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"This is one of the most contemporary location we have visited so far."

Sebastien and B's Urban Decay Tour of the (Greater) Capital Regionâ„¢ continues with two stops in the Hudson Valley. The crew hit up the The Holy Cross Campus of Pius XII Youth and Family Services in Rhinebeck, NY. From Sebastien's photo set page:

This is one of the most contemporary location we have visited so far. There was a lot to see: a large gymnasium, a swimming pool, an auditorium, a water tower, several basketball courts and playing fields, dorms, classrooms, etc. While it has been reclaimed by nature and vandals for almost a decade now, I couldn't shake the feeling that kids recently walked those corridors. American-style campus are very new to me, we don't quite have that kind of infrastructure in France: despite its troubled past, I quite liked this sprawling institution hidden in the woods, overlooking mountains and a small lake.

Here's his slideshow. And here's the slideshow from B and the set from Darren.

This trip also included a "bonus track" -- Bennett College in Millbrook, NY. As Sebastien writes on the photo set page:

Bennett College, also known as Bennett School for Girls, was a women's college founded in 1890, in Millbrook, NY. It became a junior college in the 1900s. At the time of its closing, enrollment was around 300 students. The college closed in 1978 after entering bankruptcy. ...
It feels important to me that this location is documented and remains in the collective memory. Unfortunately, local residents do not really see it that way. We got busted and kicked out by the cops pretty quickly.

Slideshows: Sebastien and Darren.

photo: Sebastien B


Bennett is super creepy at night. Never made it further than the circular drive.

When you have a friend named Bennett - well, the @Quito statement takes on a totally different meaning.

Yes. Children roamed these corridors. Is that suppose to be creepy? I was one of those children. Holy Cross is not creepy but Unique. I wish u knew it like i do. The 80's at holy cross are Priceless. thank you God for that transition in my life.

This was my home for 5years for the middle 70s and the early 80s it wasn't a bad place I learn a lot yes I had my ups and down but let keep it real I learn a hell of a lot and good things and some bad I did lose a finger at the pool I could never for get this place I hate to see it go down like this wow I wish I was rish I would help rebuild this place

Holy Cross wan`t a bad place. I lived there from 83 to 85. not creepy or anything..I had a good time..

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