Man shot in head, mother and son defy bike-to-school ban, state investigating suspicious fires, odd math on state test, ghost cats

Troy police say a man was shot in the head Sunday morning during a fight (map). The man is expected to survive. Police say the man may not have been the target of the shot -- though neighbors say the man, who lived on the street, was fired at for taking pictures of the scrum. [TU] [Troy Record] [Fox23]

Albany police have arrested a Troy man for the August 30 Second Street murder. Police say there may have been a confrontation between the two men before the shooting. The APD says witnesses at the party where the shooting occurred were initially reluctant to cooperate with the investigation. [TU] [Troy Record] [Fox23]

Schaghticoke fire officials say there was another suspicious fire this weekend. The state is now organizing a task force to investigate a string of 10 suspicious fires around the town. [Fox23] [TU]

A Troy City Hall inter-office memo warns of big tax increases in the city next year if it can't find a way to make budget cuts. [Troy Record]

The Saratoga mother and son who got in trouble for biking to school last spring defied the districts' no-biking-to-school rule by pedaling to the first day of class last week. [Saratogian]

Albany city lawyers say they removed files related to the police department machine gun investigation in order to "secure" the files during the department's leadership transition. [TU]

Some school property tax bills jumped more than expected -- because of changes to STAR, falling property values and falling commercial real estate tax revenue. [TU]

David Paterson says he won't sign the ethics reform bill that's already passed the Assembly and is supported by Democrats in the Senate. [AP/TU]

Neil Breslin says he and other state senators are so embarrassed by the chamber's recent actions that they're considering the formation of a reform group. [Daily Politics]

Lloyd Constantine, one of Eliot Spitzer's closest advisors, is writing a book about Spitzer's short term as governor. The title: "Journal of the Plague Year." [TU]

The feds are looking into whether SUNY's Research Foundation has been appropriately spending millions of dollars in grants from the National Institutes of Health. [TU]

On this year's New York State math test for seventh graders, students could get more than half of the questions wrong and still pass. [NYT]

A union leader says a Rensselaer County legislature candidate forged his signature on an endorsement. [Troy Record]

The challenger in the Malta town supervisor Republican primary has accused the incumbent's campaign of spray painting devil horns on her campaign signs. [CapNews9]

The Hudson River PCB dredging project has been paused again because of a spike in PCB levels. [CapNews9]

Erin Brockovich said Friday night in the Ravena that residents are worried about what appears to be an unusually high number of cancers in the area. [WNYT]

A freight train derailed in Selkirk Sunday morning and dumped a 1000 gallons of diesel fuel. [Fox23] [Troy Record]

Guilderland police arrested a man last week for groping a woman at Crossgates. [WNYT]

RPI opened its new 6000 seat football stadium this weekend -- and it's apparently quite the facility. [Troy Record] [CapNews9]

A paranormal investigator says she's found the spirits of cats (and people) wondering around the historic Shaker site in Colonie. [TU]


Too damn funny about the Saratoga school trying to ban bicycling to school. What's next? Dictating what they can and cannot eat for breakfast at home? Hopefully they will not be wasting the time of the State Troopers for that one also.

I'm with you Jon, I mean does riding a bike to school really demand a trooper to come out and intervene? Surely, we can pay this civil servant to spend his time more appropriately then bothering a mother and son for what seems trivial to anyone that reads that article.
With the push now for healthy foods and increased exercise is seems like this would be welcomed.

We're facing an obsity epidenic in this country. Seventy thousand NYers die from Cardiovascular Disease each year - nearly 1/2 of these directly attributed to physical inactivity. Despite this, we can't seem to make headway towards teaching our children to lead more active lives. In a recent CDC study, 35% of the children surveyed report that they watch TV for 3 or more hours on an average school day and 9 out of 10 don't attend a physical education class on a daily basis. HEADS UP PARENTS - this may be the first generation NOT to have a longer life expectancy than the previous. and PS - Accodring to the NRDC, numerous studies have shown that diesel fumes cause cancer. Government regulators estimate, based on lifetime risks, that diesel exhaust is responsible for 125,000 cancers nationwide.

It's bad enough the school is located in such a fashion that it makes it difficult to walk to, but banning kids from taking their bikes to school? Really?!

I love the comments that the school is making itself liable for an accident (no, it's not) all the while our counties can barely meet their budgets because of rising medicaid and medicare costs. Seriously, Saratoga School disctrict, pull your heads out of your asses.

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