AOA Greg needs a haircut

greg hairAOA Greg got his haircut by the same person for what seems like forever. But a combination of maternity leave and shop intrigue now have him in the market for someone new.

So -- where should he go (and why)?

His mom will thank you when he shows up for Thanksgiving not looking like a mop head.


Aww, Greg, I'm sorry, but the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that photo was: Sesame Street!

Schuyler Barbershop in Watervliet is where I go and they do a kick A-- job! Check them out..

Get yourself over to the Gateway Barbershop, my friend! It's run by a trio of dudes that have been cutting hair for over 50 years. The guys will provide you with a no nonsense haircut and their commentary on a host of contemporary (and not so contemporary) topics. The vibe is always really relaxed, which contributes to an old timey and otherwordly feel. Another plus is that it's super cheap, only $13 for a men's cut. They wont gob up your hair with unwanted products or silly styles. I promise it will be the best barbershop experience of your life.

Whhhaaa? That's overgrown? It looks rather nice - the chic bedhead look. You can just gel/pomade that up to make it look formal for Mom. A side part and *pow* instant good-boy hair.

I really like Cody at B'yond Style on New Scotland Ave. She's trimmed me and the mister, fantastic jobs for both of us.

As of late my Mr has been on an I-don't-wanna-go-to-the-salon kick, so I've just been doing it at home for the past several months. Snip snip, Greg, snip snip!

Hey Greg,

Try Central Ave Barber Shop on Central Avenue in Cohoes, NY... Tell my Dad I sent you!! Haircuts are $12, but tell him I sent you and it should be cheaper!

btw yes we have the same first name

My husband swears by John at Absolute Hair, on Hamilton Street near El Mariachi. I myself am pleased with the results whenever he comes home from a cut.

DEFINITELY Gregory's Barbershop - Delmar or Clifton Park... How can you not?

Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

@Todd: I went there years ago. That's where I first met the person who cut my hair for years. She left to open her own place and I followed her.

I'm a big fan of Patsy's on Howard Street -- You can even see pix of my most-recent shearing (by the incredibly talented and always entertaining, Jimmy Loveless) here:
The shop itself is worth the trip (as it's super Old Skool), but they will tame that mane for you, as well!

I also use the Central Ave Shop in Cohoes...and he's NOT my dad!

Ah, but where can one get a nice shave to go with that haircut?

I'd get my hair cut more often if I could get a nice straight razor shave. Alas the little old Italian barber down the block from my college apt is long gone. But he was the place to go about 3 in the afternoon before a party. :)

For an exhilarating, smack-in-the-face straight razor shave, I've got to put in another vote for Patsy's:
And I don't even work there!

I got to Ritmo barbers shop on New Scotland between the hospitals. He's a great guy and a whiz with a straight razor.

Jean Paul Salon in Stuyvesant Plaza. I'll even do it gratis if you give me some publicity on AOA!

Wedgeway in Schenectady. Cheap ($12 I think, I always give them $20 anyway), no nonsense, and skilled.

Never gotten a bad haircut there which makes me kick myself for the ones costing 2x+ that always had something wrong with them.

I trusted them with for my wedding haircut and they delivered. They also do straight razor shaves.

Mens Room does a good job too but can be snobby and is overpriced in comparison.

Go see Meri at Perfects Cuts on Lark St.

Greg, when the page loaded, I totally thought I was looking at your mug shot. And during that fraction of a second, a million thoughts raced through my mind for what you might have been arrested for. This proved even more difficult given the fact that you're smirking.

I've been getting my hair cut by the same person FOREVER -- well, since 1988, which is ummmm... FOREVER. For a brief period, he moved to California -- so I let my hair grow. Then for a few years, I was living in NYC when I traveled up here at least once for a haircut because the one time I went for a cut in NYC they botched it all up.

Here's the guy: Duane Majer at Headlines on Lark Street.

I've referred many people to Duane over the years, and they've all been pleased.

AND, when you go to Headlines, Greg, you get to talk all about Crisan's gelato with the shop owner, Gerard -- and Gerard is a lot of fun.

I agree with MattW. Meri at Perfect Cut on Lark St. has been cutting my hair for about 2 or 3 years and does a great job.

I second that recommendation for Cody at B'yond Style. My husband has very curly hair that can get out of control, and she makes it look great every time!

Clearly you've never been mugged. The subtle, but ever so key, raised left shoulder and fabric wrinkle is every social networking tweeds' tip-off of a shelfshot.

@komradebob: Gregory's Barbershop, they have shaved me a few times (the one in Clifton "please shoot me now" Park).

Hey Greg...looks like you're gettin' a lil shaggy! I'm a hairdresser at Townsend and Company, we're at the corner of S Swan and Madison in Albany (across from the Empire State Plaza!)

I'd love to help you out......I work with a lot of professionals that need to be cleaned up but still like to have a little style. Check our our website to see what our space is like.

Definitely check out Jen's Barbershop on River Street in Troy, about a block away from Monument Square. Jen's a great barber and she'll get you all caught up on the interesting happenings in Troy while she cuts your hair.

A second recommendation for Gregory's; and specifically for Kiro, the young Macedonian who has become the only hair cutter I have ever specifically sought out.

@Mrs. M: Nice. I think it's only the second time -- and the first time directly -- that my photo has appeared on the site.

@MattW: Yep -- it's a total self-photo.

You should totally try Christopher at Townsend. He does a great job on my brother and stepfather!

My former coworker used to RAVE about The Men's Room in 1 Commerce Plaza.

My boyfriend (much to my chagrin) goes to the Fantastic Sam's on Wolf Road in the Hannaford Plaza (because, as he put it, he can't be bothered making an appointment). They do a decent job on his hair, but he has super short, straight, fine hair which is pretty hard to mess up, so ...

Get yourself a pair of electric clippers and do it yourself! I haven't paid for a haircut in almost 15 years. Cutting your own hair can be difficult, I often cut big patches that look kind of funny,but like my father used to say; the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is a week.

I've been terribly disappointed with Gregory's (at least in CP). Hair cuts are so-so. But I went for a hot towel shave the morning of my wedding and I could have done a better job at home with a disposable razor!

Of course a recommendation like this depends a lot on location! I'm not driving all over the CD for a haircut. If Greg spends any time in Clifton Park, I recommend Hair & Body Essentials. They group their stylists into three levels of experience (I can't remember what they call them, basically 0-5 years, 5-10 years, and veterans) and unlike the crap shoot of walking into a mall salon, you can make an appointment with someone who has been cutting hair more than a few weeks. I got the best hair cut in years when I started going there.

I don't understand why you're limiting yourself to just a haircut. Since several hairdressers have offered free services on here, why not try a totally different 'do?

I recommend a blond weave. It will help you achieve that "Paris Hilton's brainier cousin" look you've been working toward. Of course, for pure class, you can't beat a high-top with a dope fade.

Patsy's is really great... Nice music, great people and top notch barbering --- Check it out.

with all due respect to irisira, "straight, fine" hair is actually the most difficult to cut; you can see every cut line if you're not skilled and careful.

Like most trades, there is actually a modicum of skill (and super sharp, professional tools) involved in cutting hair, and it's developed over time. Joe Ritmo makes barbering look simple and smooth, because he's been practicing his admirable ways for FORTY years.

I alway inwardly groan to myself when clients shake their head in wonder at how hard it was to cut their kid's/husband's/roommate's/sister-in-law's hair at home.

and Barold, truth be told, the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is actually about five weeks!

Maybe I'm the only one, but I got to Rumor's IV Men in Latham.

Hot shave, hot towel, complimentary coffee, and back and shoulder rub. The haircut is kind of secondary, but regardless I've never been disappointed. It costs more than 12 bucks but you get what you pay for. If you don't get a haircut all the time, I think it's worth it.

I'm with Albany Jane. I like the current hip bedhead look.

Greg, cutting it yourself is in.

Well, I'm desperately trying to convince people of this, at least.

Pick up a pair of shears and a straight razor and go to town. Just remember that it's always easier to take some off than put some back.

Also, drinking and trimming is fun, but you'll regret it in the morning.

Big ups to The Cuttery on New Scotland in Albany - Michael cuts my hair for a reasonable price and is the first person that has done so where it does not take a week or two to grow into looking decent.

rumors 4 men in latham gives you and beer and a hot towel thingy and a shoulder rub. hair cut is probably more expensive but it's nice to get service like in the olden days...

Skip the barbers. Going to a salon and getting your hair cut by a woman has 2 benefits:

1) Women cut hair better than men
2) Women hairdressers are usually hot

I second John @ Absolute Hair - excellent and funny!

I gave up on Gregory's...every time, Greg Sr. would cut my hair inconsistently/differently then would turn to me and say, "It's you again!". After 3 sessions of that, I began to feel kind of schizophrenic.

Go to Fiddleheads! The owner, Chuck, just moved his shop into Albany (Madison between Ontario and Partridge) and does an awesome job. Plus they're doing a discount for new customers because they just moved.

Rebecca - I stand corrected. I apologize.


joe: I like the way you think!

In Clifton Park, where I spend my work days, you want to try Big League:

I know, I know. But they're hungry. Easily the best choice for men in CP. Price is right. $17, $15 for police, fire, and prior military (me). You're in, you're out. Shoulder massage-machine-thing standard, but optional. Wash after (not before) standard, but optional. Sports theme and individual TVs, but an optional topic (the Yanks are already World Champs, so who cares?). The barbers, mostly nice, regular 20-something girls, are above average and not strumpets. Family place. Easy-going.

Twenty bucks. Uncomplicated. My Celtic JFK-hair needs scissors, not clippers. They don't flinch or charge me more. Always happy when I leave. High value, low-risk proposition.

Now get this: free touch-ups. They clean your neck and above the ears between cuts, no appointment, no waiting, walk in. Of course I've never used that service and few probably do, but it's savvy marketing. Worth checking the place out if only to observe their business model.


We get to see the results, right???

OMG! I will be hard pressed to tell you and Otto apart. Happy shopping for a good haircut.

Head over to Fantastic Sam's in Hannaford Plaza Wolf Road and ask Diane for The Jude Law. It will work for you.

I have been going to Gerard at Headlines on Lark for over 10 years. LOVE HIM!!!!!

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