Should the "Joe" name go?

Does "The Joe" need a new name?

Now that Joe Bruno has been convicted on two felony charges, what about the all the stuff that's named after him?

There is, of course, Joseph L. Bruno Stadium at HVCC. The theater at the Arts Center of the Capital Region is named after him. There's a park in Hoosick Falls that bears his name. And there's that bust of him on display at ALB. There are almost certainly others -- Bruno dropped a lot of pork in the Capital Region.

Other cities and institutions have recently re-tagged buildings named for people/orgs who have been convicted or otherwise disgraced:

+ The Houston Astros bought back the naming rights to their own stadium after the Enron meltdown (the energy company had actually kept up its naming payments through the whole thing).

+ New York City renamed a jail that bore the name of Bernie Kerik, the former police commissioner who pleaded guilty to felony corruption charges.

+ And Seton Hall University changed the name on a building that honored disgraced Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski (the $15k umbrella stand guy).

Update Wednesday morning: The Daily Gazette reports that HVCC will be keeping the name on Joseph Bruno Stadium. And NYT reports that an ALB spokesman says the Bruno bust isn't going anywhere.


I'm tempted to "spruce up" the Joe Bruno statue at the airport with a prison uniform.

I say "yes" to a name change - maybe the team is cursed, and that's why they haven't made the playoffs in the last few years. ;-)

"Uncle Sam Stadium" is a nice name, and I don't think we'd find too much dirt about him at this point.

You mean to tell me with the millions this website makes we can't have the ValleyCats playing at Stadium?

@Chuck: I don't think we could afford the naming rights to a table at UG, never mind the Valley Cats' place. ; )

There's a rule- don't get a tattoo of anyone until they're dead. Maybe the same should go for building names.

If they aren't taking Ed McDonough's name off of the fieldhouse next door, they won't take Uncle Joe's name off of the Stadium.
Here is a story about McDonough for Background:

@Greg that depends, albany or saratoga?

Can we change it to Inmate 87615 Stadium?

Funny: this guy is making 2cent donations to the Bruno Legal Fund. And each one is costing them 31cents in processing fees!


I don't like naming something after living person (and even more so public person still in office at the time of naming); however removing the name once it is there is even more tasteless to me.

Or if you need a horse from Bruno-

They should haven't named it after him in the first place.

But maybe they should wait until the (inevitable) appeals are finished before changing it.

Immediately remove it.

I'm so sick of hearing how much Joe Bruno "did for the area." All he "did" was spend our money ---and he never lifted a finger to lower your taxes. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Let's have another Joe Bruno bobblehead night ---except this time dress the figure in jailhouse stripes..

Just like all other Roman Caesar god-like beings - once the tragedy befalls them - the statues are removed.

the joe should go he's no hero and he's not dead at least not physically

I think that someone, guerrilla-graffiti should stencil the phrase ",felon" after all the garbage with his name on it. Wouldn't it be great to go to "Joe Bruno, felon Stadium" and have to tell your kids why it says that?

By the way, I think that anyone who laments his situation by commenting "how much he did for the area" should be re-educated (or likely educated in the first place) and not allowed to vote anymore - especially the jury forewoman of his case. When a guy basically steals public money and then kicks back just enough to whet the beak of his constituents at the cost of ruining the state, he should not be deified. He should be reviled.

Never should have been there in the first place.

While we are at all this Bruno cleansing, maybe we should also 'sever the head' at Albany Airport? Yes? No?

If the name is kept, they can always add a little description at the end - for example "Yankee Stadium - the house that Ruth built" - it could be "Joe Bruno Stadium - the house that corruption built"

I'm down with "Felon Stadium". They could play Jailhouse Rock between innings. Just one more minor-league quirk!

Wow, that NYT article makes this whole region look a little brain-washed. Apparently they did not interview the people commenting here.

@Jessica: this is par for the course at NYT. They tend to lump 'all that is Albany' in with the 'all that is wrong' w/ NYS govt.

The removal or shrouding of the Bruno bust at ALB was discussed briefly at the County Legislature. I believe that an ALB representative making a statement the the statue will stay might be a bit premature since the airport is owned by the county and the authority that runs it is appointed by the county.

I think we need to strip Bruno's name from everything it graces. He is a disgrace. I'd like to see the "Joe" Baseball stadium name change to "TPFUWTBS Field"
(Tax Payers Fed Up With The Bullshit)

Tear that shi+ down!

Re-name everything. Use names from fallen NY soldiers, NY fireman or NY State police. Not local cops... they're too corrupt and lazy. In our fallen, we can find names that allow oneself to reflect feelings of pride, trustworthyness, reliability, honor and fairness.

Joe Bruno's name and image brings only shame and embarassment. If you insist... Joe Bruno's name can stay on the sewage treatment plants and City garbage trucks.

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