Sports leagues for adults?

volleyball setAsks Andrew via email:

I went to school at RPI and while there I was I was active in intramural sports. I graduated last year and since then have been working in CT. Due to the way my job works I can move every 6 months and now I am coming back up to the Albany and I am trying to find adult sports leagues that I could join.
I am particularly interested in volleyball and not necessarily in super competitive leagues, but I am really interested in any adult sports that I could look into. I plan on looking in the YMCA when I get up there but was curious if anyone on the site had some recommendations on adult sports since a google search hasn't show much?

There have to be leagues out there. Anyone know of any? Share, please!



There is actually a REALLY active Volleyball community in the Capital Region.

Depending on your skill level, and level of involvement, there are a bunch of options.

IREVA is probably the most competitive indoor 6s organization. There are multiple teams for men and women. Most practice once a week, and then play tournaments ~2 times a month from December to April. There are both "B" and "BB" teams in the area. It is probably too late to join a team until next fall.

For outdoor leagues, the CDGD mentioned above has great doubles tournaments, once a month in the summer.

The OCC (ski club) at the Polish Community Center has sand court 4 leagues on Mondays and 6s leagues on Tuesday in the summer. They also have "Open" play on Wednesday, where anyone can show up.

There is also a summer league at Philly's in Latham (really competitive), and at the Leprechan on rt 9. There are also random pick up nights that people organize.

There are also leagues/nights run by ABC Sports, the Cicotti Youth Center, at Shaker High School, by the town of Delmar and Menands and at the YMCA in Troy. A lot of these leagues are already formed though.

Your best bet is to try and find someone who plays locally, and ask them if you can sub, or to tell you about any pick up going on. Once people get to know you and your skill level, they might ask you to join their team. If you're not looking for that time committment, you'll at least be in the know for pick up in the area. There is also an "Albany Volleyball" Facebook community you could join and introduce yourself on.

Can you tell I LOVE Volleyball???? LOL!

I'm terrible at Volleyball but I would be interested in finding out about other sports leagues like flag football, softball or even bowling leagues available.

Any thought to starting an sports leagues contact board here on AOA?

@Jeff Or an AOA Bowling team!?! THAT could be fun!

Any adult soccer leagues? Bonus points if you don't need good skills (but are in decent shape).

I'd love flag football.

Dodgeball - co-ed, lots of old school fun

Roller Derby - women skaters only at this point, but always in need of referees (who need to be athletic too)

AND - if you count billiards as a sport, lots of leagues and tournaments around at both bars and the few remaining pool halls.

@Jeff: Sure. We'll think a little bit about how to do that. If anyone has ideas, send 'em along.

@Jessica R: Hmm....

@ Ellsass There are soccer leagues at Afrim's in Colonie, and I know there are others out there too.

Also, in terms of sports league contact boards, check out Craigslist.

not being from here originally, i've found lots of adult sports options in albany over the past 5 years.

softball - coded/mens, multiple skill divisions -
you will also find info regarding flag football and basketball there

as previously mentioned, the two afrims sports locations offer coed/mens, multiple skill divisions, for indoor soccer

i have some friends who used to play volleyball at the ymca, so that might still be going on too.

the only thing albany is lacking is a solid kickball league.
not just getting together on sundays in washington park, but a league. if they create a kickball league, i'll be the first to bring a team!

My husband is trying to hunt down people who play roller hockey, so if anyone knows anything please let me know!

speaking of kickball.... last summer we had pretty decent turnout for pickup games on monday night (@ hoffman park off 787)... if interest grows again next year (especially by a lot) we could look to start a league the year after... depending...
once it's nice again we'll start up again... but in the meantime, feel free to join our facebook group to get notified when we get ready to kick some balls.
Kickball Party

Bike polo

@ mr b cooool, thanks for the link, will join that group tonight

Thanks for info everyone!

There is also a very active Albany Ultimate Frisbee league. They have men's, women's, and co-ed teams, and well as a night for people looking to learn/not join a team (targeted for women, but men can come if they play in skirts!). They used to play in the circle at SUNYA, but I think they had to move around last year.

Hello, my name is Ron I just moved up here from Kingston, NY where i played softball every week. However, I am new to this city and am looking for a team. I can play 2nd base, and where in the outfield and can pitch. If anyone has any information or nows a team that needs a quality teamate u can email me @ thanks

There is a great kickball league called WAKA kickball. Very profressional, a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new people too. Check out their website they have leagues all over the country and if you are on a winning team you get a bid to VEGAS!!!!


Hey! Anyone know of a gym where my vball team can practice?? We understand it costs money, but I just need some ideas!!! Thnx!

I am interested in either playing softball or volleyball any sites or places that are looking for a person? I would like to play on a women's softball team but am having trouble finding anything about that, I just see coed teams. If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks

Kickball is a great sport that is fun for poeple of all ages. Our league is 21 and up. We limit our teams to 15 because by fielding 11 and only having 6 innings it really lets everyone play a lot and kick 2 or 3 times at least. Check us out!!!

Just wondering if the pickup games are still going on at Hoffman Park - anybody know? @Keegan -I'm looking for something for a college kid new to the area but is only 18. Seems all the leagues are sponsored by bars, and that won't work for him. Anybody have a suggestion?

Curious if there is field hockey or crew for adults? This would be in the Albany area. I will be moving to Albany soon and would like to do a sport either womens or co-ed on an adult league level. Thanks

@Darcy: The Clifton Park Women's Softball league is a modified fast-pitch league for women 18 and older. I played last year and it was a ton of fun. If you're still looking ...

The Albany Beer League Softball season is just starting. There is still room and time to add a team or players. If you are interested visit the website to get signed up. There is a mixed level of skill, it is co-ed, and it is fun and competitive. Best of all, it is entirely free to play! See you on the field!

I am looking for rec league basketball for the winter, or flag football, and I will even try roller hockey (used to play hockey as a kid). Are there any leagues or places where pick up is played?

Hello everyone I am 17 years old and am looking to play basketball it doesn't matter if it is just pickup games or for a league/team please let me know If you know of anything thank you.

Hi everyone, I'm moving to Albany and I was wondering if anyone knew of any indoor or outdoor men's lacrosse leagues? Or even pick up games? I'm 25 and hoping to stay into the swing of things.

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