Washington Ave Y closing, track season at Saratoga threatened, little hope for on-time budget, police say teen party caused $200k in damage

The Washington Ave YMCA will close March 31, according to a letter dated March 11 from Capital District YMCA president David Brown. The letter cites the $400,000 annual loss from the Washington Ave location and calls the decision to close the branch "very painful and difficult." The Y has said the location has been losing money for the last two decades. [Save the Y Facebook] [TU] *

A state police report on the fatal police car crash on Madison Ave in Albany last summer concludes that both drivers were at fault, according to the APD. The primary fault was laid with the civilian driver, who the report concludes failed to yield to the oncoming police car. The driver has said she didn't hear the car's siren (the report concluded the car's siren was on). The report says "secondary contributing factor" to the crash was the "failure to drive with reasonable care for all persons using the highway" on the part of APD officer Christopher Orth. [Troy Record] [WTEN] [TU] [Fox23]

Leaders of New York Thoroughbred Breeders Inc say "there will be no Saratoga race meet this summer" if that state doesn't find a way to get $15 million to NYRA -- either by fixing the bankrupt NYC OTB or finding a new winning bidder for the Aqueduct racino contract. Saratoga business owners are anxiously watching the situation. [NYTB] [TU] [WTEN]

Potential bidders for the Aqueduct racino apparently believe that the contract is step towards the legalization of casino gambling in New York State. [NYT]

Troy police say they're investigating the shooting of a 14-year-old Saturday night. They say the gunfire was picked up by the ShotSpotter system. [WTEN] [Fox23]

State police say a man pulled over for driving the wrong way on 787 Saturday afternoon had a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit. [WNYT] [YNN] CapNews9 is now YNN

The state legislature is organizing bipartisan committees to focus on the budget. There doesn't seem to be much hope of a budget agreement by the April deadline. [TU] [NY Post]

Budget cuts at SUNY schools have led to larger, packed classes. [TU]

A journal reportedly kept by Steven Raucci has provided the prosecution with direction on the case. The notes cover a series of alleged encounters that cast many people in the Schenectady school district in a negative light. [Daily Gazette $] [TU]

The Capital Region has some of the census tracks that figure to be among the toughest to count in the nation. One area of particular focus this time around: college students. [TU] [TU]

North Greenbush police say partying teens caused more than $200k in damage at an unoccupied home in February. Police say 69 teens will face charges. The street on which the house sits includes a bunch of high-priced homes. [TU] [CBS6] [Zillow]

Idea currently circulating in Saratoga Springs about how to increase city revenue: raise the sales tax. [Daily Gazette $]

There's a bumper crop of potholes in some parts of the Capital Region this year. [Daily Gazette $]

Schenectady fire fighters rescued two children from a burning home Sunday evening. [Daily Gazette $]

The owner of the not-yet-open Latham salon that at one time was advertising "rubdowns" says she'll sue after the Town of Colonie bounced her application for a permit. [TU]

Former Albany police chief James Tuffey is now the head of security for BBL Construction Services -- a company with close ties to city leaders. [TU]

The Saratoga Springs High School boys hockey team lost to the state's #1 team in the state finals this weekend. [Saratogian]

Send help -- save our state. [TU]

* The Capital District YMCA advertised on AOA last month


I'm completely bummed about the closing of the Y but I guess it's good timing considering the Albany Jewish Community Center is having new membership discounts. http://www.saajcc.org/

I wish there was another gym downtown though.

Can AOA do a review of local gyms/yoga studios?


What are the chances of NYRA really cancelling the Saratoga meet this summer? A move like that would absolutely devastate Saratoga's economy.

I will sadly miss the Y. I mean, where else in the Capital District can you work out with a mixture of x-cons, med students and everyone else inbetween? Every place else is sterile in comparison.

It's interesting to me that the YMCA organization would choose to close the Washington Ave branch rather than the North Albany one. Can the North Albany branch really be bringing in more revenue?

@ Summer

The North Albany branch is actually really nice. Have you ever been to it? The pool is great and even though it's a smaller Y (maybe less expensive to maintain?), it's clean and updated.

@Summer - not more revenue, but supposedly less overhead in repairs, etc. That's the purported line from the powers that be.

Officer, how dare you arrest my child for attending a party, I'm sure my angel didn't do anything wrong! It must be the other kids that were there.

It's been amazing to see members & people in the affected neighborhoods getting active to try to save this Y, a real urban community center where all kinds of folks mix it up. Most people who love it there like that aspect of it - looking for more than a gym. There's still a rally tomorrow night, will be entertaining (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=204296663004)

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