Obama to visit Capital Region, man accused of carjacking in Troy, pilot hailed for emergency landing, he's a LEGO weirdo

President Obama will be speaking about the at HVCC on Monday about the economy. He's expected to highlight the college's role in training workers for high tech jobs. HVCC has a special program set up to train workers for the GlobalFoundries chip fab. There had been rumors Obama would appear at the GloFo site, but apparently time constraints ruled that out. (The president has to make it NYC later that afternoon so he can appear on Letterman.) Apparently Paul Tonko and Scott Murphy have been lobbying for Obama to make a visit here. There are no details on tickets for the event, yet. [TU] [TU] [Troy Record] [Post-Star] [CBS6] [Fox23] [WTEN]

Kirsten Gillibrand is catching criticism for her vote to continue federal funding of ACORN. The org has been in the spotlight after its employees were caught telling people how to cheat the tax and mortgage systems. A pundit says Gillibrand's support of the org is probably intended to help her win votes in New York City. [TU] [NYDN] [Fox23]

In a new Marist poll, 70 percent of respondents said David Paterson was not a viable candidate for governor in 2010. [Daily Politics]

Troy Police say a man fleeing from a thwarted home robbery hijacked a car from a woman at a car wash in Brunswick. A resident of the house where the alleged incident began said he chased the suspect off with a baseball bat. The suspect then allegedly ran to the car wash, told the woman -- who was vacuuming her car -- to get her young son out of the back, and then sped off. Police say they caught him in Troy. [Troy Record] [WNYT] [TU] [CBS6]

The pilot of the Saratoga corporate plane that had to make an emergency landing in the Berkshires says had to pull the plane up after its first touch down in order to avoid a ditch. Said the head of the company of the pilot: "He's our Sully." [WNYT] [CBS6]

Rotterdam police say you should try to avoid Rt 7 today if you can -- it's going to be clogged because of construction. [TU]

The feds are telling New York that it has ditch the special brown and yellow Adirondack Park signs. [AP/CapNews9]

About 100 people -- including Civil War re-enactors -- showed up at the military museum in Saratoga yesterday for the arrival of a Union's soldier's remains (evidence indicates he had been from New York). There's a funeral scheduled this morning and then the remains will be buried at Saratoga National Cemetery. [Post-Star] [CapNews9]

The parent of a current student at the Doane Stewart school donated $1 million toward the purchase of the school's new campus in Rensselaer. [TU] [Bath-on-Hudson]

The wife of the guy who built that LEGO model of Albany's Elm Street says her husband is "a Lego weirdo." [AOA] [TU]


Where's Obama coming again? Oh, silly me, that's right.

Troy 1, Albany 0. Your move.

If a robber is trying to hide from someone with a bat, stealing a car is not the best way to go about it. But what do I know? I'm not a thief.

ps- OBAMA!

Sorry Pete, but even Obama can't save Troy

will we still see the great pumpkin along side obama on tv?

Re. highway signs: GOOD LORD, does the federal government not have anything better to do than legislate whether the letters are in yellow or white font? Every dollar wasted on new signs could be much better spent on almost *anything else.*

Re. Obama: I love how all the local politicians were saying on the local news that Obama's forthcoming appearance somehow validates the economic importance of our region (or, as far as Pete is concerned, Troy). Sorry. He needs to be in NYC later, so his people picked a community college relatively close to the city

Re. LEGO: Weird or not, it's AWESOME!

Liked the Lego story. Also, does Obama know that Dinosaur BBQ isn't open yet? I would hate for him to be disappointed.

Agreed, Fred (re: Obama). Every time I see a president or other prominent politician making a town hall speech, campaign stop, or other public speech, it's always in some podunk town I've never heard of and never will hear of again. I guess Troy fits the bill for everyone outside of Upstate NY and the surrounding MA/VT area. (Sorry, Pete! I went to college there and they do have some good restaurants, if that makes you feel better. No? Oh.)

Psst, guys: I was being facetious.

I'm advocating for the use of "GloFow" instead of "GloFo."

GloFo sounds like FloJo, or worse, MoFo. GloFow sounds like a Chinese takeout place. Mmmmm... Chinese food.

Where's Obama coming again? Oh, silly me, that's right.

Troy 1, Albany 0. Your move."
For what bragging rights are worth, he visited Kabul as well.

What airport is he landing at, Troy?

Actually, the President will be speaking in the Town of North Greenbush. The buildings on the southern portion of the Campus, including most of Bruno Stadium are in the town, not the city. If his motorcade follows I-90 to Exit 8 then north on Route 4, he will likely never set foot in the City of Troy.

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