The new SUNY strategic plan

SUNY released the outline of its new strategic plan today (here's the flip-through brochure). Overall, the plan aims to set up SUNY to "drive New York's economy" and revitalize communities. It includes six "big ideas":

suny strategic plan branding+ A focus on entrepreneurialism, including mentoring and support for startups.

+ A "cradle to career" education pipeline. Initiatives include an effort to reduce new teacher attrition and more co-op jobs.

+ Focus on health care -- research and jobs.

+ Renewable energy technology

+ Increasing presence in local communities. Among the initiatives for this focus: more student volunteer work and "study abroad" opportunities within the state (well, Long Island is sort of like its own country).

Step one for the plan apparently was branding the university system to look like a biotech company (brochure cover on the right).

SUNY has 64 campuses and almost 465,000 students. About 18,000 of those students are at UAlbany.


I have a SUNY education and I currently work at SUNY Albany and the SUNY system does a lot of great things but branding is not one of them. Whoever's idea it was to put terrible posters of famous past alumni around the UAlbany campus or came up with the "did you know x% of students think this" posters ought to have been fired ages ago. They make me cringe on a daily basis.

Just hire a pr firm or spend the money on professors.

@ Alex - I saw the posters and shook my head.

"Did you know 95% of SUNYA students have never committed date rape."

WTF!! That means 5% HAVE?!?!?!

Certainly made me think about the other side of the coin.

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