Tickets for Diplo and onedotzero_adventures in motion


That's him

Update: Congratulations to Chrystal -- she's the winner!

Update: The drawing's closed. Thanks for entering!

Diplo -- superstar DJ, producer, songwriter, M.I.A.-collaborator -- is playing EMPAC April 30 (that's a Friday). And unless you have already have a ticket -- you can't go. It's sold out.

Or... maybe you can. AOA has two tickets to the Diplo show and screening passes to the whole onedotzero_adventures in motion festival. And we'd like to give them away. To you, possibly.

So, here's how to enter the drawing. Playing on the DJ/producer theme, answer this question in the comments:

Across all types of media, what's your favorite re-mix, remake, mashup or cover?

The field of possible answers here is very broad -- everything from The Grey Album to the Hendrix version of "All Along the Watchtower" to Ocean's Eleven to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Diplo is just one part of the onedotzero weekend-long festival. From the EMPAC blurb:

The London-based onedotzero_adventures in motion festival returns to EMPAC with a delirious showcase of the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based graphics to large-scale installations, not to mention screenings, music videos, live events and workshops.
Highlights include a late-night performance by DJ superstar Diplo with area VJs, a video installation by Brian Alfred, and a new mind-boggling audiovisual performance by artist in residence AntiVJ with music by minimal techno mastermind Sleeparchive.

It should be quite the weekend.

Important: All qualifying comments must be submitted by 11:59 am on Wednesday April 21, 2010. A working email address must be submitted with the comment. One entry per person. The winner will be notified via email by 9 am on April 22 and must respond with their full name by 5 pm that same day. The winner must pick up the tickets for the Diplo show at EMPAC by 11 pm on April 30, or the tickets will be released (they will be ready by 8 pm that night). The same goes for the screening passes -- all screenings are first come, first serve, so the winner should get their screening passes at 8 PM that night as well.


The fatboy slim remix of body movin (beastie boys track)

The Bear McCreary remix of "All Along The Watchtower" for season 3&4 of BSG.

this remix of alice in wonderland:

Dilla Jawns - The Roots.

This is where The Roots redo some of their favorite J Dilla tracks. Excellent.

Wide Sargasso Sea (rethinking Jane Eyre from the perspective of Mrs. Rochester.)

The entire Daft Punk "Alive 2007" album. Hell, it's pretty much a re-energized b*lls to the wall mashup of their "Homework", "Discovery" and "Human After All" albums, and it put the later LP into some perspective I can make peace with. And by that I mean it's awesome.

but slightly less obvious, and to drop some names of course: Justice vs The Clash vs Soulwax Phantom Part III, "Sweet Child of Mine" (Mylo Remix), MGMT's Electric Feel (Justice Remix), Bloc Party's "Hunting for Witches" (Crystal Caste remix), Placebo's "Without You I'm Nothing feat. David Bowie" (Unkle Remix), Faint's "The Conductor" (Thin White Duke Remix), Freezepop's "Bike Thief" (Kryptonite Remix) are some of my favs.

@robert: hell yeah.
@glenna: of course you did :)

This remix of "I Love College" -

richard buckner : the hill

richard buckner singing edgar lee masters' "spoon river anthology".

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

Jay Z's The Black Album + Beatles White Album + a pinch of awesomeness = Danger Mouse's Grey Album

Patti Smith's cover of Gloria by Them.

Everything -S mentioned plus the Jaydiohead album and anything Illuminoids touches -- L.E.S. Spirit Kids (Norman Greenbaum/MGMT/Santogold/Soulwax), Get It On at le Disco (T. Rex/Shiny Toy Guns), Pretend We're Alala (L7/CSS), etc. etc. etc. they're geniuses ok.

Gregory Maguire's take on the Wizard of Oz: Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West that was in turn adapted into Wicked The Musical.


Heh, following -S's example I'm going to take advantage of the multiple favorites plan. . .


DJ Lobsterdust's "Saysayism" - - Wait till around the 1:48 mark till you decide ;)

DJ Earworm's United State of Pop Mashes:

'09 -
'08 -
'07 -

Who else can make Billboard's 25 sound that good?

Video Remake:

If you remember Captain Harlock you'll fall in love with this fan flick:


I'm going to have to go with Pussy Galore's full-album cover of The Rolling Stones' "Exile On Main Street." I have another answer, but it would be too self-serving to officially enter it.

B forgot the link, the album is *still* free, download away! "Jaydiohead is a mashup project in which NYC DJ and producer Max Tannone mixes a capella tracks recorded by rapper Jay-Z and couples it with instrumentals created from a multitude of samples from different Radiohead albums, EPs, singles, and b-sides.". Try it, it's Radiohead friendly, it's less emo, and it's free.

My all time favorite remix has to be miss piggy and the muppet band doing Peaches "f*** the pain away".

animal on the drums, miss piggy really gets into it....

John Zorn's The Big Gundown.

Anything by Girl Talk usually gets me moving and ready for a run

chrystal, i would have to say "the wiz" starring mj before wicked

Shepard Fairey X the Associated Press - HOPE

anything by Richard Cheese

the notorious xx

Hard to compete with the Muppets but I've got to nominate Johnny Cash covering "Rusty Cage" by Soundgarden. I used to hear it all the time at a $5/pitcher joint down in NYC's meat-packing district and I was convinced SG had covered Johnny, not the other way around (this was 6 years before the cover of "Hurt" JC did with Rick Rubin, which is also good).

I'd have to say the RATATAT mixtape with the remix of Party and Bullshit on it....

Man I feel bad for doing this but I have to take back what I said... The 16 bit remix of Twice by Little Dragon takes the all time cake... sit back, relax, and veg!

Definitely Jeff Buckley covering Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". The soulfulness and purity of Jeff's voice added another dimension to the song, and it is the song Jeff will always be remembered for. In case you don't know what I'm taking about...

crazy competition going down on this message board. AOA, good call on motivating. this is funnnn.

michael gondry X radio head - knives out music video

-S-- i was at one of the six Alive 2007 shows. still the best concert i have ever been to. hands down. who would have thunk it.

Pizza bagels

Paper Rump by DJ Tripp - rumpshaker vs mia's paper planes. even more appropriate for a diplo show anyway.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

i am sticking to music right now or my head will explode with possibilities

my favorite remix is Grooverfinder's remix of Nina Simone's Ain't Got No - I Got Life

the first cover that i really enjoy that popped into my head was Rasputina's cover of Wish You Were Here

and nouvelle vague has some really good covers

Viva La Hova by Terry Urban & Mick Boogie.

Still the only true mash-up that I listen to in daily rotation.

at risk of losing my job this will be my final contribution

Miles Fischer x Talking Heads “This Must Be The Place” x American Psycho @

Abraham Lincoln: Zombie Hunter graphic novel. It's pretty bitchin!

i lied

gotta rep for my favorite band

holyghost! - i will come back (video) (remake of new order - confusion (video))

i love you, holyghost!


@jess: gahhh, I missed the tour, was in wheelchair then crutches during the North America leg. Actually their "surprise" come-back concert at Coachella 06 had the "prototype" of what was going to be the Alive 07 tour, and it kicked some serious asses, from what I read back then. I was at Coachella the week before, on a road trip: how stupid is that. But hey, my money is on a tour in 2011, after the release of the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

Congratulations to the winner!

If you happened not to be the lucky one, give the full onedotzero schedule a look over, as there is much more to the weekend than Diplo (9 screenings and a free performance on Saturday night by AntiVJ) - .

- Jason Steven Murphy

P.S. Good call on Holy Ghost!, @jess - those guys are aces.

gotta be the girl talk feed the animals videos beautiful hilarious ridiculous sublime

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