Dodgeball tournament at the Wash Ave Armory

albany dodgeball

This could be fun: ASAP and the ASAP Daisies are sponsoring a day-long dodgeball tournament at the Washington Ave Armory on March 6 (ASAP already sponsors a weekly dodgeball game there on Thursday nights). From the details posted on the Albany Dodgeball site:

There is no limit on teams entered, however each rush must consist of 8 players, and must be mixed sex. Team size not to exceed 10. NDL center line rules, pinching allowed, all 8.5" balls. Completely reffed, completely awesome.
All teams will play for roughly similar amounts of time and there will be no eliminations until the final bracket. So expect to play lots.

(We hope the part about pinching is dodgeball jargon.)

The entry fee is $250 per team. Teams that register before February 26 get t-shirts, medals and tickets for the Lark Street "pup crawl" that the Daisies are holding later that day (it's a pub crawl that benefits the Homeward Bound dog rescue). The top three teams get trophies and there will also be individual awards.

photo: Sebastien B


haha, pinching.
Its defo dodgeball slang whipping a ball with the ball "pinched" in your hands, great stuff and thanks for the continued support!!!

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