Paterson and legislature fighting over budget proposals, state police confirm investigation into plot against former DA, Gingrich weighs in on Saratoga school bike ban

David Paterson and the state legislature are not fighting over what should be cut from the state budget, but rather over who should propose possible cuts. That job has traditionally fallen to the governor, but Paterson's administration has asked the legislature to submit its budget-cutting plans by next Wednesday. [TU] [Daily Politics]

State legislators are getting an extra $11/day in their Albany per diems. [TU]

State police have confirmed that they've been investigating an alleged plot to kidnap former Rensselaer County DA Trish DeAngelis. Anonymous "sources" say the suspect at the middle of the investigation is an inmate at a state prison in Dutchess County. The alleged plot reportedly came to the notice of authorities two years ago. [WTEN] [TU] [CBS6]

Albany County exec Mike Breslin's proposed budget includes a tax increase of almost 6 percent, along with more than 100 layoffs and the elimination of 130 open jobs. Many of the job cuts would come from the county nursing home, which Breslin has recommended closing. [TU] [CapNews9] [Fox23]

An honors student -- and West Point hopeful -- at Lansingburgh High School says he's been suspended for 20 days after school officials searched his car and found a pocket knife. [WTEN]

The Schenectady school district released its report on the Steven Raucci investigation -- but about 90 percent of the report is redacted. Entire pages of the report are blacked out. [TU] [Daily Gazette $] [CBS6]

Two brothers have been charged with the stabbing in Albany's Grand Street neighbor this week. One of the suspects is 16 years old. Police say the alleged stabbing was part of an ongoing feud between the brother and the victim. [TU] [Troy Record] [CapNews9]

Albany's Gun Violence Implementation Team has started meeting to discuss how to pursue the recommendations of the Gun Violence Task Force. [CapNews9]

A state Supreme Court jury has awarded a Schoharie County woman $43 million in a malpractice suit against the former Bellevue Maternity Hospital -- the award is reportedly the largest ever in Upstate New York. [WTEN] [TU]

Business owners along Delaware Ave in Albany say the road reconstruction project is seriously hurting their businesses. [TU]

The State Liquor Authority has reversed course and says it will grant a license to that new bar on River Street in Troy. [Troy Record]

The latest person to weigh in on the Saratoga school district's bike-to-school ban: Newt Gingrich. The former Speaker of the House apparently sent a letter to the school district after he saw the story on linked on the Drudge Report. [CapNews9] [TU]

Beavers are causing trouble around Ballston Lake. [WNYT]

A handful of wineries have recently opened in the Capital Region. [Post-Star]


Surprise, hike for Albany County. What exactly are we paying for? High-performing schools? Great roads? Low crime rate?

Don't make people in Albany County pay higher taxes, devise incentives to make people/businesses come back to Albany County to help shoulder the burden.

From the TU article about Delaware Ave:

The mayor's office and neighborhood leaders say they expected businesses would be hurt somewhat by the construction. But they say they've tried to remind people that stores are open and accessible, and that construction ends every day at 4 p.m

4 PM? Apparently nobody from the mayor's office drives through that area since people were still out working at 5:30 yesterday.

That is good news about the bar getting approval for their liquor license on River St. I also saw on Steve Barnes' blog that Tosca is going to reopen! Hooray for Troy!

RE: ph
You hit the nail on the head. One other thing to do is vote out (no matter party affiliation) everyone that supports Breslin. We are all expected (and have no choice) to make cutbacks in this economic downturn except it seems government/politicians. More taxes and less services is unacceptable. We are taxed to the hilt in this state and are close to going over the edge California has gone over. If politicans don't want to listen to common sense, then we should send them back to private life!

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This is potentially good news for St. Josephs. I walk around it 2 or 3 times a week and the last few years the deterioration has seemed to accelerate. She will be looking right at it everyday from her front windows.

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