Dancing on the Ceiling at EMPAC

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As we understand it, there will be no Lionel Ritchie.

EMPAC has a group exhibition coming up that looks like it'll be worth exploring. From the blurb for Dancing on the Ceiling:

Dancing on the Ceiling will bring together artworks that use the metaphor of floating or weightlessness as an expression of the relationship of the individual to social, political or personal contexts. In addition, several of the pieces relate to lightness as akin to an agility of mind, freed of entrenched perspectives.
The artworks in the exhibition deploy helium, parabolic flight, rigging, and digital effects. They feature floating performers, an upside-down kitchen, an isolation tank and skateboarders freed from physical laws. They evoke the golden age of space exploration and the dreams of the counter-culture. Dancing on the Ceiling is a provocative convergence of time-based photography, sculpture, installation, and video.

The opening reception is this Thursday from 6-10 pm, when the building will open so people can check out all the exhibits. It's free.

Bonus: There will be a screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey on EMPAC's 56-foot screen that night at 7 pm. Douglas Trumbull, the special effects director for 2001 and many other films, will be giving a talk beforehand.

image: Dennis Darzacq


Thanks for the shout, AOA! And don't sleep on getting your shot at 45 minutes in Thom Kubli's commissioned installation "FLOAT!: Think Tank 21" - here's the info:

Thursday, March 18 – Saturday, April 10, 2010
FLOAT!: Think Tank 21
In conjunction with Thom Kubli’s newly commissioned installation for the exhibition, visitors can request up to a 45 minute session in the custom designed flotation tank. Please call 518.276.3921 to make an appointment, as space is limited.

Hope to see some of you on Thursday night - get there at 6 for a free exhibition catalog (while supplies last) and a snack + beverage.

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