Paterson say continues to say he's staying, state stepping up tax audits, another Republican into NY 20 pool, pay by mobile in Saratoga, Dickens letters found

David Paterson told a Brooklyn congregation on Sunday that he will "keep governing till the end of the year." He also said that finishing the term would "fulfill the mission in which God placed me." [NYDN] [NYT]

It's not clear which agency will end up investigating the allegations that Paterson perjured himself during questioning about the Yankees tickets. [TU]

If Paterson were to leave office, lieutenant governor Richard Ravitch appears to be widely respected at the Capitol for his competence, experience -- and bluntness. Of course, that would mean another lt gov appointment, which could be tricky. [TU] [TU]

During opening statements in the Steven Raucci trial, prosecutor Robert Carney alleged that Raucci planned his alleged attacks for night so as to maximize their impact. Carney also alleged the Raucci's actions stole his alleged victim's "peace of mind, their comfort, their security." It also came out on Friday that a key undercover witness for the prosecution is a former cop whom Raucci's attorney called a "crook.". [TU] [Daily Gazette $] [Daily Gazette $]

Fred Lebrun says he thinks the state legislature will find a way to keep the state parks open. [TU]

The state has stepped up the number of audits in an effort to find more tax cheaters. [Daily Gazette $]

The state Board of Regents is reportedly considering cutting some Regents exams in order to save money. [TU]

One man died and a car hit a house as part of a two-car crash in Colonie Saturday. The driver who survived has been charged with Driving With Ability Impaired (drugs). Residents who live near the crash site say the residential intersection is notoriously dangerous because drivers often go through the stop sign there. (map). [CapNews9] [Troy Record] [CBS6] [TU] [Fox23]

The latest Republican into the pool for the NY 20 Congressional seat (Scott Murphy): Chris Gibson, a Columbia County native who recently retired as a colonel in the US Army. Said Gibson at his press conference: "We've got to get this tax and spending situation under control." [TU] [press release via email] [CapNews9]

Two more people have been arrested for the fatal shooting in Schenectady's Vale neighborhood last month. [WNYT]

The gun that Colonie police say turned up during a traffic stop this weekend was reported stolen in Georgia in 2008. [Troy Record]

Colonie police say a man pointed a shotgun at a cab driver early Friday morning. [Troy Record]

State police say a woman was drunk when she drove the wrong way on 787 early Friday morning. [Troy Record]

A federal judge has ruled that a former SUNY Cobleskill dean can continue part of his lawsuit against the school for allegedly firing him for speaking out against what the former dean said was were admissions policies that violated the rights of minority students. [Daily Gazette $]

The company that owns the private jet that hit a tree while flying Brad Paisley into Saratoga County Airport in 2008 has filed a lawsuit seeking payment for damages. [Daily Gazette $]

Saratoga County says it's filing the request for info for the Google fiber project. [Saratogian]

Saratoga County says the final piece of the Zim Smith bike trail should be finished by early summer. And Schenectady County is beginning work to expand the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail and Erie Canalway Trail. [Daily Gazette $] [Daily Gazette $]

The Adirondack Trust Company now offers pay by mobile phone at some businesses. [Daily Gazette $]

A Saratoga Springs beat officer was named officer of the year by the lieutenants association after he won the patrol officer triple crown, leading the department in arrests, traffic stops and responses. [Saratogian] [TU]

Th team from Bethlehem Central High School -- and its self-described "overconfident, arrogant" team captain -- is the champ in the regional Science Bowl competition. [Daily Gazette $]

Two letters from Charles Dickens have turned up at Union College. [TU]


If God wanted Paterson to be Governor does that mean he wanted Spitzer to sleep with the prostitute?

Jackers, I think you are looking at the whole thing incorrectly. God wanted Ashley Dupre to be a columist at the NY POST, so He made her sleep with Spitzer. Then the rest just fell into place. BaDa Bing!

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