The mobile, double-decker cake stand

betties bus

How Bettie rolls.

After seeing the tweets, noticing Kristi mention it and hearing the word-of-mouth, there were very few plausible scenarios that didn't involve us ending up at the Bettie's Cakes double-decker bus this afternoon.

So, we figured, why fight fate?

betties bus inside

The "double decker cake stand" was parked at the Hewitt's on Western in Guilderland. Danielle, the friendly lady working the counter, said the bus would be there through Christmas (she wasn't sure about hours, but it was open noon-5 pm today).

betties bus cupcakes

We bought a six-pack of cupcakes for $16.75 (individual cupcakes were $3 for a large and $2 for a small). The eggnog cupcake we tried was dense, moist and really did taste a bit like eggnog. (The verdict from our resident cupcake expert, after tasting the eggnog: "Good, but I wish they weren't so heavy.")

betties bus display

The first floor of the bus is fitted with a display case with work space behind. It's a little tight -- we're guessing the ceiling is no taller than 5 feet 8 inches.

betties bus danielle


bettes bus upstairs

The upstairs is mostly empty. They've been using it for visits with Santa.

betties bus steps

betties bus hewitts

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to quote jack donoghue, "OMFG".

I am more than happy to pay for quality. The croissants and scones at Mrs. London's are amazing at any price.

Maybe these cupcakes are worth the tariff.

But I need to tell you that I brought home the most amazing jelly and cream-filled donuts I have found in the region. It's Bella Napoli in Troy. And they do not need a bus, or impressive design work, to sell their product. Plus a dozen of these delightful confections - a dozen - is less than $7.

I can just picture a tall frenchman jamming himself in there in the name of cupcakes now.

any bakery in the area selling Yule Logs ?

Betty is silly HOTTTTTTTTTTT!

Oh Glenna, you are so right.

You had me at cupcake and won me at "double decker bus."

Wow. Yes you are right, I will be there. To disarm all the cupcakes before it reaches 50 miles per hour. With my mouth.

I wanted to love Bettie's, but can't say that I do. The cupcakes didn't live up to the cost -- $4.50 for a large. Only one of the three we tried -- the chocolate, had great texture and taste. The others were dense and didn't have much flavor (I'm lookin' at you, red velvet.)

Save your pennies for anything and everything in the case at the Chocolate Mill in Glens Falls. It's just as good or better than Mrs. London's. As for cupcakes, I'm going back to the other Betty (Crocker), if she'll have me.

ive been to the bus twice in two days. a huge old bus filled with cupcakes, hot cocoa, and christmas music? dude, you cant go wrong with that. nothing says you have to spend $17 when you visit. i bought a large cupcake each time i went - they are $3 a piece. bring a friend. it's fun and sweet. i can spare $3 for a mouth full of frosting and my insides filled with christmas spirit!

Hey - it's Danielle!!!!!

Bettie's cupcakes are dense because they are made from 100% natural "scratch ingredients!!"
(I heard that the baker refuses to make them any other way!!)
What an undertaking and what a wonderful difference it makes to the tastebuds.

These are by far the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life. KC- Do you know how many preservatives and artifical ingredients can be found in a box of Betty Crocker mix? Personally I'd prefer paying the extra penny knowing all natural ingredients are going into my body...

I am going to try to be nice. but, when you do just one thing, Cupcakes, they should be the best. who would go to Pancake house, if they only made small, expensive, and pancakes that are not even better than the ones you make at home out of a box. even if they sold them in a streamlined traincar from the 1930's.
i passed the double decker bus, and struggled rt 20 holiday traffic to go back. i was full of holiday joy, and being a fat guy with the munchies, all the parts, i thought, looked in place for a feeding frenzy. sticker shock hit hard wheni bent down to look at the cupcakes, not hard because i am six foot one and the first floor of the bus seemed to be 5 1/2 feet tall. $3 for a large. i am not saying that $3 is to much for a scratch made cupcake sold out of a fancy double decker bus, but LARGE? what is large about them? does the tin pan say large? the paper cup maker? possibly if they make the small ones. I know we are a fat country, and should eat less, but a LARGE $3 cupcake should be bigger than the ones your mom sent into school on your 3rd birthday. Didnt Betty go to any of the bakery type shops in the area to see what we like?
Now, the cupcake itself was dry. the peanut butter one reminded me of trying as a teen to match a reeses for flavor, and i think mine was better. the frosting was hard. grainey.
they had a hint of heater fuel, i am sure from the jet rocket style heater blasting the inside of the bus.
Betty, i want you to succeed. i feel you have a good idea, and all things need some time to work out the bugs(i did not see any real bugs). go around and try some good cupcakes. you can keep your small and large, but offer a huge(softball size). i would pay $5 for a good huge cupcake out of a double decker bus. try pereccas on jay street schenectady or Mikes Hotdogs on Erie Blvd. Mikes cupcakes melt in your mouth. the butter cream frosting is as smooth as silk, and thick enough to cover four of your Large cupcakes. All that for just $2.50. so betty, try one. save your bus before its to late. i will try you again soon. make me proud.

When I saw the a Cupcake BUS! WOW! When I saw the Price! WOW! When tasted the cupcake....good.
I got the small for $2.50. I agree the price is too big for the size of the treat. No repeat business from me. Sorry.

I so want to do this!!! :) This is great!!

Small, expensive, and very average. Took my two kids to the bus in Delmar. Spent $9.00 on three "large" (not) cupcakes. I had red-velvet which was eh, and my 10 year old daughter had one that she spit out after one bite. Was very excited going in and very disappointed going out. The bus is fun but its the cupcake itself that will have you going back. Unfortunately, Betty was 0-3 with us.

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