Free Jazz Fest tickets


Insert your beach towel and cooler here...

The Freihofer Jazz Festival is this weekend at SPAC, and AOA has 3 pair of tickets to give away. They're lawn passes -- which really is the best way to enjoy the Jazz Festival-- and they're good for the entire weekend. This year's artists include: Al Jarreau, Taj Mahal, Gladys Knight, Ann Hampton Callaway and Ramsey Lewis.

Three people will win a pair of tickets. To enter post a comment answering this question:

Who is your favorite musician?

It doesn't have to be a jazz musician, any genre will do. And if it's your six year old on his toy piano -- hey, that works too. It might also be fun if you told us why you liked the musican so much -- but that's not a requirement-- we just like to know stuff like that.

The deadline to enter is Wednesday, June 23rd at 5PM.

Very, very important: One entry per person. You must answer the question to be eligible. You must post your comment by 5 pm on Wednesday June 23rd, 2010. You must include a working email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified by email by midnight that night-- and must respond by 2pm Thursday the 24th.

Find It

Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Avenue of the Pines
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


So hard to choose a single fave musician! I'll go with Liz Phair (for today). She's a hard rockin' chick who carved her own path and didn't pander to popular trends.

That guy on youtube that makes instruments out of vegetables. His rendition of "Angels We Have Heard on High" on the broccoli ocarina will make you weep.

The Violent Femmes!

My favorite musician is Toby Mac. EMI Christian Music Artist.
Made to Love

In terms of musicians (singular), I have to go with Richard Thompson. Amazing guitarist and lyricist. Puts on a hell of a show. I wish more people know about him.

I'm a die-hard Rob Thomas fan...he has an incredible voice and is an amazing entertainer. But most of all, I love his lyrics and that fact that most of his songs relate to something in his life.

you are forcing me to choose so i HAVE to pick one... i have to say thom yorke. radiohead renews my love of creativity and music every time i listen.

kd lang....her voice is just one extraordinary instrument

I guess I'm a product of coming of age in the 90's so alternative is the largest block on my i-pod. I've really come to love the Foo Fighters more and more over the years. More recently, the White Stripes and Interpol really resonate.

Favorite Musician in Elvis Costello, hands down. Since he married Diana Krull, he has a jazz connection too. Elvis has done it all, pop, rock, jazz, big band, classical, country, R&B, you name it. He's done albums with Allen Toussaint, Burt Bacharach, T-Bone Burnett, Sophie Van Otter, The Brodsky Quartet, Jerry Garcia and Bill Frisell. What's not to like about that?

Jazz fest tickets would be fantastic this weekend.

I've always been a fan of Jazz trios. My favorite jazz musician is Joe Pass with John Scofield as a close 2nd. Saw the John Scofield Trio at the Van Dyke in 2004. Amazing show!

Josh Homme (Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures): You want to talk about a musician who can do it all? This guy sings, writes, produces, plays guitar, and plays the drums. Also, live QOTSA shows have been known to be quite entertaining; all he cares about is everyone having a good time and not hurting each other.

Poppa Chubby is probably my fav blues musician. Heard him in concert a few years back and he was awesome. For jazz Chris Botti is really good also.

Springsteen... because no one puts on a 3-hour marathon of heart and soul like he does, every time he gets on stage.

I love The Frames.

Chick Corea period !!!

Donny Osmond

Frank Zappa. It's a well know fact that Frank Zappa was actually an alien-human hybrid sent from the future to help us preserve out liberty to be freaks.

bonnie raitt - she has still got it, and i love her bluesy style . . .

David Bowie: he's not even a Homo Sapien, he's a Homo Superior.

GrooveLily (, Marian Call ( or Dave's True Story, although they've pretty much stopped playing live. All have superb and intelligent vocals, and a range of sound that can be jazz but can also be rock, pop, or even opera depending on the song..

Thom Yorke from Radiohead!

There are so many greats out there in the jazz realm.

Sadly many of them are gone: Dinah Washington, Ella, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Mingus...

If I had to choose it would be Coltrane. He is genius defined.

Michael Brecker. After hearing a couple notes from his saxophone, my life was never the same.


John Mayer...I know he's gross and a womanizer and says stupid stuff in magazines, but he is an incredibly talented guitarist and he's music is so relaxing and sensual! He's also a grade A hottie so that doesn't hurt :-)

David Crowder Band

Genesis (any era)

David Bowie, from the first time I heard Space Oddity 39 years ago. A true creative genius in music and the arts!

Stevie Wonder when I feel happy, Lhasa de Sela or Neko Case when I don't.

Susan Tedeschi - love her voice, musical ability, and the band is great. She's best enjoyed live.


Maceo Parker

My favorite would have to be MC Solaar.

I love you Davie Bowie! I know you're getting my calls and mail. Have my babies! Call me!

Garth Brooks. Best concert I've ever been to.

David Byrne. His music is eclectic and always fresh. He is a lyricist, musician, activist, intellectual, director, artist, blogger and cyclist. I may not always be 100% thrilled with the direction his music goes in but he makes us think and encourages us to open our minds and world a bit....and eventually his music circles back to a baseline that works.

My mom!

Janis Joplin!!!! I would give anything to be alive in her generation. To be sitting in a nightclub just listening to her belt out music!!! Real music....not just to make a buck music...but real live heartful music. I just think Janis Joplin was amazing.

my husband Jesse... he can sing beautifully a cappella and I love watching him perform at open mics, but I love it most of all on long car trips when it's just for me.

Blue Man Group! Not sure that counts as one musician, but for mowing the lawn they can't be beat!

Eric Clapton

Reggie Watts of Maktub (out of Seattle, WA). Their soulful blend of various styles is alluring, mesmerizing... and must be experienced. Is there any way you guys can help bring them out East for a spell?

Mr. Soul - Sam Cooke

If you haven't heard Thievery Corporation, give them a listen. If they weren't so popular, I bet they'd be playing Jazzfest instead of Camp Bisco.

(does this mean I'll see AoA Mary at jazzfest this year?)

Pete Murray! Great Australian singer, def. worth checking him out.

Lester Young. :)

Joan Armatrading. A unique amazing voice and a feisty attitude. Her concert at the Egg last year was amazing.

Joni Mitchell - she writes, sings, plays

Bela Fleck! Loved seeing him two years in a row at the spac jazz fest

Thelonious Monk

Michael Buble

He's the closest thing to the Singers and Standards of past that I never got to experience firsthand (I'm a product of the late 80s). I went to a show of his at the Palace a couple of years ago and it was by far the best concert I've been to. SO GOOD! He was absolutely brilliant, and the venue suited his style and act perfectly. He even ventured up to the balcony to shake greet the audience (I was landlocked in the middle of the row, unfortunately)! The only thing missing was a guest appearance by Laura Pausini... But yeah, he's got talent. And he wasn't too shabby at the Winter Olympics, either...

Sufjan Sevens!

Frank Zappa

After a rough day, nothing beats the soulful and soothing sound of Norah Jones. My favorite thing to do is turn on Norah, light a few candles, and open up a good book.

Davies, Ray or Dave. Ray for lyrics, Dave for guitar, the two of them together for their passion, as well as bringing rock opera to us.

My father. His day job is an MD, but he's sung in Albany Pro Musica since 1982 and he's played his 1972 Martin 6 String Accoustic every beautiful spring day and cold winter night since I was small. My daughter dance to the songs I grew up singing is a beautiful thing to be a part of.

We love most music. Oldest child loves opera--Anna Netrebko. Youngest loves Coltrane. My husband can sing anything lounge style but would probably say some funky west-Texas singer. My favorite singer--Emily (my 17 year old). My favorite jazz musician--Noah (my 12 year old).

It's actually impossible to pick ONE, but OK... Tom Waits. I like all kinds of music (jazz, R&B, punk, funk, metal, blues, folk, classical), but no matter what mood I'm in, I can listen to Tom Waits and be satisfied. Favorite jazz musician? Again, it's too hard to say, but today, I'll say it's a tie between Dr. John and Mose Allison.

Pat Metheny

The Clarks. They never play in New York anymore, which is a shame.

Dave Brubeck

Tom Waits..

My favorite (contemporary) musician is John Legend. I think he is extremely talented and has a unique way of combining old and new soul with hip hop, jazz, rock, etc. He's not a sell-out and was first and foremost in his career a studio musician, which basically means he is pretty freakin' talented.
Thanks for the chance AOA!

David Gray!! Saw him twice in three days this past April (NJ and the show at the Egg) and tell everyone I know that you MUST see him live. His voice, his lyrics, his charm, just love him.

Gladys Knight hands down is ma fave...

John Coltrane!

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