Man on a wire -- sort of.

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Well balanced.

So we were walking through the Washington Park neighborhood yesterday when we saw this long rope tied between two trees. It kind of looked like a makeshift dog run or something.

But when we came back a while later, we got this picture of its real purpose. Filmmaker and musician T'Chaka Sikelianos says tightrope walking is something he learned to do when he lived in Portland. Oregon. "People do it a lot there -- just for fun. To pass the time."

He's gotten pretty good at it too.

A few more pictures after the jump.

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T'Chaka 3.JPG

T'Chaka 4.JPG
Down. Ooops.


Not that it really matters, but that's a slack line.

... proof that Adam Duritz performs the circus acts he often references in his music.

Thanks for spreading the word. Sorry I didn't clearly state it was 'slack lining' and not 'tight rope walking'. Perhaps someday one will be able to rock it in the park, but as it currently stands, it is not allowed in Washington Park. Luckily a tree is a tree and I've even been known to hitch it from my bumper to a telephone pole if the pickins are slim enough. But for those curious, I find it to be both magically aligning and very meditative and I strongly encourage anyone interested to try it, as it only takes a few attempts to get the gist of it.

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