Questions about racino selection, Albany police chief task force criticized, inmates clearing snow in Schenectady, that goat will need a permit

The selection of AEG to manage the not-yet-open racino at the Aqueduct race track has apparently set off a flurry of inquiries. Federal prosecutors are reportedly investigating David Paterson's involvement with the selection. The feds have also apparently subpoenaed the state Division of the Lottery for information about a non-profit connected to both state Senate president Malcolm Smith and Rev. Floyd Flake, one of AEG's principals. After AEG's selection, Paterson apparently "sounded out" Flake, who's a former Congressman and very influential in New York City, on whom he'll be supporting for governor. Of the reported federal investigations, a spokesman for the governor says "to the best of our knowledge, no such investigation into this selection exists." [WPIX] [TU] [NYT] [NYT] [Saratogian]

Jersey Shore, or New York Senate? [Daily Politics]

David Paterson got $25k in campaign contributions from the liquor distributors shortly before proposing the legalization of wine sales in supermarkets. [TU]

Troy voters approved the school district's capital improvement plan. The $56 million project will primarily focus on renovating Doyle Middle School. The athletic fields at Troy High School will also get an upgrade. [@TCSD] [Troy Record] [TU]

If attendance for the River Rats was low -- and the team wasn't making money -- why would a new team locate here? [TU]

A state judge has bounced a lawsuit aimed at keeping the Fort Orange Club from demolishing those two buildings for a parking lot. [TU]

The committee in charge of nominating candidates for the Albany police chief job has come under criticism. One member of the task force says the process has not been open enough to the public. [CapNews9] [TU]

Inmates from the Schenectady County jail will be clearing the snow off Iroquois Lake in Schenectady's Central Park. In past years, the city has cleared snow for skaters -- but that service was cut because of a budget crunch. [TU] [Daily Gazette $]

State police say a driver was picked up in Catskill with a blood alcohol content more than five times the legal limit. [WNYT]

Time Warner Cable says it's adding 170 jobs to its call center on Washington Ave Extension. Many of the jobs will be part-time. [Fox23] [TU]

Noted: you will soon need a permit to keep a goat (or other livestock) in Cohoes. [Troy Record]

HVCC says its spring enrollment is up 12 percent from the same semester last year. [Troy Record]

Troy's director of parks and recreation said yesterday that city is working toward opening a dog park. [Troy Record]

An RPI professor has helped US Olympic skeleton sliders refine their technique for better aerodynamics. [Troy Record]

The parents of Ballston Spa Olympic speed skater Trevor Marsicano are headed for Vancouver after the local American Legion and VFW helped raise money to cover the trip. [WNYT]


I think another AHL team can do well here (emphasis on can). The Rats were affiliated with the Carolina Hurricanes, which probably doesn't have a lot of fans in this region. If they target an AHL affiliate more aligned with our region; the Rangers, Islanders or Devils, I think people will have an easier time rooting for them.

Did the Rats have better attendance when they were affiliated with the Devils? I went to more games when they were affiliated with the Devils, but I'm a Rangers fan so I'm not sure that factored in to my decision!

While I agree with Summer - I think the Capital Region is too small a market not to have a B-league team (is it really smaller than 60 other markets, between the NHL and the AHL?), I'm not sure the affiliation will put bodies in the seats unless there's some kind of overt cross-branding (such as in Binghamton, who are the minor-league Senators in function AND name). I think it makes it seem more official, and the supporters of major league teams are more likely to attend those games.

The Rats, for the vast majority of their time in Albany, were affiliated with the Devils (which used to have a team in Utica). Look at pre-'06 jerseys; they look just like the Devils' jerseys but with different crests. The Hurricanes only took over in '06 when the Devils moved their affiliation to Lowell (who has the absolute worst attendance in the AHL). It didn't make much difference; Albany has been in the lower numbers for attendance.

One last thing; the AHL isn't a straight money making operation the way most businesses are. If the affiliate is team-owned, they're likely willing to take some (not a complete) loss as a function of conditioning rehabbing NHL players outside "real" games, or preparing new guys who aren't ready to jump right to the big leagues.

Hope it's been informative to local hockey neophytes!

(Nothing to do with anything in the morning blend)

I just drove past the Delaware ave Plaza (right before it becomes Delmar) and there's a new store in there called "Save a Lot Food Stores" and there are lots of shopping carts outside. It's where Eckerd used to be. Is this a new grocery chain in the area? Anyone been inside & have a review?

Am I the only one who saw the DWI story and wondered how his BAC could be so high, yet he was driving and resisting arrest? Shouldn't he be unconscious by then? I even googled that sh*t to make sure. Is that what tolerance does?

@Mrs. M - There's been a Save-A-Lot in Troy for a few years now. It is a grocery store, a lot of generic brands, very focused on low prices.

@Kim M., I know that there are other factors that can affect the breathalyzer. One possibility (crazy, I know) is that he was actually drinking while driving. If you take a breathalyzer test right after taking a sip, you'll blow very high. Perhaps he had just left the bar only moments before and took a whiskey shot on the way out or something. I know they have a breathalyzer test thingy at DeJohn's, and I did it once. I blew crazy high after only a couple of beers because I had just taken a sip.

Another possibility, is that he quickly used breath spray or mouthwash when he saw the cop lights go on. In an attempt to cover the smell of the booze, mouthwash will actually make you blow higher on account of the alcohol contained within.

Or maybe he really was just that drunk.

@ Kim M
I'm gunna assume that means not the highest quality selection. Thanks for the feedback!

Out of curiosity would I need a permit for chickens in Latham?

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