This is the earthquake from June 2010. Here's the update on the August 23, 2011 earthquake.

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Update 2: The quake's magnitude has been revised to 5.0.

Update: The US Geological Survey reports there was a magnitude 5.5 earthquake near Ottawa, Canada at 1:41:42 this afternoon (local reports from Ottawa). That's relatively strong. The quake's epicenter was about 245 miles from Albany. There are reports it was felt as far away as Manhattan and as Columbus, Ohio.

There appears to have been an earthquake in the Capital Region this afternoon around 1:45.

We felt our desk shake for a good 5-10 seconds. Twitter was then filled with local reports of shaking -- from Albany, Colonie, Clifton Park, Glenville.

Updates as they come.


looking at the twitter feed it was felt all the way up to montreal

Felt it in Waterloo, Ontario

yes, two of us felt it in different rooms in my house in Pine Hills exactly at 1:45 pm !!! the entire house shook !! whooaa !!

In Cobleskill we felt the earth move beneath our feet.... sorry. I couldn't resist. But yeah, it happened here too!

i felt it too! Albany NY. SO happy it's not flashbacks from the PHISH concert i attended this past weekend!

Felt it here too in Albany...absolutely crazy.

I definitely felt it! My roommate said he didn't feel a thing, but I felt the whole house shake!!

And Deborah, your comment is hilarious :D

I work on the 5th floor of a 7 story building. The whole building was rocking. I could feel my chair (with wheels) moving. Very unsettling!

My first earthquake! I thought maybe I was just dizzy, but nope a real earthquake in Albany.

Amy - me too! I'm on the 4th floor and there was definitely some chair rolling action.

I'm in downtown albany and didn't feel a thing!

Definitely felt it in Guilderland! I called my boyfriend and he thought I was crazy.

Dammit, I must've been in transit between Home and Work after lunch, so I didn't feel a thing!

definitely felt it, and was definitely the only one in my office of three who did... until All Over Albany, I thought I had had a stroke. Thank you All Over Albany!

I'm not really an expert on international relations, but this should be viewed as an act of war by the Canucks. Perhaps our state leaders could finally unite over a Canadian Baconesque invasion.

Felt in Colonie, on the 5th floor of an apartment building.. it felt really familiar to the one that happened back in (02?).. Looked outside but couldn't visibly detect any movement. Weird!

that was a roller coaster ride i'm not sure i want to get on again.

My coworkers and I didn't feel a thing (Empire State Plaza). We only found out about it from an e-mail telling me not to be alarmed.

We felt it here in Guilderland. I have friends on Twitter that are in Ottawa and Toronto that said they felt it as well.

Was standing in Staples at Northway Mall in Colonie. Didn't feel a thing!

Fact: 95% of people claiming they remember "feeling something" around the time of the quake are full of sh*t and don't even know it.

I definitely felt this one in downtown Albany. It felt like a VERY heavy truck passing, but there was no traffic outside just then. This is the fourth or fifth earthquake I've felt around here since I was a little girl.

Apparently, I was back in my office when it hit... guess I didn't notice :) I was probably engrossed in my sugar snap peas from the farmers market :)

Didn't feel a thing on Pearl St. downtown -- either did a few other people I talked to. Paula, not sure where you were in Albany but seems to not have been to big down here.

I heard there was a tsunami in Lake Ontario!

I'm not about to tell people they didn't feel something they know they did, but... I'm in downtown Albany, and I didn't feel a thing. Not a sway, not a shake. This could just be the Californian Quake Tolerance speaking, but... really? You folks actually noticed your desks shaking and such?

Maybe my office building is secretly a sensory deprivation chamber. :)

I guess I'll have to look up where the fault lines are to make better sense of this.

I live in the Cincinnati Ohio area. People are reporting that they felt it here as well. I have been told that if you are up walking about you will not feel the quake as much as when you are in a seated position.

There was no quake. It was an social and media experiment conducted by Cal Berkeley. They couldn't fake a quake in California cause nobody there would cry wolf over a magnitude 5.5 quake.

I believe the problem statement was something to the effect of, "If a quake occurs in a remote and unoccupied part of the world (Canada), does the earth shake?"

I felt it. I thought workers were doing something on the roof of my office. Bully was at home yesterday. I asked him if he felt it. He said he thought there was something wrong with our house. Something that he should ignore so it would go away, like that tiny leak in the basement.

@Jackers and DrFreddy: My colleague came out of her office right after it happened and said, "did you feel that? It was just shaking a little bit!" This was right after as it happened, and no news sources had reported on it, so obviously she was telling the truth. Not even 30 seconds later, another colleague's friend emailed to say she felt it in her office in Clifton Park, so clearly she is telling the truth too. But yeah, all it felt like was a big truck driving by, which I can imagine some people would notice and other people might not.

I live in nyc nd I was in my uncle house and we both felt the floor shake 4 like 10 seconds we were so scared

Felt it down in Catskill...

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