My Exit: Keegan Farone

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Tonight's My Exit DJ, Keegan Farone

A new season of My Exit starts tonight at 8 at WEXT. On My Exit, local listeners get to come into the station and program an hour of music. We thought it'd be fun to find out a little bit about these people and why they picked the songs on their play list.

Here's tonight's person:

Keegan Farone from Schenectady

How would you describe your musical style?
I like reggae, techno/ electronica, rave/ psychedelic rock, smooth jazz, underground gangster rap.

Five songs from Keegan's show:

"Kids" - MGMT
This song was used in the snowboarding film "That's It, That's All" featuring Travis Rice. When I first saw the film I was just getting into snowboarding and fell in love with the song.

"Si Senor" - Control Machette
This was first shown to me by my step-dad; we don't share too many common interests in music, but when we agree on a song, it usually means that song is unique. Si Senor is completely in Spanish, which adds a new flavor to the mix.

"Gangster" - The Disco Biscuits
This is my favorite song by one of my favorite bands, and it has a flow that commands me to dance. Also, my friends and I jam on occasion, and this is one of our favorites to cover.

"Happiness" - Pretty Lights
"Happiness" is a combination of melancholy lyrics tossed in with a smooth-flowing, incendiary sound that overwhelms my musical taste buds.

"Legalize It" - Peter Tosh
This is an important song to me, particularly because of the message it sends. It calls for listeners to expand their horizons and realize the positive benefits of even the most hated, and simultaneously loved, substance.

These songs represent the kind of person I am. Partly upbeat, partly funky, partly smooth and chill, and partly revolutionary and political.

You can hear Keegan's My Exit show tonight at 8 at 97.7 or at

Here's how to schedule your own My Exit show on WEXT.



YEA BROTHER!!!! that kid looks like the man. and his playlist was jammin. comin back?

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