Lobbying with Rachael Ray

kirsten gillibrand and rachael ray

And afterward, they discussed how to take over the world. (Obviously.)

Kirsten Gillibrand and Rachael Ray teamed up on Capitol Hill yesterday to press the case for healthier school lunches. From a NYT article, which reports that KG "unleashed" the Ray on other lawmakers:

"How could you go to any state in the union and say you are not for an extra couple of cents to eradicate hunger, to make our kids healthier, stronger, better focused?" [Ray] said. "It doesn't make any sense that you would even have to have a long conversation about that, to me."

Specifically, Gillibrand and Ray were pushing for the reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act.

KG has made school lunches one of her focus issues -- this week she was pushing legislation that would ban trans-fat from school meals. RR has also campaigned for healthier food in schools.

photo: gillibrand.senate.gov


When did Rachael Ray take an old pill??

@ Kevin P - I was thinking the same thing, Rachael looks like she's been ridden' hard and put up wet.

That is one unflattering photo. Rachael Ray looks like she is going to make a 30 Minute Meal out of Kirsten Gillibrand, and store it in her jowl until winter.

School lunches, like everything else, comes down to one thing - budgets. Cut school aid and the quality of school lunches will continue to decline.

If anyone has seen the food not alone expensive ingredients
Rachael Ray uses she should be the last one to lobby
for healthy food or money saving.

Terrible picture. They look like young Erastus Corning and Dan O'Connell in drag.

And this is why I don't watch TV in HD, folks.

As much as I'd like to see every lucious hair in Wolf Blitzer's beard, I don't really want to see his pores.

Young People: this is what 42 looks like. I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you, but you needed to know.

Stay away from the tanning beds, kids. Or this could be you.

Wow...I can't believe these nasty comments! Give the ladies a break. RR and Gillibrand are using their power and influence for a good cause, putting themselves on the forefront of this issue. And not for nothing but there's a large lobbying influence -- "big food" -- working against their favor. They don't deserve to be scorned.

Really People...? You are commenting on how Rachael Ray looks-- rather than the content of what she is trying to help...? You are a prime example of the Dumbing Down of America! Thank you Rachael for giving a damn~

I support the issue. But Rachel Ray pimped herself out to Dunkin' Donuts. Can she really stand up there and make the case for healthier food? How many millions of dollars were spent on her ads encouraging people to eat donuts?

Can't we get Jamie Oliver to come back. At least he seems to have some integrity.

What qualifies RR to talk about nutrition? Pick any recipe out of one of her books and you'll see it contains nearly a day's worth of of calories and fat. Portions are double what they should be. Plus, lately she claims to go to the gym and run 3 miles everyday. If so, I see she has the classic runner's paunch and jowls.

If they needed a TV personality why not pick someone who actually knows what they're talking about, like Ellie Krieger?

Get over yourself, righteous indignants. Its a terrible photo, laughably so, and noticing that certainly doesn't make me or anyone else dumb.

What is dumb is choosing Rachael Ray as a spokesperson for healthy eating, for all the reasons the other posters addressing that issue have cited.

sure it's an unflattering picture, but it's not nearly as unflattering as the picture painted of the readers who hang out here....tell me, is it her multi-million dollar bank account or the fact that she's pretty smokin' for 42 that's got you all wearin' your angry eyes...

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