Paterson threatens to force legislature's hand on furloughs, Snyder taking leave from NYSTI, researchers studying Berne earthquakes, shop's bid to sell adult items bounced

David Paterson said yesterday that he's prepared to include the proposed state worker furlough in next week's emergency budget extender. If the legislature balks at the move, it would lead to the shutdown of the state government. Says Jack McEneny: "We'd probably have to vote for the furloughs, rather than shut down the state." There's some question as to whether the furlough would be legal (the unions say it's not). Ron Canestrari called the situation surrounding the budget negotiations "very disheartening." And, by the way: the legislature has gone home for the week. [NYDN] [TU] [WTEN] [State of Politics] [Fox23]

Andrew Cuomo announced the he's suing Pedro Espada for violating labor laws "by creating a sham job training program that cheated workers and shortchanged State coffers." The suit alleges that Espada ran the training program out of a for-profit company that provides janitorial services to his Soundview health care non-profit -- and paid "trainees" as little as $1.70/hour. Cuomo's office alleges that Espada's son made $150,000 heading up the company in 2008. Espada denied the allegations and accused Cuomo of "political assassination." [NYS AG] [NYT] [AP/Troy Record]

Patricia Snyder is taking an unpaid leave of absence from her position at NYSTI. Snyder said in a statement that the absence "will allow time for a clear response to the false allegations" (that would be the allegations raised by the state Inspector General). A spokesman for the NYSTI board says the panel "will continue to look at specific issues raised in the report to make corrections where they believe it to be appropriate." [TU] [WNYt] [Troy Record]

It appears that the plan for the old Proctor's Theater in Troy now does not include demolition of the theater itself. [TU]

Researchers from Columbia University have set up instruments in Berne to monitor the recent cluster of earthquakes there. The quakes aren't forecasted to be a serious threat. Probably. [NYT] [TU]

CDTA says ridership was down 10 percent during the last fiscal year compared to the same period the year before. [Daily Gazette $]

The state comptroller's office is investigating the Troy Housing Authority. [Troy Record]

Glenville police say a man reported his credit cards stolen -- but they say what actually happened is that he gave them to two women as payment for prostitution and then got upset when they ran up the tab at Walmart. [CBS6] [TU] [Daily Gazette $]

A Lark Street shop's bid to sell "adult novelties" has been bounced by the Zoning Board of Appeals. [WNYT]

There's a bakery boom in the Capital Region. [TU]

Albany's city gardener says the recent cold spell has been good for the tulips. [Fox23]

A Niskayuna couple recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. [Daily Gazette $]


I live near the Walk In Closet and I agree with the zoning board's decision. Lark Street retail is very hard. You really need to do something different and unique or you will fail. It just seemed like his idea was a hail mary. I feel for the guy though, as he lasted longer than I thought he would.

I tried to follow the link to the story on CDTA but you have to join/pay? for the article on the Schenectady Gazette. REALLY?

It is no surprise to anyone that CDTA ridership is down after the fare hike. I attended both the Albany and Schenectady public meetings on the fare hike and protested it vigorously. Ridership had been up really high due to gas prices increasing and CDTA thought it could cash in with a 50 cent increase in April 2009 and another fare increase in April 2010. They did not listen to the public who decried the fare increase as one that would unfairly burden the poor, elderly, disabled, and disenfranchised - the people who don't have cars - all of the people who use CDTA's public transportation to live their lives. All of the "extra" riders who got out of the cars and got on the buses, would be right back in their cars when gas prices went down. Guess what, that's exactly what happened. Thankfully CDTA has apparently shelved the additional 50 cent increase they had said would take place in April 2010. Increasing fares while reducing services is not going to get CDTA to the fiscal place it wants to be - and all the while the customers (and yes they are CUSTOMERS) suffer the consequences.

> Lark Street retail is very hard.
> You really need to do something different and unique

You mean, like that new skate shop that opened recently?

@S -- I really don't know anything about skate shops, but in my mind that is the kind of retail that can succeed on Lark. Others include Elissa Halloran, Good Leaf, etc...

Well, CDTA ridership is down 10% but they increased fares by 50%. So they should be reporting an increase in income.

As for the skate shop, it'll be interesting to see how it fares considering it's part of the condo on the corner of Lark & State.

I wish that we had a good sex positive shop in the area. The least skeevy one seems to be Deja Vu out off Wolf Road, and their selection isn't very impressive.

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This is potentially good news for St. Josephs. I walk around it 2 or 3 times a week and the last few years the deterioration has seemed to accelerate. She will be looking right at it everyday from her front windows.

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