Good spots for trivia night?

generic trivia nightLisa emails:

Do you know which bars have pub trivia during the week? Every time I ask someone, all they say is "Bombers on Tuesday, but it's always too crowded to go."

It seems like every other bar or pub has some sort of trivia night now. If you know of a fun spot, please share!

Bonus points for additional comments about what makes it fun (example: good drink specials).

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Oh man, there's a ton. You could easily go to trivia at a different place every night of the week. I like the Black Bear in Watervliet on Wednesday nights. Starts at 8pm. There's also weeknight trivia at Brown's in Troy and at the Sports Bar in North Greenbush, although I don't recall the details on those two.

Okay. I guess this is the one I should go with.

If you're looking for good food, my favorites are:

Brown's Brewing (Monday nights)
Pizzeria Uno (Tuesday nights)
Wolf's 1-11 (Tuesday nights)

If you're looking for tough competition with teams that really care about winning, my favorites are:

Elbo Room (Thursday night)
Brown's (Monday night)
Meka's Lounge (Wednesday night)

If you want to get blitzed and don't care if you get the answers right or not, but just want to hang out - then go to

Stone Crow (Friday nights)
Sutter's Mill (Tuesday night)
Recovery Room (plenty of places on Wednesday night)

But if you want to try your luck against me and my two-time, two-time Trivia Bowl championship Street Academy team, bring your "A" game to these places. Especially Brown's and Elbo Room.

I'm partial to Meka's Lounge in Troy. It's run by the guys that ran the trivia game at Revolution Hall a few months ago that became pretty popular. Same format as Bombers: six rounds, ten questions each round.

Wednesday nights at 8 p.m., FYI

wednesdays, 8:30, legend's on lark street is good, nice prizes, half price wings, and $2.50 coors lights. and then when you're done, head down the road to karaoke at bombers.
meka's sucks as a venue, but the trivia is good. i like their music listening rounds

My all time favorite is Susie's on Delaware, Tuesday nights at 9pm.

Duke's Pub on 9W in Glenmont have really good trivia (not crowded but a good amount of players/teams) on Fridays at 8pm and their food is good too

Recovery Room trivia is really good too, good food (a little pricey) and good drinks - tough to play if a game is on tv because the bar will be packed!

I've been going to trivia with co-workers every week for about 3 years straight.

We started out going to Legends on Lark Street. Then we had two 'incidents'. One of them was where one of us was told that the free refill policy on sodas no longer applied because he drank too much soda. The guy doesn't drink alcohol, and was the DD some of the rest of us who bought a lot of beer and food. Another time the waitress knew we were waiting until 8 for the specials to kick in, took our order at 7:59 and proceeded to charge us full price. It's been a while but I don't recall that bill ever being fixed to the special price.

Then we started going to the Elbo Room for a few months until we had another free soda refill incident.

We've been going to the Black Bear Inn in Waterveliet ever since and have been having a great time. The food is spectacular. Sometimes the trivia guy makes some dubious calls on some of the questions, however it is still fun. I remember one time the question was how many lanes are in an olympic swimming pool. We said 10, even writing down that it was 8 + 2 border lanes not used. He said the answer was 8 and ruled us as being wrong.

Anyways, order the Bear Claw Fries, they are the best.


Check out this site:
They have listings of all the bars in the area and specifically lists of the ones with trivia nights organized according to city.

I've been going to the Stone Crow in Albany on Friday nights for a while but now that it's summer it gets pretty dead and they don't always do it. Chico's BBQ in Guilderland does trivia on Thursday nights too.

I believe that Bommers also has Trivia night on Tuesdays.

Virgil's (Coffee) House on Henry Street in Saratoga Springs. Also serves bottled beer and wine.

No cell phones or computers allowed...has a 'game room' in the back that has bookshelves filled with lots of board games and books. Great place to 'create' a fun space with friends.

Wednesday 8pm on the Barge. It's nice having trivia, while enjoying the summer nights on the Hudson River.

Recommend The Rusty Nail in Clifton Park. Stay up to date with Bentley's, The Mill and Rusty Nail at and get on their mailing list or check out their newsletter. Become a facebook fan to keep updated on specials and other cool stuff. Karaoke Contest coming soon. Spin and Win Mondays at The Rusty Nail and more.

Was mirdreams being funny, or did I just totally miss something? :)

Blue 82 on Pearl Street has trivia wednesday night at 8:30. $2.50 newcastle and miller lite. Prize is $50 gift certificate to the bar. Different format than Bombers - it is 4 "rounds" or 5 questions each. The best format in my opinion.

Juniors on Madison has trivia monday night - same format as Blue and Legends but the prizes suck. I believe its 10 wings and a pitcher. Its usually crowded as well.

McGeary's has trivia tuesday night. Again, same format as Legends, Blue, and Juniors (same trivia company). Dont recall the prizes. Good crowd.

Wow, I didn't realize the list was so extensive. Thanks for the insider info on food & drink, too!!

The Rusty Anchor in Watervliet. Located on a barge docked on the river, it has some great trivia, good drink prizes, a scenic view, and it's not nearly as crowded as bombers. Been going for 2 years and it's a lot of fun! Great food too!

While currently on hiatus, Q103 hosts a trivia night at Broadway Joe's wednesday nights at 7. The prizes are great! Lots of concert tickets (I went to Dashboard Confessional and Snoop Dogg courtesy of trivia night -- and our team didn't even come in first place!). It has a stupid gimmick ("are you smarter than a Q-tease?") but if you look past that, it's a good low-key game and it's not a commitment for the entire night.

Trivia nights at:
Circus Cafe - 8-10pm, Sunday - Saratoga - Magic Hat Beer Specials, Great food, $25 prize for winning team, cotton candy round, tee shirts, glassware and more....
Bayou Cafe - 7-9pm, Wednesday - Glenville - Bud Specials, Cajun Food, $20 prize for winning team, tee shirts and special individual round prizes.
Villa Valenti Pub - 7-9pm, Thursday - Wyantskill - Coors light buckets 5 for $10, great pizza, 10 cut cheese and pitcher for the winner, plus a prize for all 7 round winners including nachos supreme and gift cards!

You can look at to see scores updated weekly as well...

It's way fun!

I kind of favor the Recovery Room in Amsterdam trivia contest on Wednesday nights. The winning team gets a $50 gift card to the RR. That's not too shabby.

There appears to be some cheating going on, though, via Blackberries and other cell phones that can access the internet. And oddly enough, the apparent cheaters position themselves as far away from the trivia host as possible, in the far corner of the bar/restaurant.

Yeah, but cheaters never win caus we rocked that s#@%



I may as well plug the business that has gotten a number of mentions here. Trivia Nights Live is, I believe, the largest supplier of trivia nights in the area. Our website is check it out...


Editors note: The url in this comment has been tagged as a malware site, which is odd because 1) we're reasonably certain Kevin Baker is a real person with a real business and 2) we've linked to the site before. But caveat web brower.

OUCH RULES ! We own those school marms and their blackberrying broods !

The Fuller Roadhouse has some pretty sweet trivia on Wednesday night starting around 8:30-9pm. They have 6 rounds with 10 questions each. Two of the 6 rounds can be picked for double points. The winner of each round flips a coin to win either an appetizer or a pitcher of beer. The team with the most points at the end wins a $20 gift cert for the following week. Not to crowded either, so it makes a good atmosphere for trivia.

Chico's BBQ on Rt. 20 Guilderland starts at 7:30pm Thursdays. Format is 20 questions, with some double/triple and quadruple point rounds. The final question is like final jeopardy where you wager your points to try and get ahead. Top team gets $20 gift card and second place gets $10. Pretty small venue though, so get there early to get a table.

The Pub on Madison Ave starts at 9ish on Thursdays. Format is the exact same as Fuller Roadhouse except you only play for pitchers of beer in between rounds. They also have a "baffler" question where you can win a round of shots for your team. Top prize is I believe $25 bar tab. This place is usually packed with lots of teams, but if you are serious about your trivia, you have a decent shot at winning at least something.

Martel's at Capital Hills Golf Course just started trivia nights on Tuesdays

One of my friends used to frequent the trivia night at Holmes & Watson in Troy... probably still does. Pretty sure it's on Wednesdays.

holmes and watson is on hiatus for the summer

bacchus ( in troy has trivia on tuesdays at 7pm. no cheaters, it's fairly serious (plus it's a basement establishment which makes cheating via cellphone tough anyway)

good pizza too!

Ok ok so Trivia at the TugBOat Tavern in Cohoes, Bridge Ave is always fun and drink specials are a steal- 8:30 pm every Wednsday! Go Check it out!


Kevin Baker's Trivia Night Live games are mostly (see below) fantastic. I am having the same problem with his URL but it is no con. Their game at Dukes on 9W (glenmont) is excellent (even when crowded the staff is above and beyond fantastic, the food is great, and host PJ is like having your own Richard Dawson come hang at your bar!) ..... My Place & co. in Delmar just (re) started trivia and their menu and beer selection is the best value within 50 miles (no joke, two can eat and drink on 20 bucks easy) I will end on one caveat (and I hope the trivia gods forgive me) but the Swifty's (Delmar four corners) game is to be avoided. The food is great (freaking awesome, really) but pricey (at least ten dollars per "entree") but the real problem is the host...... he comes off as a douchey second rate "Zoo Crew" disc jockey. Secondly, his attempts at playfully belittling teams falls to pieces when he constantly has to back track on misleading questions and ... even worse... answers. This is a further shame b/c being outisde on the patio is incredibly fun on summer nights. But, ultimately, Swifty's does not have (or provide) enough space. To be fair, I must admit Mr. Zoo Crew's "set-up" is excellent (great audio, fun rounds that mix everything from literature to pop music, "group-oriented" rounds - as opposed to one fat nerd (me) trying to answer everything first) If they replaced the host, somehow found a way to add a few more tables, and let me marry two or three of the waitresses, it'd easily be THE best trivia in area. Until then, go with Duke's and My Place in Delmar.

You should try Best Damn Sports Bar in Albany. It's right on Broadway. They have trivia every Tuesday night at 7pm. The food there is great and the questons are relatively challenging.

The Trivia Nights Live website is completely re-done and google has cleared it of any potential wrong doing. Our 25-30 weekly games are all listed. And we are also now on Facebook at Trivia Nights Live. Check 'em out, and we'll see you at the games....

What about thursday nights? I see alot of Wednesdays and Tuesdays but no Thursdays. Can anyone help?

I Host Trivia on Thursday Nights @ Flightline Pub in Glenville from 8-10, 2 Rounds of 10 questions displayed on TV's with Power Point, it's a lot of Fun, Great Food, Great Atmosphere and a chance at $15 gift certificate for each round!! Come Check it out, Guarantee you'll like it!!!

We have a few games on Thursday Nights, both at The Park View Pub, (same owner as the Barge) and the Pub on Madison Ave. You can check out our Website we would love to have you. Our schedule caan be found on our website as well.
Scott Grant

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