Things we've learned from Missed Connections

craigslist screenshotEvery week we sift through the Missed Connections section of Craiglist for our Thursday "Craig and his wonderful list" post.

And after reading thousands of missed connections, we think we've learned a few things...

The supermarket should have speed dating. Or singles night. Or AdvantEdge card matching.
Because it's a total meet market. See also: Walmart and Stewart's.

It's amazing there aren't more car accidents.
Because, if the missed connections are any indication, a lot of people don't have their eyes on the road. Flirting at 70 mph? What could be dangerous about that?

Staring is perhaps not the best pickup tactic.
It's not uncommon to see a post that says something along the lines of "You noticed me staring at you, but didn't say anything." Uh, because it's creepy.

Parents have one eye on the kid -- and one on each other.
The best thing about the playground, field trips, the pediatrician's office, Chuck-E-Cheese? The opportunity to crush on other parents. By the way: the after school pick-up line seems to be aptly named.

People in the Capital Region are beautiful, hot and cute.
Apparently at about the same rate.

You're being ogled at the gym.
It's cliche, but true. Feel the burn!

Eyes are the sexiest feature.
If not the windows into our souls, they seem to be the window into... a pick-up attempt via Craigslist.

People like to take it to the bank.
And then they flirt with the tellers.

Guys miss more connections.
Guys -- both straight and gay -- seem to post a lot more missed connections than women. By far the rarest missed connection is w4w.

If you don't remember the person's name...
... it's probably not going to work.

You should just talk to her/him.
So many Missed Connections include a line like "I wanted to talk to you, but (insert excuse about shyness or being in a rush or whatever)." So just introduce yourself.

It's gotta have a better chance than posting a missed connection.


Things we didn't learn from Missed Connections: How to spell check the article headlines.

Editors: It's been fixed. There are many lessons to be learned.

Cute. I'll try to follow the advice!

Great post, guys! I love it.

I remember fondly the singles nights at the "new" Price Chopper on Central Ave. Good times.

If I've learned 1 thing in life - it's to seize the moment.
I met one of my best friends by going out of my comfort zone and approaching him in a parking lot. The best thing I've ever done!
I've asked him now that we've been friends for 5+ years if he thinks we would have met elsewhere if I hadn't approached him that day and we've both agreed that we don't think we would have.
So thank God I didn't miss the connection!!

You should just talk to her/him. So many Missed Connections include a line like "I wanted to talk to you, but (insert excuse about shyness or being in a rush or whatever)." So just introduce yourself.

Having been on the receiving end of two missed connections, I will say that this is probably the most important lesson. I used to read Missed Connections as a joke. Some of them were really funny and it was a good time waster. Then, I found one that I was 99% sure was about me. A total stranger who had seen me in a restaurant and thought our eyes had met a few times posted a descriptive "missed connection" that included the line "I was too nervous to say hello". I was a little freaked out but emailed the guy out of curiosity. He replied and it was definitely me that he was talking about. Now I was really freaked out. It was the weirdest feeling to have someone post on Craigslist about having seen you somewhere...and it's not a good weird feeling. If the guy had just walked up and introduced himself, I would have no problem talking to him. Now, I wanted nothing to do with him and told him such (in a nice "next time just say hi" kind of way).

If you can't work up the nerve to say hello to me when I'm in the same room as you, what would make me think that you would be able to hold up your end of a conversation over dinner or drinks? You just lost any chance of me taking you seriously. Everyone has their shy moments but, if you actually wanted to talk to me you would work up the nerve to do so when I'm standing there.

Posts like this are exactly why I love AOA. Not only do you tell us what's going on in our fair city, you also hold up the mirror that shows exactly what kind of upstate NY freaks we truly are.

I think the word you're looking for is 'goblins'

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