Is there a world record in the can?

state museum from ESP

A record-breaking spot?

Heads-up/could be oddly fun/could be loud: talk show host Jake Sasseville will be at the ESP Friday afternoon in a bid to break the world record for the "largest drum can ensemble." (The can in this case appears to be a Pringles can -- the potato crisps, or rather an "extreme" version of them, are sponsoring the event.)

The event blurb says Sasseville is looking for people to "help him shatter this world record with a noise so loud it can be heard in Canada!" (Payback for the earthquake?) The publicist for the event says they need 500 people to break the record.

Sasseville and his show -- Late Night Republic -- were news to us. It seems he's been trying to establish himself as a talk show host for a few years now after getting a start in Maine. LNR doesn't seem to have launched, yet -- it's apparently aiming to start in August and the event page mentions that it will air on WNYA/My4Albany (channel 4 on TWC).

The Edge, Sasseville's former show, visited Skidmore last fall, with occasionally uncomfortable results. (He appears to be a Friday Night Lights fan, so he can't be all bad.)

The drumming/pringling is scheduled to start Friday at 1pm at the State Museum steps. According to his Twitter feed, Sasseville will also be introducing Gloria Gaynor at Alive at Five Thursday.

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The headline loaded before the story or picture, and I totally read this to mean toilet ("in the can"). That really confused me and grossed me out thinking about what it could mean in terms of worlds records. Also, the video or photo for the "rub me on your butt" post earlier won't load on my itouch. I have no idea what's going on there. In conclusion, you people are weird.

I'll be sure to bring my ear plugs to work tomorrow. Once again, thanks for the heads up AOA!

Do you need to provide your own Pringles can? hehe

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