It's outdoor ice cream season again!


Kuver Kreme opens Monday. We're so there.

Spring is in the air.

Sure, it's probably going to snow again, but all these happy, sunshiny days have put us in the mood for ice cream.

So we checked in on a handful of spots to see when they open for the season.

Guess what?

Two of them already have!

The folks at The Snowman in Troy opened their windows for business last week. Good news for those craving their Kahlua Almond Fudge fix.

The Tastee Freeze in Delmar opened Wednesday.

Scheduled to open soon:

Kurver Kreme
They're planning to open on Monday, March 15th -- as long as it doesn't snow. And they've got a countdown clock on their website.

Humpty Dumpty
This popular Saratoga stand will be open for business on April 16th.

Moxie's, home of blue moon ice cream and seven different kinds of vanilla, is slated to open on Sunday, May 9 -- that's Mother's Day

Jumpin' Jacks
OK, so maybe this isn't specifically an ice cream place, but its opening is a sign of spring. The web site doesn't say anything about it, but according to their Facebook page, this popular spot in Scotia will open on March 25th.

Know when other spots open? Share, please!



I wore a spring jacket to work today too!

Spotted the Corner Ice Cream Store open last weekend!

Corner Ice Cream on Carmen Road in Guilderland (across the street from Mike's Diner) opened on March 1st!

When is Crisan starting its Gelato?

Speaking of Moxie's, she has indeed lots of vanilla. If you see Cajun Haitian Vanilla there, give it a shot. And *BAM*. Your mouth. Gone.

(Guptill's) Coney Express in Latham opens 3/20.

YAY ICE CREAM!!! I don't think Lickety Split in East Greenbush is open till next month.

s: We should have it available by the scoop in the next month-month & a half. In the meantime, we still have it by the pint in limited flavors :)

Jumpin' Jack's sign does say that they'll open on the 25th, omg.

I tend to favor Tastee Freeze if I'm in the Albany area. Dunno when they open though, I suspect they might be already (I know they usually open around March) but I've been craving it allllllll winter.

I said this on Table Hopping and I'll say it here: much as I love soft serve, I kind of wish it was limited to the summer months to make it more special, like in my childhood. I mean, it's March. (Yeah, I know I could just hold off until June, but I suspect I'll be hitting the Tastee Freeze later today.)

Bumpy's on State Street in Schenectady says they open March 25th or 26th... (can't remember which it says)

I have love in my heart for Tastee Treat in Slingerlands. Anyone know when they're going to open?

I saw that Lickety Split (East Greenbush) was open today!

I learned at my visit to Crisan's yesterday that they might bring out the gelato on Saturday, April 3rd. Call before you go: 445-2727.

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