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Minus the Bear and Phantogram

Minus the Bear + Phantogram

After touring what seems like half the world, Saratoga Springs duo Phantogram is back in town this Friday to open for Minus the Bear at Northern Lights. And you could go. For free.

We have two tickets to give away. Playing on the name Minus the Bear, we want to know:

What's one thing you would subtract from the Capital Region? And what's one thing you would add?

If you'd like to win the tickets, post a comment with an answer to both questions. We'll select a winner at random from all the comments posted.

Important: You must answer both questions to be eligible. You must post your comment by 5 pm on Tuesday February 2, 2010. One entry per person. You must include a working email address with your comment. The winner will be notified by email before noon on Wednesday.

The show is Friday. Doors open at 7 pm. Tickets are $16 before, $18 day of show.

Minus the Bear photo: Erin Tate
Phantogram photo: Doron Gild


Take away the above ground power lines. Add a light rail from Albany to Saratoga.

I'm struggling with answering these questions honestly or facetiously...

I would like to eliminate the sense of helplessness in changing the Capital District for the better. And I would like to add a high speed train to New York.

Subtract: winter
Add: another summer

Minus: Monserrate

Add: Ethiopian Restaurant(s)

Cut back on the Japanese combo restaurants and bring in some other Asian cuisines (Korean, Malaysian, Filipino... and no combos!)

Some local radio stations *coughWRPIcough* happen to be giving away tickets for this show as well, in the event you miss out on AOA's giveaway here.

Also, even though I have my place at the show secured, in the spirit of fairness:

- : Brutalist architecture (Lookin' at you, every state office ever)
+ : More people and/or name recognition ("Where's Albany again?")

I would add more minus the bear shows!

No, but really, I would actually minus a few of the college bars in the pine hills neighborhood, especially the ones dangerously full of underage drinkers serving themselves alcohol.


I would add a Whataburger franchise, because it's one of the things I miss most about Texas.

Scratch off ticket buyers at Stewarts

All night raves at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds


What would I redact from the CD? The problems with parking in downtown Albany and Troy. (Strangely, I have never had this problem in Schenectady.)

What would I add to the CD? I am going to say a restaurant too, but something low end...I need a place in downtown Albany that does a great rice bowl or noodle bowl.

Swear to god, I've never heard of either of these bands, but if you give tickets to anyone who would add Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, you're not my best friend anymore. So sick of it.

subtract: too many cops pulling over cars for no reason in troy

add: California Pizza Kitchen

To make the Cap. Region better I'd probably add a couple blocks to Lark Street, and pack it with more unique shops that give Albany it's character. And more venues for awesome shows like this!
As for the minus, I'd take away all this cold weather. It makes me never want to set foot outside.

Plus: A giant spoon and fake cereal pieces to put on top of the Egg. I've always thought it looks like a bowl with milk in it.

Minus: Everyone who lives here and hates winter and whines about it.

mainly (entirely) geared toward schenectady

+: a bar with an interesting beer selection
-: entitled college kids that refuse to get involved in adding/getting involved in local culture

I am not interested in the free tix but wanted to add my two cents:

ADD: A decent mid-sized venue for concerts (not in Clifton Park) and some sort of decent music scene! I don't get how the Capital District, with so many colleges, has no decent music scene going on. I've lived in NYC and Seattle and living here is like living a complete wasteland when it comes to music.

SUBTRACT: The potholes and all other ways all of the streets are completely jacked up.

Subtract: All the people who rag on the 518 for not having a music scene, but never actually support all the great live shows out there to be seen!

Add: A movie theater in Troy. No, not Latham. Not East Greenbush. But a place in Troy where I can watch a movie.

+: Add some MANDATORY work holidays for CD folks. I'm thinking the opening day of Jumpin' Jack's would be a good starting point. Of course, we'd have to exclude the staff of Jumpin' Jack's from the holiday.

-: Amirite in thinking that we don't really need another Dunkin Donuts and could possibly use fewer. On my 9 mile commute to work, I pass 3. STOP TEMPTING ME WITH YOUR DEMON COFFEEEE Double-D!!

MINUS the necessity of hibernation for the Bear in winter months
ADD a high speed monorail named Phantogram to connect cities

+ locally owned, locally produced goods/services
- big box stores and pharmacies

Minus :: Draconian Parking regulations and laws ( ex. Troy street cleaning, 2 hour daytime downtown parking, etc..)

Plus :: Bike racks, and for the love of god MORE DOG PARKS!

Subtract: potholes. I know two people who blew tires this week.

Plus: I'm gonna go with that movie theater in Troy... and more places to shop. Really, any type of business that will bring more traffic to the area (and pay some much needed taxes).

minus: tribute band concerts
plus: more music venues willing to book real music

minus: the lack of support for music in the area... bring more awesome bands to the area and support local musicians

add: The underground tunnel that was supposed to go from the arbor hill exit to the tunnels on albany... as well as a city train system.

+++: more state jobs... i need employment!

---: parking meters!!

+ a decent bakery. with interesting sandwiches and good bread. as well as some sweets. and possibly some craft beer and wine for sale as well. im thinking high rise or darwins in cambridge, ma would be good models.
- the supersaturating car culture. more people on bikes and foot!

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