Carl Paladino is one of those people who won't stop forwarding crap

WNY Media -- a news site in the Buffalo area -- has posted on a bunch of emails reportedly sent by Carl Paladino (the site seems to be getting slammed with traffic right now). Many of the messages are forwards. And they contain some nasty stuff: racist jokes, a woman and a horse, uh, you know. "Dramatically unsafe for work" is the way WNY Media describes them.

Paladino's campaign has released a statement responding to the emails. A snip, via Daily Politics:

Carl Paladino has forwarded close friends hundreds of email messages he received. Many of these emails he received were off color, some were politically incorrect, few represented his own opinion, and almost none of them were worth remembering.

Earlier on AOA: Who is Carl Paladino?


If it's worth forwarding, it must be worth remembering. This guy's a bad idea even by New York standards. And these days, that's saying something.

yeah just when I feel like it couldn't possible get worse, oh yes it could it could get much much much worse. we need to get this guy as far away from the ballot as possible. he is a disgusting racist, sexist douchebag.

Let's just please remember that no major political party was even seriously considering supporting this guy. In the Republican primary, former Congressman and business exec Rick Lazio has the lead followed by Democrat-turned-Republican Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. Also seeking the Republican nomination for governor is Guilderland Town Board member and local attorney Warren Redlich. I realize that none of them make for such hilarious news fodder as this guy, but all of them are better candidates.

I'm speechless.

I wish I was his mom. I would take away his internet privileges and ground him for a month!!!!!

Ed's comment above that all of the other candidates are better than Paladino indicates an unfamiliarity with Warren Redlich, whose written words on are as objectionable as Paladino's graphic images. See

Both are vulgar, both are filled with self-admiration, and both are boring.

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