Pellegrino's Italian/Greek market

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Pellegrino's Italian, American & Greek (oh, yeah!) market.

By Jessica Pasko

I'm always trying to find the perfect thing to bring to dinner and cocktail parties. Lately it's been the grape leaves from Nora's

This week I stumbled upon a new place to look -- the Greek selection at Pellegrino's.

I've passed this little Central Avenue spot numerous times but never ventured in. Then I noticed this week that the sign advertised Italian, American and Greek specialties. Yes, Greek.

And well, I can't resist good Greek food.

Jam at Pellegrino.jpg

There's a whole Greek section filled with jams, jars of kalamata olives and the biggest cans of stuffed grape leaves I've ever seen. There's also plenty of pita, phyllo dough, halloumi cheese, taramosalata and a bunch of other mouth-watering goodies.

You'll also find standards like Greek hummus, yogurt, feta, frozen spanokopita, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my. (OK, lions and tigers and bears-- not really. But the other stuff, yes.)

Halva at Pellegrino.jpg

But what appealed to me most were the cans of various Greek appetizers. Think stuffed peppers, stuffed eggplant, stuffed tomatoes and more. Oh and the Greek preserves, including one with pistachios. Did I mention the halvah? The Greek coffee? Pellegrino's is clearly not going to be good for my new budget.

Greek Coffee.jpg

Oh, and Pellegrino's also has a huge Italian section, obviously. Jars and jars of Italian sauces, pastas galore, a full-service deli and everything else a self-respecting Italian deli should have.

Somehow I managed to limit myself to just a few tasty-looking Greek appetizers -- stuffed tomatoes and peppers. Yeah, these are definitely going to become part of my party-going repertoire...

Find It

Pellegrino Importing
1197 Central Ave.
Albany, NY 12205



Dude! I ALWAYS drive by this place and think "Eh, one day I'll go in there..."

And then when I probably could, I always forget about them.

Now I've really got to get in there. Really.

This place is a favorite of mine and my friends due to their subs. They have the best subs I have had so far in my 5 years of living in the area (especially the italian subs). They also have a great selection of imported foods that you really can't find in the area.

How do you find these places? Amazing.

I love Pellegrino's. If it's lunchtime and I'm around this part of town, I have to stop in for a footlong Italian Mix. Still not quite as close to my heart as Ragonese's on New Scotland, but it's very, very good nonetheless.

Great place! Best subs in the area. Shhh it's already crowded at lunch time!

I remember when there used to be Pellegrino's on lower Madison Avenue. When I was little, my aunt would take me there and the whole place just smelled wonderful.

Fun Fact: (OK, it's more of an opinion) Pellegrinos sells some of the most delicious, nicely-seasoned italian sausage EVAR.

I've been going here for years. As an Italian America who grew up with stores like this around the corner, it's very comforting to find a little bit of home here in Albany. Awesome awesome place. Plus they make my favorite sandwich just right:

Sub with imported prosciutto and fresh mozzarella, with a a little vinegar and extra virgin oil. Always great with some approciot nectar. Yumm!

Damn, now I have to go to Pellegrinos tonight!

You need to go back there and buy the thing Pellegrino's is known best for - SAUSAGE.

Simply the best sausage in the Northeast. They have three kinds: Sweet (the basic link to accompany your pasta) Hot (the spicy stuff) and Summer Sausage (this is the best thing you'll ever eat - pork combined with romano cheese, garlic and basil).

Go. Now!!!

Pellegrino's is a great place. It is not owned by the orginal family anymore, but they have done a great job maintaining the quality. The Madison Avenue locaton was owned by my Grandparents and we all miss it very much. the old Central Avenue location was run by my great Uncle, and that is who the newest owners bought from...I still go there though, because they do a great job.

I have always bought from Pellegrinos when on Madison ave and Central ave.I have just overheard that a store is coming to the Troy area,Is it true and if so what location on RT.4.This is a great area for me other than traveling to Albany.

Anna Lynch

Wonderful selection of a store.

One of my favorite memories from childhood - going to the old Pellegrinos location for hot sausages, olives, and other goodies.

They are opening in North Greenbush (Defreestville) on Route 4 in about 2 weeks. I can't wait!

I have shopped at Pellegrinos on Madison ave. When the store opened in N Greenbush. I was in my glory, close too home
I hope they never leave I buy a lot in this store My next purchase will
Be one of their subs. Hear there out of this world don't hesitate to stop
You won't regret it

Had salads from store today at a luncheon and they were delicious. Just looked up location and will be making a trip to store. Can't wait to try their takeout dinners also.

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