"Carnivores' delight"

Fun in Saratoga Dan checked out the recently-opened Meat House butcher shop in Wilton -- and it sounds like he came away a big fan.


a chain "butcher shop," hmmm....

this brings up a topic that's been on my mind for quite some time: AOA readers' suggestions for good, local butchers? (has this topic been covered before? if so, i missed it. if not, suggestions?)

I have shopped at the Meat House twice. On the first visit I was immediately struck by the staff...all men. Now I work in a kitchen, and in my experience, the food industry is one typically dominated by men. No big deal...
On the second visit, same staff dynamic...all men. This time curiosity got the better of me and I asked the buff middle-aged man behind the counter if any women worked at this location, He looked down over the counter at me, snickered, and replied, "Yea, I think we hired a girl to do check out and get us coffee, but she hasn't started yet."
Really??! It was if I had walked through the doors of the Meat House and into some weird 1950's Twilight Zone! I don't really consider myself a feminist...but I found his comment and tone to be one of the most chauvinistic and misogynistic things I have EVER heard!
Not being one to hold my tongue, as he handed me my poorly butchered flat-irons, my parting words were: "Well thank you sir, I'll be heading back to the kitchen now to cook these up for my working man!"
Forget the Meat House. For a great local butcher I'd recommend Garafolo's on North Center Street (off of Union Street) in Schenectady. Family owned & fantastic products...especially the house made sausage!

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