Birthday present: Bettie's Cakes

bettie's bus

Mobile double-decker cake stand not included.

Update: Congratulations to Jackers and Cathy -- they're the winners!

Update: The drawing's closed! Thanks for entering.

AOA's birthday week continues with another present: cupcakes for a year.

The winners of today's drawing will get a dozen mini cupcakes a month, for a year, from Bettie's Cakes in Saratoga Springs.

This being quite the sweet treat, we though it would be appropriate to ask:

What's the sweetest thing in the Capital Region?

Think widely on this one -- it could be a place, a fact, an event, even a person (please use discretion in naming people). Post your answer in the comments. We'll draw two winners at random.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 10 pm Tuesday (Feb 23, 2010) to be entered in the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address with your comment. The winners will be notified via email by 5 pm on Wednesday and must respond by 5 pm on Thursday.


One of the sweetest things in the Capital Region is the Albany JCC on Whitehall Rd. The folks who work there, as well as the members, are among some of the most genuinely nice, friendly, and welcoming individuals. It is truly 'sweet' to know of such a comfortable place that is inherently a part of the Capitol Region Community.

Figuratively, I'm going with summer. Great weather, not too hot, lots of free festivals and concerts, wonderful hiking and parks.

Literally, the sweetest thing is an Almond Croissant from Mrs Londons in Saratoga Springs. But I'd be more than willing to give Bettie a chance to unseat Mrs London.

um.. my wife. oh and those cupcakes she made on saturday.

The sweetest thing about the Capital Region are the children on the Congress Park Carousel throughout Summer and Fall. It's the epitome of innocent laughter and our future.

The sweetest thing about the 518 - Troy Night Out afterparty. Free dancing the night away with some of the coolest and sweetest people around.

The sweetest thing about the Capital Region is all the delicious, local food. As someone who does a lot of cooking, being able to find local honey, cheeses, vegetables, fruits and spirits is just amazing (though I don't only cook sweet things).

The delicious political and technical atmosphere of Albany and Troy, respectively. And Cold Stone.

Mint tea with Morrocan cookies at Casablanca.

Albany High! To most outsiders (and many current students) it might seem like the most UN sweet thing in the Capital Region, but I formed a bond with a few amazing teachers that have stayed in my heart (and who I've stayed in touch with still) since I graduated in 2006. Also, all the advanced classes I took got me out of college in just 3 years (which made my parents' pockets happy) and the track experience there is something I will alwaysss always miss and never forget.

My boyfriend... He's the reason I'm here and why I like it so much!

Miss Albany Diner's Irish Toast. I ate it once and had to take a nap afterwards.

The sweetest thing is the local roller derby leagues!! :D Oh, and the wonderful gelato from Crisan in the summertime!

The chocolate covered strawberries at Saratoga Sweets.

The sweetest thing I've found is stopping in to Villa Italia in Schenectady for a tasty treat and then walking over to the Bow Tie theater to catch a movie.

The sweetest thing in the Capital District is Peter Pause Italian diner in Schenectady. It's run by Bruno and Lucy who have been married forever, and they treat you like family if you go there often enough ("how's your mother? how's your grandmother?").

During Christmas time they bring out extra holiday food to share, and keep Italian cookies out by the register. Also, Bruno's bread trumps all Italian bread in the whole state of NY.

The place is cozy and full of family photos, a big map of Italy, and an old school working payphone booth. One soup for each day of the week, and all of them are good. I wish the food network would go see this place.

I aslo hope the next generation keeps the place going when they retire, because Lucy says, "soup, soup, I'm sick of making the soup!" :)

Sweetest thing about 518 - down to earth, not pretentious, awesome, smart people!

being able to enjoy mint brownies and carrot cake at the spectrum. what other movie theatre offers such scrumptiousness?

Awesome desserts and drinks at Hattie's.

Crisan is the sweetest thing in Albany. Whether it's dainty desserts in the winter or delicious gelato in the summer, I cannot get enough!

$1 gelato at Crisan.
A sweet deal on a sweet treat.

the *sweetest* thing in the capital region is crisan bakery! followed by mrs. london's in saratoga. followed by bella napoli in troy. it's also pretty sweet to pass by the double decker cupcake stand on my way home from work each day, too!

Fireworks on the fourth at the plaza

The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market. I think it really was the start of all the great farmers markets that we have in the area now and it's always a great group of vendors and artists.

Thatcher Park.

The stuffed toast brunch specials at Madison Cafe!

Maple syrup season. Yummmm!

All the people who write such interesting blogs about local events, food, politics, etc, and of course, those that take the time to read them and make comments.

The sweetest thing in the Capital District is the Tulip Festival in Albany. Beautiful flowers and traditions, music and fun in the sun. What could be better!

Cider donuts at Indian Ladder Farms every fall.

The sweetest thing I can think of is that first summer day warm and bright enough to lay in the hammock with a good book.

most my family resides here. that's pretty sweet :-)

No one has sucked up yet? The sweetest thing is AOA.

Gustav at Honest Weight!

@fcj - I second! Carrot cake and a movie - SWEET!

Cheesecake Machismo -- hello!

The memories of my hometown in the Capital Region now that I'm miles away.

The sweetest thing about the the Capital Region? We have the Adirondacks, Catskills, Vermont and the Hudson and Mohawk valleys all at our fingertips for amazing day trips anytime of year (along with farmers markets, waterfalls, apple orchards, local businesses, cultural events, museums, and fun festivals) ...We have it all, really. Sweet!

Saratoga Race Course opening day

AOA, of course.

Eating ice cream & drinking milkshakes outside a seasonal stand/dairy bar on a hot summer evening when it's still light out at 8. Run-on sentence!

The sweetest thing for me is handmade chocolates from the Chocolate Gecko ... just finishing up my Valentine's Day gifts now and they've spoiled me for ordinary mass-marketed candy.

The sweetest thing would have to be my fiance Michael, who drew me here in the first place. :)


Washington Park after a fresh snowfall.

My husband and his wine list @Dale Miller.

Purple Cow ice cream from Emack and Bolio's..

My 2 year old daughter Calla

Sweetest thing=all the great albany blogs! oh and the food of course

I'll go with Moxie's. Sweet ice cream, sweet owner and scoopers, a swet place to enjoy a summer evening!

The giraffe(é) aka Long Neck Deer

The sweetest thing is driving top-down to Indian Ladder Farm to get the first cider donuts of the season, on a beautiful September day.

The community's desire to help those in need. I've seen efforts ranging from fun fundraising events like the Santa Speedo Sprint, programs like Equinox's Thanksgiving Dinner, and various Haiti relief efforts... to fundraisers for those who local suffering from long term illness or fire. It makes me warm and fuzzy all over.

I was going to enter on my own behalf, but after reading Alyssa's entry, I'd like to give my spot to her. Albany High holds a sweet spot for me as well. My second son is there now and I can't say ENOUGH about how this excellent school is so wrongly portrayed in many instances. Great teachers, coaches, staff, kids, etc. So give 'em to Alyssa, I say, with a little Falcon Pride.

Moroccan Mint Tea & pomme frites at Ravenous in Saratoga Springs!

literally, Cheesecake Machismo, nuff said.
figuratively, our community advocates.

The Chocolate Expo at the New York State Museum is the Sweetest.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company - especially their white chocolate peanut butter concoction of deliciousness. Yum.

The Hudson River: majestic, historic, full of wildlife sightings, always changing with the tides, and always there to enjoy year round!

The sweetest thing is strawberries grown by local youth in the Youth Organics program (part of Grand Street Community Arts). I am sooo excited for summer!

Our dog MoJo - who my wife and I rescued from the Mohawk Humane Society!

The Sweetest Thing is when my 10 year old son created a birthday card for his dad, my husband, and wrote the words "Hope you have a swell and happy birthday"

A hot fudge sundae at The Ice Cream Man in Greenwich.

Springtime! The sunshine, the tulips, Tulipfest, reopening of Jumping Jacks..

The four seasons. From big fluffy snowflakes and winter wonderlands to not-a-cloud-in-the-sky sizzling summer days.

thacher park. the air smells so much sweeter up there.

the spring!

The first warm night of spring. Getting an iced coffee and wandering Broadway in Saratoga. Everyone is out walking, talking, enjoying the weather. People are a little friendlier and more relaxed than they have been in months. A finally a stroll through Congress Park just to see the ducks.

Fresh kettle corn on Broadway in Saratoga!

It's a tie between Thatcher Park and Indian Ladder Farms (preferably enjoyed on the same fall day).

a classic ice cream cone from Kurvers, soft serve vanilla, waffle cone and chocolate sprinkles...

The port sorbet with crumbled bleu cheese at New World Bar and Bistro. This is no palate cleansing sorbet...

A close second are the cannolis at Sovrana. Eating dessert homemade by the matriarch of the family while the Pope looks on from his place of honor above the counter is pretty awesome.

The Central Park (Schenectady) rose garden in full bloom!

I think the Capital District Community Gardens are some of the raddest folks out here - providing our communities with space to grow our own sweet stuff, and providing the Veggie Mobile to hand out the good greenery (notthatkind!) to folks who might not have easily been able to access it.

Crisan gelato/sorbeto on the stoop with a chilled white wine on a summer afternoon, while watching the shenanigans on Lark.

Crisan bakery on lark st!

The sweetest thing in the capital region? Why my hubby of course! Coming in second could be the tulips in Washington Park....

The sweetest thing in Albany? My girlfriend. Of course, that may be due to her love of cupcakes. Hmm, wait, now it all makes sense. A year of cupcakes is what I need to equal her level of sweetness. :)

The sweetest thing in the Capital Region is realizing that, after moving here and knowing all of two people a scant 4 years ago, I've created a life, with new friends, kept a house I could never afford anywhere else, and realized I can make it on my own. Thanks, Capital Region!

The sweetest thing is eating $1 gelato from Crisan's in the summer while laying around in the park, reading a book!

Panchos is awesome.

Bully Hill's "Sweet Walter Red" wine.

Available at Capital Wine, corner of State & Lark. (shameless plug.)

i'm going the literal route here. sweetest things in albany in my opinion are def the $1 gelato from Crisan, or their nutella croissant. those are to die for. or, and this is not a kiss ass move, bettie's cakes are pretty friggin amazing. definitely wow-ed my gf with some personalized cupcakes from there. or maybe more accurately "aww"-ed my gf.

and in the summer a trip out to Moxie's ice cream is awesome too.

There have been so many great responses so far, but the sweetest thing to me is seeing the dogs frolic at the Albany City Dog Parks in the early evenings in spring when its finally light out enough for them to go play after owners are out of work :) I gladly pay city taxes knowing that is something I get to experience, being a city resident!! I hope all the surrounding communities have something as sweet to witness!

Walking through Washington Park in spring when the tulips are in full bloom and people are coming alive again after being frozen for 6 months.

Looking forward to that:)

Washington Park in the summer time!

The Sweetest thing to me is spending time with family at the Tri City Valley Cats Baseball Games. Even sweeter, when its Fireworks nights.

The sweetest thing in Albany is definitely its own local color; its people, history, and even the architecture bring such a distinct taste to the area and really define Albany culture. The many restaurants & bars, the ornate churches, and even the homeless people walking street-to-street characterize Albany and give it a distinct taste that an array of visitors and residents can benefit from experiencing. Although Albany is quite diverse in every aspect of a small city, it's still got a great charm to it.

Teaching and inspiring the children of Albany at work every day and the thought/creativity that goes into it beyond a school day. There is nothing more sweet than changing a life.

The sweetest thing in the Capital Region is having a snow day, followed by having the AOA birthday party to attend!!! Looking forward to a killer Wednesday!


The sweetest thing has to be the power of love in relation to healing. My dad was hit by a car in Guilderland and suffered a brain injury. The love that my mom, my kids and I have for my dad has made his recovery a lot easier. Of course the help of his therapists, doctors, and the Brain Injury Association of NYS (in Albany) has played a big role,but there is no bigger role then the power of love. The unconditional love and sweetness of my two little girls, really puts things in perspective. My two sweets, have been such a huge role in my dad's outcome on life.

Reading all these comments has made me feel great about our Albany. My vote goes to the literal: Krause's Homemade Candy. I can't believe nobody's mentioned it yet!

Drinking bubble tea from The Good Leaf as I walk around Lark St. with my sister and boyfriend.

My husband, who I followed up here from sunny Florida when we were dating. It paid off---we got married soon after the move--- but sometimes I want to ring his neck for this (it's 70 and sunny there right now). However, when I wake up and he's already started my car for me out in the freezing snow, I think---eh, this ain't so bad. [And I never would have adopted our kitten from Schenectady!]

Ice cream and live music at Emack & Bolio's on Delaware Ave.

Drinking boba tea from The Good Leaf on Lark Street on a warm day.

The sweetest things in my life are my fiance and my favorite treat, cupcakes. He wisely proposed to me with the help of none other but Bettie's cupcakes : )

The passion fruit marshmallows (I'm hooked) at the Troy Winter Farmers' Market and my husband (who moved me to the area).

mmm Crisan's :-)

Walking to the neighborhood Indian joint for kheer and being greeted by all the staff, who've known my kids since they were babies. There's three sweet things right there: Walkable neighborhoods, long-term relationships, and kheer. Mmmmm.

cheesecake from cheesecake machismo on hamilton. my go to gift for any host when i'm visiting someone. (unless you get the chocolate stout which is more deliciously bitter and yum!)

Betties Cupcakes- that sure looks really cool.. and would love to be able to eat a cupcake now and then with my daughter who lives in Albany.. that would be SWEET!

the short line at latham chipotle because of the snow storm!

Thatcher Park with Max. My sweetest memory is when the two of us went hiking until it got dark. I will never forget watching the sunset over Albany.

Sarah - That's freaky! You and I must have been on the same wavelength or something!
What's your favorite flavor to have as boba tea? Message me if you'd like. ^_^

Congrats Jackers and Cathy! Enjoy your sweet winnings!

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