Tea Party Express

tea party express 2010-04-13

The Tea Party Express rolled through Albany today and made a stop near the Capitol. This is the series of rallies that started in Nevada with an appearance by Sarah Palin. Alas, the ex-governor of Alaska didn't show up at this stop (she's scheduled to be at the stop in Boston).

Rob's posted a photo set of the rally and counter-protest. Among the sign topics: spelling, math and sad Sarah Palin on a bus.

(Thanks, Rob)

photo: Rob Gierthy


they all need to be sat down and read this: http://www.truthout.org/nine-myths-about-socialism-us58513?print and forced to learn it and learn and learn it and learn it. doesn't surprise me palin wasn't here - there's no way she could go head to head with a new yorker. she's an idiot.

There is another Flickr set from a Washington tea bagger rally - perhaps more funding is needed for government run spelling programs


"Idiot." "Tea bagger."

I love the way in which people who don't agree with the Tea Party movement attack it with vulgar, low class posts.

See you in November....

Pot, meet kettle?

Really, ph, what about the code words used such as "socialist", "communist", "reload", etc and so on? There is way too much hate spreading around nowadays, but please don't try to gloss over it from the Tea Party end, either.

It’s hard to take the tea party seriously. They’ve taken a true grassroots, populist movement and turned the helm over to Beck, Palin, and Dick Army. The only thing those clowns want is to line their pockets and they’d be fine with the status quo if their party were running things. We are all mad about TARP. Isn’t that what got the Tea Party Express rolling? Shouldn’t we be rallying for wall-street regulation instead of spewing incoherent rage at government in general? Standing united against something isn’t really the same as standing for something and it’s miles away from championing any sort of positive change.

Hate government and taxes? You can always move to Somalia!

@ James

Code words? Wasn't it Obama who said, "you know...spread the wealth a little bit"? Isn't that socialism?

@ Matt

Hard to take the Tea Party seriously? See "Scott Brown"

@ James

This is the real problem I have. I certainly AM NOT anti-government/anti-taxes and I never googled Ron Paul. HOWEVER, I do believe that there comes a time when you have to cut spending and realize that we cannot continue to go back to the well, that is the middle-class.

"Wasn't it Obama who said, "you know...spread the wealth a little bit"? Isn't that socialism?"

Actually... no. It's not. Are they also telling you that if you attend enough rallies you get a unicorn?

Is calling Palin an "idiot" low class? Really?

"I stand for..."

(looks at palm"

"family values. and..."

(looks at palm)

"main street. and..."

(looks at palm)

"cutting government spending."

You should have the basic capacity to be able to memorize your platform - ESPECIALLY if you're going to try to lead people.

@daleyplanit - and when Palin refers to family values, she means her own family, not those without (fill in the blank) health insurance, money, education, jobs, etc.

Scott Brown is a good example that these drones will throw their support behind anyone who pays them any lip service. His break with the GOP on the jobs bill and his refusal to show up at yesterday's "Boston Tea Party" were a bit of a slap in the face, no? Without creditable leadership and a clear positive message the tea party will continue to be exploited by any ambitious politician not currently in office and to no advantageous end.

@ph - you should read this story on CNN - Is Obama a Socialist?

@Barold - don't even bother with links. They won't take it seriously unless it comes from Fox News. Anything else is just librul media propaganda.

@Slacker - did you hear? Fox News is merging Comedy Central.... they wanted program consistency.

What about people like me who think stupid and crazy are pretty evenly distributed across the left/right dynamic but are concerned about some yet unnamed -ism? Something that's a form of mercantilism with privatized profits, socialized losses, unsustainable debts, and a hollowing out of the middle class (across several administrations).

If I go on Saturday to check things out will I still get the "you're cool" nod from my friends who fall in with the knee jerk progressive-hip-pseudo intellectual orthodoxy? Will I still be able to hang out on Lark street? Or will I get lumped in with all of the Sarah Palin worshiping mouth breathers and have my sign called racist? As one with a busy social calendar I need to know how much non-conformity is going to be tolerated here. I still need to know who will have a pint or a glass of scotch with me.

I attended this event, under the impression it would be similar to last April's protest. Unfortunately, I must agree on some points with the gentleman who posted the photos - it felt "commercialized". While some of the speakers had great points (the rapper was particularly good), the hawking of books and CDs from the microphone was a little telling.

Additionally, I felt that a lot of the focus at the rally was placed on God & religion. This dilutes the political message. Can't we just protest government growth and taxes and leave the religion out of it?

And yes, some of the home made signs displayed various spelling and grammatical errors (if only I'd brought a big Sharpie). In contrast, the union-bought, mass-distributed, professionally printed signs rarely do.

The rally cry was "Vote Them Out". Fine, happy to. IF I have a suitable alternative.

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