Know of a good doctor?

stethoscope and ophthalmoscopeLaura asks via Facebook:

I'm still somewhat new to the Albany area and having a difficult time finding a really good doctor. I'm looking for a general practitioner or even better, an internist. ...
Anyone have any thoughts? Any doctors they love and would recommend? Thank you!

This has always seemed like a hard question to us. Obviously, you want a doctor who's skilled -- but it also helps to find a physician with whom you feel comfortable.

So, anyone have suggestions for Laura? Please share! And if you could include a little bit about what makes the doctor good, that would be helpful (example: "good listener").

Also: here's New York State's doctor profile database, which includes info about all licensed doctors who are registered to practice in the state. And the state's Office of Professional Medical Conduct also has an online database of all physicians, physician assistants and specialist assistants who have been disciplined since 1990.

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My husband and I just started seeing Dr. Daniel Arenos (on route 20 in Guilderland) and are very pleased with him. He's probably 55-60 so he's been in practice long enough to have experience but is still very up to speed on recent medical findings/research. He's not for everyone, though. He walked into the appointment wearing Birkenstocks and on the day I saw him had The Rolling Stones playing in the office. He also told us he's more likely to send a patient across the street to the health food store than he is to the pharmacy with an unnecessary prescription. He's an MD but acknowledges that holistic care is important, too. If you want a doctor who will consider all types of treatment (and who thinks prevention is key) then Dr. Arenos is the guy for you. That being said, he's not at all flakey or new agey and isn't going to try and heal you with chants and incense. However, If you want someone who will write you an Rx for a runny nose, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Victor Tulchinsky, DO @ Pine Hills Family Medicine. 482-1570 Dr. Tulchinsky is a family practice doctor. He's great! The office staff are wonderful as well. His office is right on the corner of Western and N. Allen.

I was just about to post recommending Dr. Arenos as well! My husband and I started seeing him this spring and he's great. Its not difficult to get an appointment, even day of for a sick visit. Whats more, I've never felt rushed on any of my visits. He really takes time to get to know you, your medical history and concerns.

Everyone in his office is wonderful (I've seen his PA as well)

I am recommending Dr. Elizabeth Gath - Primarily for Women on Washington Avenue. I have been a patient of hers for a long time and I think she is great. Very common-sense doctoring. Strong advocate for woman's health issues.

Dr. Christa Dunne in Albany on Western Ave. has been tremendous. She always takes the time to answer questions when I have them.

Love my doctor, Keith Rebehn at Family Medical Group on Route 4 in one Greenbush or the other. Very personal, a great listener, and not a pill-pusher. Also he EXPLAINS things.

Dr.Gerri Aitken at the Slingerlands Capital Care office has been amazing with our entire family. She is always very positive and takes them time to address any question or concern. Her office is fairly convenient if you live in the Pine Hills or the Helderberg neighborhood - just down New Scotland Ave. slightly over the Albany border.

Dr. Stephen Sipperly in Albany-

I've been seeing him for about 3 years now, worth the 15 minute drive from Troy. The majority of my friends are also patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Ryan on New Karner Road in Albany is wonderful. He's in a solo practice, so you see him every time. He never makes you feel rushed and takes the time to actually TALK to you. And he takes notes as you talk and gives you a print-out at the end so you don't have to remember all his suggestions. He's not at all a pill-pusher, and he'll often recommend a holistic solution if you're so-inclined (but isn't pushy about it if you're not).

Dr. Durdana Mehtabdin at Guilderland Family Practice on Western Ave. She is a great physician, very easy to talk to and very, very thorough!

"Personable". Not personal. I do know the difference. Perhaps my eyes were crossed from the heat.

How far are you willing to drive (and where are you, exactly)?

I'll second Dr. Aitken, but even more Stephanie Zeronda, at the same practice (Capital Care Slingerlands Family Medicine). She's a PA and just fantastic. I go to her for all my basic gyno care, too. She's been really willing to talk to me on the phone and squeeze me in.

My father sees her, as well (which is a little weird sometimes, but if you also need a doctor for a middle-aged man...).

Dr yadagari Lewis- simply the best

I second Dr. Sipperly, both he and his PA, Nicole, are fantastic.

I agree with James, Dr. Aitken is wonderful. I saw her when my doc (Lisa Bevilacqua) was on vacation. (They were great about getting me in when I really needed to be seen.) I like everyone in the office.

I also recommend Dr. Arenos! He and his staff are very personable and open to my questions and/or concerns. My favorite thing about the Doc is that when I have a concern or a health goal he is more than willing to sit and talk to me about it and about how I want to go about getting better or accomplishing my goals (weight loss, fitness, etc.). He's very open to questions. And he's certainly not a pill-pusher - he is able to recommend holistic and/or non-pharmacological alternatives when available and appropriate.

We're in East Greenbush and willing to drive up to about half an hour for someone great. Dr. Daniel Arenos sounds perfect for my husband and he accepts our insurance. I hope to get him in for an appointment ASAP. I'm not sure yet who I will see myself, but it helps so much to have some direction to go as I flip through pages of provider listings on my insurance company's website.

Thank you all for the recommendations and AOA for posting my question! I'm sure I'm not the only one in need of a physician who found this very helpful.

Tricia Pelnick at Latham Med/Ped (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics group.) The whole practice is amazing- extremely well run, patient-centered, and I have had great experiences with all the doctors I have seen there. Dr. Pelnick in particular takes her time with you, is thorough and very informative. Highly recommended.

Dr. Jeffrey Perkins on Rt 20 in Guilderland is excellent. He's that rare beast- a solo practitioner. He's always available after hours via cell phone. He's kind, personable, takes the time to get to know his patients (a true rarity) and is very up to date. He's quite conservative with medication and often recommends sensible dietary modifications and natural supplements. He doesn't sell any products, so it's clear that he has no conflict of interest.

I second the suggestion for Dr. Durdana Mehtabdin. I've had a really hard time building rapport with doctors, and I almost immeditily felt comfortable with her, and she can always fit me in within a few days of calling for an appointment

I have used Dr. William Fischer out in East Greenbush for a few years now. He is very thorough and will sit with you and let you ask all the questions you want to. One thing I have to add though - because he is so thorough, make sure you schedule three to four hours for your appointment. He is thorough with everyone, so it backs him up sometimes. He is worth it though.

I too have had good luck with everyone @ Capital Care Slingerlands Family Medicine. My physician there is Dr. Lisa Bevilaqua, but everyone in the office has always been fantastic, friendly and professional.

@Laura: glad your husband is going to give Dr. A a try. There is also a female PA at the practice, so if you're looking for a woman who (I'm assuming--never seen her) has similar thoughts on medicine you might want to book an appt with her! Good luck!

Dr. Stefan Swicker, who practices as part of Prime Care on Western Ave (right near Stuyvesant Plaza) is the greatest. I used to hate going to doctors and would only go when on my deathbed, but Dr. Swicker makes it--dare I say?--enjoyable. He's really knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough, and tends to run right on schedule. And the waiting room magazine selection ain't bad.

Just had a friend move to the area, and referred him to Dr. Arenos. Friend said the office was very accomodating in getting him a quick appointment for his illness, and then scheduled a regular physical appointment for when they had an opening. Friend said he was very satisfied with the practice and Dr. Arenos has a good sense of humor and made him feel comfortable right away.

I recommend Dr. Kimberly Peregrim, an internist located next to Memorial Hospital in Albany. I have gone to her for several years and always look forward to our visits. Several years ago I told her that I always felt tired and fall asleep easily during the day. Unlike my prior doctor who dismissed my symptoms and said that I was a "typically tired mom," she immediately sent me for a sleep apnea test, which proved positive. I trust her judgment and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new doctor.

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