Holiday gift guide: Albany Etsy

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A little something for everyone.

By Kaitlin Resler

Internet shopping makes the holidays infinitely easier to battle through, allowing us to avoid the frustrating lines in the mall and the dreaded parking wars.

On the other hand, how does one shop locally while remaining in the comfort of their pjs?

As it turns out, a whole bunch of our favorite local artists, crafters and other awesome gift-makers have shops set up on Etsy!

Here are three sellers who offer items I covet myself but will sacrifice as gifts for those who deserve fantastic local gifts:


Elizabeth Scott Designs

This shop specializes in "botanical jewelry and water-inspired pieces with hand hammered patterns in recycled sterling silver or gold", delicate pieces that are special and whimsical but great for everyday where. The leaf and plant inspired pieces are made using impressions of actual leaves, so the pieces are like some strange and lovely fossil! The leaf texture ring is quite nice, although I had to steer my curser away from the Small Pool Necklace as well (

Who is it for?
The delicate jewelry would make a great gift for your BFF or any jewelry lover who is always looking for something interesting.

How Much?
The pieces come in a variety of prices, ranging from $18 to $590 and everything in-between so there is definitely something for just about every budget. Wedding bands and engagement rings are also stocked here (which accounts for some of the higher prices). There are plenty of items to be found between $30-$100


As a vintage addict, there is no shortage of spots on Etsy to find my fill, but searching locally I found jessjamesjake's shop.

Shopping vintage isn't just green and nature-friendly, it's a great way to incorporate history and originality into your wardrobe. And while antique or vintage clothing as a holiday gift isn't for everyone, it's tough to resist the sweet accessories and holiday party dresses hand-picked in this shop.

Who is it for?
That friend you have who always seems to have the tiniest details of her outfit down, or the nostalgic individual who can't seem to stay away from flea markets and trolls the estate sale section of the newspaper. This eyelet lace collar is a great little gift for anyone who loves frivolous, pretty things. It would be darling thrown over a striped t-shirt, or cardigan, but if one doesn't want to wear it, it would prettily adorn a lampshade.

How much?
Boasting housewares, shoes, clothes, and accessories some of the smaller items will set you back 7$, plus shipping which runs between $4and $12 depending on the weight of the item of course.

The priciest item in the shop rings in at $108 (plus shipping). There are a bunch of mid-priced options as well, hoovering around the $22-$40.

These neat-o glasses ) are priced at $78 and would be a fantastic gift for any John Lennon fan, or someone looking for an unobtrusive but original look. They'd look nice with some tweed or a hat.

If shipping prices here have you a little iffy, combined shipping can help, and aids in getting some gift-buying finished in one swoop.


Of course, one must stop by exlibrishandmade.

Fabric books and wall art, not to mention handmade notecards and stationary, are a few of the items you'll find here. Although they're not taking anymore orders for their personalized fabric books this season, there is no reason to fret as there are plenty other objects to covet and purchase for gifts this holiday. The typewriter appliqued wall art is one of my favorites, since who can resist a typewriter, and the embroidery hoop is a quirky and neat way to display them.

Who is it for?
Great items for holiday house-warming gifts, kids off to college and looking for individual ways to decorate, stationary is perfect for the traveling friend or the paper-product addict. Not to mention the dorky cousin/friend/loved one who is enamoured with Pi, typerwriters (like me), or things that are French. Great for kids you don't want to buy just another toy for, or their parents who want something nice to toss on the wall.

How much?
There are a few sale items in the shop running at $4, but the fantastic fabric-notecard sets will run you $12-$15, which is pretty awesome considering they're handmade and feature vintage fabrics.

The custom book orders (again, not available now) vary in price depending on size and page numbers, but they run between $110 and about $54.

The wall art (my favorite) runs between $18-$24. Hmm... I think my own wall is feeling a little bare.

Also try:
If these don't grab you, there are plenty of other Capital Region shops on Etsy that sell all kinds of great stuff from makeup, cozies, and bags to skyline hoodies, kids clothes and "silly, sweet, happy things."


I've been shopping at esdesigns since AOA posted about her over a year ago. I love love her jewelry so much that we're having her make our wedding bands. Excellent choice.

Lovely collection!

And for those who, like me, are sometimes hesitant about homemade you can't play with first...

I have beautiful earrings from Elizabeth Scott that are just great. Organic but finished, they really get the compliments for originality.

And the exlibris books are very high quality keepsakes that I am sure would become heirlooms. I regret not picking up one on stringed instruments she had last year!

That jewelry is gorgeous!

#1 - what fabulous finds!
#2 - I'm so thrilled that you included my vintage shop! I love alloveralbany, and am so honored to be included.

xoxo, jess (jamesjake)

Nice picks! I love Etsy. It's great to know there are so many local sellers. Do you recommended any local vintage shops that are not online?

Emily: I tend to thrift my way through, but there are a few locally that I quite like. Capital Costumes in the mall has a nice section, and the prices are pretty decent considering (most 50s dresses are between 32-40ish, some are higher, but most of the stuff is in really great condition), and I scored a vintage silk blouse for 5$ there.

A few antique shops in Troy has great stuff, and Rosis Bloom Again's bloomer's parlor is aaaaaamazing. It's in Ballston Spa, but I know the storefront recently moved (I think) and I'm not sure where it is now.

Thanks Kaitlin for the info - I've been looking to find some dresses and your recommendations sound like great places to start checking out!

Please don't forget about Twinkle handmade vintage recreations! :)

This is a great article. I love checking out local artisans. Another local fave of mine on etsy is heidibartonoriginals. Really beautiful items!

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