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paula poundstoneNew York State's problems with political corruption came up during this past weekend's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me -- and the panel ended up cracking on Albany (at the 4:10 mark):

Paula Poundstone: It must sort of smart a bit when you realize how hard your worked to get there... Before someone runs for office in New York, they should probably make them go look at Albany...
Peter Sagal: See what they think...
Poundstone: Yeah, exactly...
Sagal: It'd be like a scare-straight program for potential politicians.

Poundstone will be able to get a good look for herself in April. She's playing the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall April 24.

We're guessing it won't hurt that badly.

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photo: Paula Poundstone


The real interesting story here is that here we are in the year 2010, and NPR is using Paula Poundstone for political satire/coverage/commentary. What, was David Brenner unavailable?

As always you guys are on your game! I heard that conversation too this morning while listening to the “Wait Wait” podcast. AOA readers know that Albany isn’t some generic ho-hum flyover city like the panelists wisecracked. Of course we Albanians can take a joke so no biggee. The serious truth though is that their jibes mirror the honest attitudes of most of the NYC legislative delegation.

Isn't she the one who was arrested for molesting children a few years ago? Or do I have the wrong comedian? If it's not they both look the same. Same as in they both look like someone put out a fire on their face with a pair of cleats.

Even though they are wrong about Albany, I think they might be onto something with letting Jay Z run the state.

@ Kevin

Couldn't agree more...let's dig up some more "washed-up" comedians to give political commentary. Actually I'm not sure if Paula Poundstone was ever famous for anything other than being a punchline herself.

Next week's guest...Pauly Shore.

Kevin Marhsall = right on. Personally, I've never been able to let go of the fact that she dresses like a rodeo clown.

Listener donations pay for that garbage? Somebody should ask for their money back.

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