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A daytrip to NoHo

By Kaitlin Resler

It's no secret that the Albany area is located in a pretty awesome spot for day-trips. Heading out an hour or so in pretty much any direction will land you somewhere interesting. One of my favorite spots to visit is Northampton, MA. It's only an hour and a half away and is worth every second of the drive.

Especially if you like to shop.

So if you need a quirky gift, the nearest Urban Outifitters, an old-school photobooth, or just an alternative to Black Friday at the mall -- this is your destination.

Here's the inside on what not to miss:

The drive itself is quite enjoyable and scenic -- and you can always break it up with a quick stop at the Lee Outlets.

Northampton is a really cute little town and there's no shortage of things to do. I find myself dying to take pictures of just about everything. There are lovely little local shops are everywhere. I'm a regular visitor and I have yet to see it all, but on the main drag, everything is within a 5 minute walk of everything else.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters small.jpg(yep, that's the Urban Outfitters building!)

No, it's not a little indie shop, but I can't lie-- this is one of the big draws for me. Hipster-heaven it may be, but Urban Outfitters runs good sales and often have clever home goods, a good selections of men's graphic tees, and ridiculous clearance sales on hair accessories. It's he nearest Urban Outfitters to Albany if you're not heading downstate towards NYC.

The UO building itself is quite cool--as are most of the store fronts and building-insides in Northampton. It's in a renovated building that used to be the old Northamton Institute for Savings. It's got high molded ceiling and the outside looks like no storefront I've ever seen.


Faces Housewares small.jpg

If you like Urban Outfitters, but feel the need for something slightly more original and cool, only a block or so down the street is Faces. It does carry some of the same items as UO (ten-dollar canvas sneakers for instance), but also carries local brands, American Apparel, and more clever knick-knacks than anyone could resist.

Faces Clothing small.jpg

If you need a two-foot faux handlebar moustache, new sunglasses, or a clever kitchen item for someone tough to buy for (or, you know... yourself), Faces is an excellent stop. I was particularly fond of the fish Christmas ornaments for 7.95, but they've packed this store with just about everything. As an added bonus they're open till 10pm!

Also, Faces is home to one of my favorite things ever -- an honest-to-goodness, black-and-white photo booth. According to Northampton has closest of these old photobooths to Albany. I'm not sure if it's accurate, but it's the closest I've ever seen. You'll find it in the back of the store near the stationary and greeting cards. For 4$ you can get a lovely four-picture strip of portraits!

Faces Photobooth small.jpg

If the photo booth at Faces has a line, you'll find another of these fun little contraptions across the street in Thorne's (it's on the second floor). This one is also 1$ cheaper.

Thorne's itself is worth some exploration -- it's a collection of gift shops, book shops, local jewelry designers and a weird sort-of dollar store.
Jackson and Connor sm.jpg

Guys will want to check out Jackson & Connor. It does tend to be a little bit pricey--but it's one of the few shops that does for guys what so many small clothing boutiques do for women's fashions. Plus, the décor is awesome and they have great hats, socks, and subtly patterned shirts.

Herrel's Ice Cream
This is a required stop for me on every trip. The chocolate sprinkles are the finest, thinnest ever, and they have a specialty flavored hot fudge every day!


Essentials sm.jpg

Essentials also has a location in Amherst. This is my favorite stop for everything twee and stationary. I can hardly contain myself from buying every little piece of paper or sweet notebook. They also carry delicate tote-bags, lots and lots of baby accessories, weird little perfumes and pens, magnetic animals, and jewelry.

Turn it Up!
Turn it Up sm.jpg
The local used music store located in a basement and down some very steep stairs. Turn it Up is a really tiny place but they have a nice selection and funny tags for the music sections. Worth a check out if you're a Last Vestige fan or like cool signs.

So after all of this, one needs to eat. There is no shortage of excellent restaurants in NoHo. The pizza at Paradiso might not be AOA tournament worthy, but we're totally in love with the hot buffalo wings. They're not just hot--they have an excellent and addictive flavor. Bonus: we spied them slipping a handful of pizza dough to a child to play with. He seemed very pleased with how squishy it was.

If you're not feeling pizza and wings you're not at a loss. For Japanese, Osaka (extra bonus because it's right near the ice-cream place), or Local Burger & Fries for -- you know---burgers and fries ( and definitely don't skip the fries). You'll also find a whole bunch of local Mexican and burrito places on the main stretch. A quick stroll and you'll find much, much more.

If you're not too beat, stick around for some music. Northampton tends to get some pretty decent shows. The Pearl Street Nightclub gets a lot of the good acts and has a great upstairs space (the downstairs is not quite so nice, but it works). If you're lucky a favorite band will show up at the Academy of Music (also right on the main street) which is an old theater that has balcony seating and fun red chairs.

Sure, the drive home is 90 minutes, but you'll have a great time.


Thanks so much for the article! I've come very close to heading to Northampton for music (since I'm a music junkie) a couple of times and I'm really glad to hear of all the other things I can do in the area to make a day of it! Can't wait to get out there sometime soon!

My only complaint about Northampton is that it isn't closer to Albany (especially because so many great indie musicians seem to go there instead of here). Faces and Turn It Up are great stores.

DH, it's worth the trip for Iron Horse Music Hall alone.

And don't forget Trader Joe's. (I think there's a Whole Foods nearby, as well.) We always bring a cooler and stop at TJ's on our way home.

Love, love, love No-ho! Faces is great for presents, and Thornes... oh, a treasure trove of slightly quirky things for the house you can't find here.

Great article! I've never been to Northampton, but it sounds like I may have to check it out for some Christmas shopping.

For any knitters/fiber-geeks out there, a trip to WEBS in Noho is like the ultimate fiber pilgramage!

For folks who shop in Northampton and are looking for some dinner recommendations:

1). On-the-cheap, but delicious, healthy, vegetarian-ish magic: The Haymarket

2). "Dinner" - sit down, but not stiff: Sierra Grille

3). SUSHI, for real - Moshi Moshi

These places are all within a two or three block walk in the "downtown" area.


"Northampton tends to get some pretty decent shows."

What an understatement ;) It's very true, Northampton is the closest place for indie rock fans to get their fix of live music. (although Albany/Troy have been no slouch lately, we've had some great shows! My dream is for Albany/Troy to become a staple of the indie rock circuit like Northampton is.)

If you're interested in music in Northampton, your one-stop-shop... I mean website... should be Just about all the major venues' schedules and ticket info in one place. The Iron Horse is my personal favorite, although the people who book the shows seem to have taken that venue in a different direction. All the bands I used to see at the Iron Horse now play the Pearl Street Ballroom. Pearl Street is nice, but lacks the awesome atmosphere that the Iron Horse has. Like you guys pointed out in your post, the Basement is not so hot... There are big poles to block your view of the stage and the bar in the back of the venue can get so loud that it's hard to hear quieter musicians.

I just surprised my gf on her birthday by taking her to Northampton. We went to Circa Restaurant, where the menu is almost entirely locally grown and organic. The food was delicious and the quaint atmosphere was perfect for an intimate evening. ( We followed dinner up with a show (Full Service) at the Iron Horse Music Hall, which is only about 50 yards away, and had a great time. ( I would highly recommend Northampton for a spontaneous night of fun!

Only thing you need to worry about is the Mass. State Troopers on the ride home....

I love NoHo. I lived there for awhile and it was amazing (pre Urban Outfitters days).
LaVeracruzana has the best burritos ever, and Union Station is a great place for cocktails.

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