Paterson says he's cutting local aid to keep state solvent, downtown Albany Y could close, yet another bank robbery, sinkhole swallows car, more quakes in Berne

David Paterson announced yesterday that he's unilaterally withholding $750 million in aid to local governments and schools in order to keep the state solvent. Said Paterson at the announcement, "I can't say this enough: The state has run out of money. We are $1 billion short." He also blamed the legislature, again, for not addressing the state's budget gap. A spokesman for the state Senate majority called Paterson's action "self-indulgent theatrics." [TU] [NYDN] [NYO] [NYT]

A state panel's draft report, obtained by NYT, says that New York State's juvenile prisons are in such bad shape that family court judges should stop sending all but the most dangerous offenders to them. [NYT]

The lawyer for De Von Callicut, the teen accused of firing the shot that killed Richard Bailey, is trying to get Callicut's statement to police tossed because he didn't have an attorney present. [TU]

A state lawyer told a state Supreme Court judge that the planned expansion of the Albany landfill would be its last -- probably. [TU]

Saratoga Springs are investigating an early Friday morning shooting. [Saratogian]

Albany police are investigating a car-to-car shooting around noon on Saturday near Hoffman Park (map). [WNYT] [Fox23]

Scott Murphy's amendment that would allow small businesses to earn interest on their checking accounts was added to the financial regulation bill that passed the House Friday. [TU]

Chuck Schumer wants New York State's new voting machines to have curtains. [CapNews9]

The head of the Capital District YMCA says the location on Washington Ave in downtown Albany could be closed. [TU]

SPAC has dropped Ticketmaster for its classical concerts in favor of its own ticketing system. The change could mean lower fees. The change will not affect tickets sold for the pop concerts produced by LiveNation. [@SPAC_Shane] [Saratogian] [TU] [Post-Star]

A Colonie veteran, who tracks the deaths of women at war, questions whether the military has been completely forthcoming about details surrounding the deaths of many servicewomen during the Iraq war. The military has yet to released the details of the recent death of Colonie solider Amy Seyboth-Tirador in Iraq. [TU]

Watervilet police say the Pioneer Savings Bank at 2nd Ave and 21st Street was robbed late Friday afternoon (map). They say the man got away with $2,000. His face was caught on surveillance video. [Troy Record] [Fox23] [WNYT]

A porch fire closed down Route 7 in Brunswick Sunday afternoon. [Fox23] [Troy Record]

It appears that a water main break on Broadway in Schenectady created a sink hole that partially swallowed a car on Saturday. The pipe that broke was about 75 years old. [Daily Gazette $] [Fox23] [WNYT]

The entire village of Green Island, which has its own power company, had a blackout Friday. [Troy Record]

If you're wealthy and live in the Capital Region, chances are you don't live in the cities of Albany, Schenectady or Troy. [TU]

Stillwater's new fire truck isn't red. [Daily Gazette $]

Don't expect a handshake at SEFCU. [TU]

There were more earthquakes near Berne. [CBS6]


The possibility of the Albany Y closing is heartbreaking to me. As someone who is trying to live with one car in Pine Hills, the location of the Y has been integral to the lifestyle I'm trying to achieve- healthy, community centered and local. I know there are other branches in Albany but they aren't on bus lines or don't have desirable hours. I don't know what else I can do other than be a member and try to get my friends to join.

Sure the facility isn't as good as other Ys and it can be a little pricey for some, but it serves a greater purpose than just a gym. It's a place for at risk youth to go, for Arbor Hill residents to use as a day care. If that Y closes there is no where else for many members to go. What can we do?

@KatherineSass: there is also a Y in the plaza concourse. It's much smaller than other Y facilities, but it also has a lower monthly membership fee. I think of it as "Y lite."

The Y closing is a crock of sh*t.

Almost 3,000 members (according to that article) should be more than enough. Where does the money go? Cut the staff, cut salaries or cut hours, Get some advertising out in the neighborhood, but don't close the friggin' thing.

I've belonged to this Y and a few others over the years, but my complaint is that it's just too expensive. It's twice the price of other gyms.

I'll bet their membership would go up considerably if they offered a discounted rate for the Washington Ave facility.

@Summer- the ESP is close enough but I belong to the Y versus other gyms because I participate in triathlon and need access to a pool. The North Albany Y has a pool but it's not the easiest to get to from Pine Hills sans car.

@kerosena- the Y costs so much because unlike other gyms in the area it provides amenities others don't- a pool, raquetball courts, saunas, hot tub, day care, classes, youth programs. All of those things cost more than just cardio machines and weights. I'm not disagreeing with you, but for some like me, it's worth it.

@Endless Ike- I totally agree. 3,000 people should be enough.

Also, the Washington Ave Y should look at the people who "belong" to other branches but solely use other facilities. I know someone who technically belongs to one Y but solely goes to another.

I think I've said my piece. Thanks for the forum.

Sad story. This is a few block from my house, and it has grown on me over the years.

> Where does the money go? Cut the staff, cut salaries or cut hours

If anything, this Y doesn't seem overstaffed to me.

> I'll bet their membership would go up considerably if they offered
> a discounted rate for the Washington Ave facility.

The YMCA as an organization has been around for a long long time, I bet they had the time to find the sweet spot between membership price and cost. Too high and nobody goes, too low and they can't function. It seems this facility is already supported by the other Ys in the Capital District (?). Actually I would suggest the opposite: if they could come up with some numbers to back that up, I would pay more for them to stay afloat (I don't have kids, thus some income), and for me to benefit from the proximity. I'm sure (I hope?) they have a variable rate for people with low income already.

In any case, if you guys come up with something, send me an email via AOA? Say, I can take decent photos, maybe we could do a photo-op to show what that Y is bringing to the neighborhood, and ask some benevolent medias to spread the word...

The Y offers what's called financial assistance for lower income members. It's not exactly a discounted rate, they take donations to sort of subsidize the rates. I would be happy to pay a few dollars more in order to keep the Y open.

I'm a member of the Washington Ave. YMCA, too, and I think it would be a terrible shame if it's allowed to close. On the CDYMCA website, there's a listing of staff and directors and their e-mail addresses; it would be great to get an e-mail writing campaign going to show our support for keeping the Albany branch open.

I went to the Y tonight, and the person at the register was obviously bummed; she didn't know much more than we do, but she gave me a petition to sign. I suggest you do the same, if you can. I left my number, and ask if they could have a public meeting at some point, or contact people who are willing to help...

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