Road closures and parking restrictions around Washington Park this weekend

The roads that will be closed for part of Saturday | View in a larger map

There are a bunch of parking restrictions and road closures in/around Washington Park this weekend because of the Freihofer's Run for Women.

The full list is after the jump.

Parking Prohibitions

Emergency No parking, June 4th at 6PM until June 5th at 6PM: + Madison Avenue, both sides from Eagle Street to S. Swan Street Emergency No parking, June 5th 12:01AM -1PM: + All roads in Washington Park -- both sides of all interior roadways + Madison Avenue, both sides from S. Swan Street to Willett Street Emergency No Parking, June 5th 5AM-1PM: + Lake Avenue, both sides from Hudson Avenue to Western Avenue + Western Avenue, both sides from Lake Avenue to Sprague Place/Washington Avenue + Washington Avenue, both sides from Sprague Place/Western Avenue to Henry Johnson Boulevard + Henry Johnson Boulevard, both sides from Washington Avenue to State Street + State Street, south side east of S. Swan Street from Plaza Driveway west 6 spaces at Meter #SSPS50-60

Road Closures

Road Closure: June 4th 6PM until June 5th at 6PM
+ Madison Avenue, eastbound and westbound between Eagle Street and S. Swan Street

Road Closure: June 5th 12:01AM-1PM
+ Washington Park - all park roadways (including Henry Johnson Boulevard between State Street and Madison Avenue)

Road Closures: June 5th 9:30AM-1PM
+ Madison Avenue from S. Swan Street to New Scotland Avenue
+ S. Swan Street from Elm Street to Hamilton Street
+ Dove Street from Hamilton Street to Jefferson Street
+ Lark Street from Hamilton Street to Madison Avenue
+ Delaware Avenue from Jefferson Street to Madison Avenue
+ Knox Street from Dana Avenue to Madison Avenue
+ Robin Street from Morris Street to Madison Avenue
+ S. Lake Avenue from Madison Avenue Western Avenue
+ N. Lake Avenue from Western Avenue to Washington Avenue
+ Western Avenue from N. Lake Avenue to Washington Avenue
+ Washington Avenue from Lexington Avenue to Central Avenue
+ Robin Street from Bradford Street to Washington Avenue
+ Lexington Avenue from Bradford Street to Washington Avenue
+ State Street from Robin Street to Henry Johnson Boulevard

The following streets will be closed to traffic for the Freihofer's Community Walk from 12:30-1:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 5th:
• S. Swan Street between Myrtle Avenue and State Street
• State Street between S. Swan Street and Eagle Street
• Eagle Street between State Street and Park Avenue
• Park Avenue between Eagle Street and S. Swan Street


*sigh* Nobody can ever communicate these road closures clearly.

The Freihofer's Run website has a PDF with an incomplete list of road closings... they don't even mention when Madison is closed to traffic - only to parking.

So I emailed them and they told me the west part of Madison (S. Swan to Lark or New Scotland would be closed 7:30 - 2.

AOA's list shows that segment as closed from 9:30 - 1

APD (or whoever) puts up signs saying when the streets will be closed to parking... why don't they also list when they will be closed to all traffic?

I didn't notice that AOA's data was based on a PDF on the City's site. I'm more inclined to believe the City than the event organizers in this case.

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