Way too many cats in one house

The Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society reports that 52 cats were recently taken from a woman's home in Colonie. It says there are indications she may have been been keeping as many as 66 cats at the house. The society says the woman has turned herself in to Colonie police and is facing animal cruelty charges.

The org describes the situation as a case of "animal hoarding."

It says none of the cats are currently healthy enough to be adopted.

[email press release not online]


This is really sad. People like this frequently feel that they are doing the right thing, when in reality they are committing terrible cruelty through neglect. Even worse when the cats aren't neutered and/or spayed.

Silver lining? The cats up for adoption might be good around other cats!

This just further reinforces a cause that I'm incredibly passionate about: adopting or fostering shelter pets. Too often do good, deserving animals go unloved because someone else can't care for them properly. Ironically, today is the 1st anniversary of the adoption of my dog, and he joins my two shelter cats in a happy, well-balanced home. The Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society and Petfinder.com are great resources if you're considering.

Summer, I could not agree more.

Personally, I believe very strongly that people should not "buy" from breeders until shelters are all out of animals.

I second Erik-- it's so sad to see when someone thinks they're helping by giving an animal a home and then end up causing exactly what they're trying to prevent.

On a happier note, Happy Adoption Day, Summer! It's such a special day to celebrate.

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