Allegations against Ward Stone

From a story in the TU this weekend about state wildlife pathologist Ward Stone:

During his 41 years as New York's wildlife pathologist, Ward B. Stone has built a statewide reputation as an environmental hero, popular with the media and a rare public servant willing to thumb his nose at authority to defend nature.
What is less known about the 71-year-old scientist at the state's Wildlife Resources Center in southern Albany County, except among co-workers and state investigators, is that he has a long history of allegations of abusive, unethical and inappropriate behavior, ranging from berating colleagues to shooting animals, and has been repeatedly faulted by his frustrated superiors, according to interviews and records.

Read the whole thing. The list of allegations is long. (Also, "Dr. Stone" doesn't have a PhD.)

Stone told Fox23 this weekend that he's had problems with his accusers "Because they aren't good enough to be in pathology." And he told WTEN that he's been "a bargain for the state."

It'll be interesting to see how these allegations play out in the local media -- Stone is a real media fave. He has a rep as a crusader for the public interest -- recently on topics such as concerns about emissions from the Lafarge cement plant in Ravena, and lead in children's toys.

Stone's lab is at the Five Rivers Environmental Center in Delmar.

Updated at 1:20 pm WAMC says it's suspending production of the show that featured Stone, "In Our Backyard." The statement is after the jump.

Statement from WAMC:

A recent article in the Albany Times Union has made some serious allegations against New York State Wildlife Pathologist Dr. Ward Stone, host of WAMC's popular environmental program, "In Our Backyard." A state investigation has been opened into Dr. Stone's alleged misconduct.
WAMC believes in the concept that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We are grateful to Ward Stone for his generous volunteer contribution to WAMC's "In Our Backyard" program and for his tireless work for the state as Wildlife Pathologist. We hope these allegations prove to be false, nevertheless, we believe it is prudent to suspend production of the program until these charges are resolved.
WAMC news will continue to cover this story.


While I applaud the work that he's done, this article is damning. Living in your office while your house decays is not normal. If this is all true, then it's probably time for him to step down. No doubt he'll fight in this case, it appears he's fighting for his home.

Why is it when someone does not conform to standards set by a selected few, they are a a nuisance?

There is nothing Stone has done that warrants dismissal. Sure, he is abrasive and does not take well to incompetence and yes, apparently he 'lives' in his lab. I would love to see more workers like that who are paid via my tax dollars. If he used state workers for personal errands, than yes he should be indicted, but where is the proof outside of 2 former workers?

Oh wait, he is exposing the multi million dollar cement plant deal...THAT is why he is being assasinated in the press...

No offense to Mr. Stone, but "In My Backyard" is the dullest radio show ever made.

In contrast to the comment above by Barold, "In Our Backyard" is one of my favorite programs on WAMC. I'm sad to hear this news about Ward Stone.

Seems like there are some mental health issues going on. If the allegations turn out to be true of course. I mean, some of the charges go beyond eccentricity.

I trusted Ward Stone as an environmental steward, which is why the allegation that he gut-shot four deer is especially troubling and heinous. If it's true, then Stone is a dangerous hypocrite who should not have a public platform -- and he certainly should not qualify for the "eccentric genius" label implied by JT. And as far as the abuse of power claims go, imagine how you would feel if you or one of your family members were a subordinate of his.

These allegations are completely disturbing, particularly the awful deaths of the tame deer. I'm confused by JT's comment where he/she states that "There is nothing Stone has done that warrants dismissal." Is that appropriate behavior for a wildlife pathologist?

This clown passes himself off as a Dr.? What a this idiot got away with what he did for so many years is beyond me. I knew he was a fraud the first time I heard him on his silly show, "In Our backyard." The guy simply doesn't have a clue as to what he is talking about. He's annoying and pompous. He hope he spends some time in the Big House.

@JT - I don't think he violated standards "set by a selected few." If you ask anyone, they'd say these are egregious violations of the public trust. "There is nothing Stone has done that warrants dismissal?" Did you read the news story?

When I read the article, I started out thinking "Great, another corrupt state employee." But by the end, I just felt bad for him. That's really not normal behavior. Kind of sounds like he lost his grip after 2000.

Then again, if that accusation about shooting penned deer is true, screw him. That's just demented. Lets lock him in a fenced off area and see how he likes getting shot at.

Where, in all of this, is the review of his work? Is he a decent wildlife pathologist?

Way to stand behind your friends WAMC. No one is questioning his credentials.

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