Holiday work for SPD union head, bar busted for being jammed with underage drinkers, dog granted order of protection, telethon raises $1.9 million

The head of the Schenectady police union worked for the department on just three days last year -- all of them holidays at 2.5 pay. [Daily Gazette $] [TU]

A state Supreme Court judge has denied the FOIL request submitted by the Daily Gazette and TU for the Schenectady school districts internal report on Steven Raucci. The judge ruled the report was not subject to FOIL and its release could be an invasion of witnesses' privacy. [Daily Gazette $] [TU]

Schenectady County legislature chairwoman Sue Savage is proposing legislation that would require calorie counts on the menus of chain restaurants. Five NY counties -- including Albany County -- and New York City already have such a law. The law would only apply to restaurants with 15 or more locations in the county. [WNYT] [TU] [CapNews9]

The Paterson Administration has finally picked an operator for the Aqueduct racino -- the revenues from which should help fund a bunch of improvements at Saratoga's track. That is, if the money actually comes in. [Paterson] [Saratogian] [NYT]

David Paterson has just $620k on hand right now to spend in a Democratic gubernatorial primary -- Andrew Cuomo has $12 million. But Paterson says he'll raise a lot more. [NYDN] [NY Post]

The smoke-filled room -- which was in Albany this past weekend -- appears to be leaning heavily toward Andrew Cuomo. [WNYT] [TU]

An assemblywoman from Long Island topped the legislature's travel reimbursement list for last year at more than $41,000. [TU]

Saratoga Springs' police chief says budget cuts will make it hard to assign officers to efforts that led to many arrests last year. [Post-Star]

The State Liquor Authority has suspended the liquor license of The Garage, a bar at the corner of Western and Quail in Albany, after a raid last week allegedly found 500 people -- "most appearing to be underage" -- jammed into a space certified for 250. The SLA says the bar had so many it customers it drafted some to be "guest bartenders." The bar's owner wasn't commenting publicly on the raid. The bar is located in the middle of the "student ghetto" -- and the previous operations there have also been tagged for serving minors . [NYSLA] [TU] [Dowd on Drinks]

National Grid introduced a new rate plan, which it says will hold prices steady through 2013. [TU]

Watervliet police say a man was stabbed early Saturday morning at a party (map). A Cohoes man has been arrested. [WNYT] [Troy Record]

Clifton Park has filed criminal charges against two developers accused of knocking down a historic building the planning board told them to preserve. [TU]

If a person is convicted of child endangerment because of sex-related conduct, they don't currently have to register as a sex offender in New York State. [TU]

The RFP for a paid parking system for downtown Saratoga Springs excludes Broadway. [Saratogian]

The development on the site of the Ingersoll House at Rt 5 and Balltown in Niskayuna appears to be stuck. [TU]

A Schenectady car dealer says he owns part of Maxon Road. [Daily Gazette $]

The dog that survived the alleged torture at the hands of a Schenectady man accused of killing two other dogs has been granted an order of protection from the man. [Daily Gazette $]

Price Chopper says tobacco sales are down because of taxes and smaller displays. [Daily Gazette $]

Pfeill's -- new hardware store in downtown Troy -- says business continues to increase. [Troy Record]

The Rensselaer County clerk is fighting the $50 title fee paid by people who lease cars. [Troy Record]

Wednesday will be the first Powerball drawing that includes New York State. Tickets started selling today. [CapNews9] [Fox23]

The state health department is warning about consuming raw milk from a dairy in Ballston Spa because of possible campylobacter contamination. The says it's working with the DOH to fix the problem. [NYS DOH] [WTEN]

The telethon for the Center For Disability Services raised $1.9 million on Sunday. It was the telethon's 50th year. [Fox23] [Troy Record]

Ballston Spa's Trevor Marsicano will be competing in the Olympics as a speed skater. His parents won't be going to Vancouver, though -- because they can't afford it. [TU]

Friends of Camp Little Notch have raised $25,000 to help save the Girl Scout camp near Lake George.

The first event at the Knickerbocker Arena (now the TU Center) was a Frank Sinatra concert in 1990. [TU]


Some of my fondest childhood memories are from Camp Little Notch. I didn't even know it was in trouble! I sincerely hope that many more kids can enjoy the camp for generations to come.

@summer- yes, the local GS council (Girl Scouts of Northeastern NY) voted in the fall to sell Camp Little Notch. A group of former campers and staff have come together to try to purchase the property. You can read all about the mission (and donate to the cause) at

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