Green Island Bridge up and down today

About 1,500 people showed up for Paul Tonko's health care bill public forum last night in Bethlehem. Both supporters and opponents of the Obama Administration's health care reform plan were there -- and it led to some heated exchanges. When one speaker asked Tonko about where Congress gets the authority to pass health care reforms, Tonko pulled out a pocket constitution and started reading from Article I. [TU] [CapNews9] [Lydia Kulbida] [WNYT]

Schenectady police say a man was shot three times on Park Place last night -- just a few blocks from Union College (map). The shooting appeared to be the result of some sort of argument. No arrests have been made. [Fox23] [CBS6] [WNYT]

Albany police have made an arrest in the Western Ave murder earlier this month. Police say the shooting was part of a robbery. The suspect told police he didn't pull the trigger, but he says he saw who did. [CapNews9] [TU]

The Court of Appeals, New York's highest court, will take up the dispute over Richard Ravtich's appointment as lieutenant governor next month. [CapNews9]

David Paterson tried to back away from his remarks about race being a factor in criticism of his administration, arguing that he didn't actually make reference to race (though this conflicts with he said). The governor said he wasn't changing his remarks, but "correcting the interpretations of my remarks that are wrong." [NYT] [Daily Politics]

Bankruptcy filings in the Albany office of US Bankruptcy Court are up almost 14 percent for the year compared to same period last year. [Post-Star]

Labor unions have mostly lined up behind Jerry Jennings in the Albany mayoral race. [TU]

The man who pleaded guilty to stealing headstones from a granite company in Latham in January was sentenced to three to six years in prison. [CapNews9]

The group hoping to keep the Troy Proctors Theater as a theater has presented a $14.8 million plan to save the venue. The group says about two thirds of that price could be offset by state funding. [TU] [Troy Record]

The Green Island Bridge will closed at times today so crews can raise and lower the bridge for maintenance. [Troy Record]

Apparently there's only one guy in Saratoga Springs who can fix traffic lights. [Saratogian]

The long empty corner at New Scotland and Whitehall in Albany (the one with the old garage) is slated to be the site a new condo development. [TU]


Usually I'm not a fan of politicians, but people who talk before they think are worse. I applaud Tonko for educating someone on the Constitution. Read it people. Get educated. Don't rely on rumor & conjecture to try to prove a point, because you will simply make a fool of yourself. Research never hurt anyone!


Condo development? Eck. I was hoping they'd bulldoze that and turn it into a park.

I hope your Morning Blend tomorrow picks up on CDTA's underhanded route changes and consolidations (see the TU and CDTA's website). These changes are quite significant (one of the two bus routes that services Rensselaer is being completely routed out of the city) and were implemented with no chance for public comment or feedback!

Tonko hears roar of crowd
Health care debate hits Capital Region as 1,500 jeer, cheer for proposal

By IRENE JAY LIU, Staff writer
First published in print: Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ann Rymski of Slingerlands, who opposes health care reform, said she felt her side had been excluded from the event. "The Obama people sent around an e-mail, asking people to come. I found out from a friend at the last minute," she said. "Obviously the word got out and some opinions were expressed here. ... So we get a little loud and yell at each other. So what?" Rymski said.

Now, a flashback to Nov. 7, 2008.

Poll worker says she sought to aid student voters
NYPIRG, elections staff at odds over dealing with confusion on campus

First published in print: Friday, November 7, 2008

ALBANY — One poll worker at the center of the Election Day confusion at the University at Albany said poll staffers were not turning away voters but doing everything they could to ensure their votes counted.

Many students mistakenly were steered to the wrong polling place, possibly by an unofficial e-mail not from the Board of Elections, said Ann Rymski, the Republican poll inspector. She worked the election district at Colonial Quad on the uptown campus in the 15th Ward.

ANALYSIS: On Aug. 25, 2009, The Times Union identified Ann Rymski "of Slingerlands" as someone who "opposes health care reform.:

Nine months earlier, on Nov. 7, 2008, The Times Union identified Ayn Rymski as a "Republican poll inspector."

A Concerned Citizen yesterday. A Conservative Party Op nine months ago.

I'm glad they're doing SOMEthing with that shack on New Scotland. Every time I pass it I wonder why it's still there.

We went as a family to the town hall meeting.

I was surprised by the vulgarity from people with the microphone -- it was not only unnecessary, but in poor taste considering the number of children in the audience.

I was also equally surprised by the number of people with Groucho Marx signs who did not know the difference between marxism, socialism and communism.

The stories were very sad. People who had insurance, up until they got sick. Policies cancelled. Now that's capitalism at its best, right? Profit before people.

We can do better for our citizens.

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