Inside the Central Avenue Trolley Power Station

Knighton's inside.JPG

The second floor at Knighton's. We kind of want to live here.

A lot of people were interested in yesterday's post about the restored trolley power station on Central Avenue -- and a few folks mentioned wanting a tour.

The owner, John Knighton, gave us a tour of the place when we there and we've posted a few more pictures after the jump.

The photos aren't the greatest, but they'll give you a bit more of an idea of what the place looks and feels like.

1st floor

A few vintage cars already have a home a Knighton's.
Knighton's vintage car.JPG

The service counter.
Knightons service counter.JPG

Restored ceiling
Knighton's restored ceiling.JPG

A few folks mentioned that the building housed a furrier for a while. John mentioned that to us as well. Here's the door to the vault where they used to keep the furs.
Knighton's -old fur vault.JPG

The view from one of the offices.
Knightons - view from an office.JPG

2nd Floor

Some of the old brick. We're sure John will find interesting ways to use it.
Knighton's pile of brick.JPG

Knighton's second floor 3.JPG

Knighton's brick up close.JPG

Knighton's second floor 4.JPG

Second floor ceiling
Knighton's unrestored ceiling.JPG

Looking up. They're still working on some of he second floor ceiling
knighton's looking up.JPG

Overlooking Central Ave.
Knighton's 2nd floor window.JPG

3rd floor
Originally the building had no third floor -- just a crane to hoist the trolley cars. This floor was installed later.

This sheet metal was used to help frame the brick around the windows.
Knighton's window shaper.JPG

Knighton's 3rd floor.JPG

Knighton's 3rd floor 2.JPG

Knighton's 3rd floor ceiling.JPG

This antique bed was in the building when John Bought it. We're guessing it was for there for the railway workers.
Knighton's antique bed.JPG

The crane
Knighton's Crane wide.JPG

Knighton's crane.JPG


Hey..maybe a great place for Nipper's Hot Dogs to settle in...?
how bout it John...

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