Shooting in Albany, commissioner says more budget cuts needed in Saratoga, rash of daytime robberies in Rotterdam

Albany police say a man was shot in the head in West Hill Tuesday afternoon (it reportedly hit him in the ear and grazed his head) (map). Police say the man was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. They say the shooter may have been in a maroon Honda. [YNN] [TU] [WTEN] [Fox23]

State police are searching the Hudson River near the Congress Street bridge for a swimmer who went missing yesterday evening. Another man who was with the swimmer was pulled from the river last night -- the two men were reportedly swimming near the Troy side of the river. A helicopter and divers were reportedly part of the search last night. [TU] [Troy Record] [YNN] [@TroyMayor]

Saratoga Springs police say a man robbed the Saratoga National Bank & Trust Co. branch on West Avenue Tuesday afternoon -- and was caught almost immediately after (map). [Saratogian] [Post-Star]

A Bethlehem man was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after he was accused of tackling a teen who allegedly was part of group that allegedly pounded on the man's door and "skulked" around his property Saturday night. [TU]

A Poestenkill man alleges that a Rensselaer County sheriff's deputy ignored his testimony that an off-duty Troy police officer was driving the car that plowed into his fence and a utility pole early Sunday morning. [Troy Record]

NYT reports that state documents indicate that state Senate leader John Sampson did legal work for a real estate broker accused of a handful of shady practices. [NYT] [NY Post]

Pete Seeger and actor Mark Ruffalo were at the state Capitol yesterday to oppose the proposed "hydrofracking" projects in southern New York. Seeger, who has been longtime supporter of environmental causes in the Hudson Valley, wrote a song for the occasion. Ruffalo has a house in Sullivan County. [YNN] [State of Politics] [TU]

The amount spent on lobbying in New York State didn't go down last year, after all. [Daily Politics]

Saratoga Springs' finance commissioner says city departments need to cut their budgets another 10 percent for next year -- or taxes will have to go up. That didn't go over well with the public works commissioner. [Daily Gazette] [Saratogian]

The group looking to change Saratoga Springs' form of government says it has enough signatures to get a charter referendum on the ballot this November. [Saratogian]

Saratoga County officials say they're exploring other options for storing electronic voting equipment after the original storage plan was expected to cost almost $64k/year. [Saratogian]

Mark Nadeau, the mayor of Cobleskill, resigned last night. He's been the subject of much controversy lately after he and another city official were recorded using a racial slur. Nadeau said his resignation is "not admission of guilt" and continued, "My family is number one; this community has hurt my family. Anybody that knows me knows that I am not a racist." [Daily Gazette] [Fox23] [WTEN]

Troy's Emergency Response Team was called yesterday when a man wanted on drug charges barricaded himself in his Lansingburgh apartment (map). It ended peacefully. [Troy Record] [WNYT]

Two of the people accused of mugging two women on Lancaster Street in Albany Center Square neighborhood have pleaded guilty. [TU]

The man accused of trying to sink a state-owned historic canal boat in Waterford has pleaded guilty. [Daily Gazette]

Rotterdam police say there's been a string of daytime burglaries in multiple areas of the town. They say the robbers are probably checking to see if anyone's home before breaking in. [Daily Gazette] [WTEN]

Six of Schenectady's 156 police officers are African-American. [Daily Gazette]

The state announced that Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer counties will be getting another round of Operation IMPACT anti-crime funding. [Paterson admin]

A Troy city councilman accused the Tutunjian administration of "avoiding the issue" of the delayed city pool openings after no one from the administration showed up at a committee meeting about the delay. [Troy Record]

More than a hundred seniors and people with disabilities had to be evacuated because of a fire at an apartment complex in Rensselaer Tuesday afternoon (map). [Troy Record]

Officials in the city of Albany are hoping to attract people and businesses coming to the Capital Region for the GlobalFoundries chip fab. It sounds like construction is moving along on the project. [TU] [Post-Star]


I can't wait to see the opinions on this guy who caught the kid in his yard. If it were me, this kid would be in Albany Med right now.

Also, I'm trying to imagine this happening in my neighborhood or somewhere like the West Hill. I don't think you would have heard about it and I don't think any charges would be going against the homeowner. Or would it have been worse?

I haven't even finished reading the rest of the headlines...I must comment on the guy who was arrested for tackling a kid.
As a former victim of theft and having to chase someone off my own property, I can say first hand that what that man experienced was terrifying, and I don't have two kids sleeping in my house. I believe he was absolutely within his rights to chase and detain that little jerk. Now I do understand that we cannot necessarily believe everything his attorney says, but IF it's all true, I just don't understand why this man is in trouble.

There must be something else going on with the Delmar thing. Anyone remember the Albany resident shot with a shotgun in Bufalo this winter? No charges filed against the homeowner

this kind of stuff happens in bethlehem all the time! if this guy is so concerned about trespassers and home invasion then he shouldn't live in a development! his house is about a 30 feet from the next one! when you live in a house this close to others, people -none the less, teens- are bound to be on your property eventually. maybe it would've been justified for the owner to tackle the child if the child had attempted to phisically enter the home/garage. but banging on someone's door and skulking in their yard is not reason enough to engage in physical violence. home owner was on a power trip.

Check out how many comments there are on the TU story about the guy tackling the kid:

@Anonymous, where you live or your proximity to other people's homes is in NO WAY a justification for anyone, be it adult or child, to trespass, harass or terrorize a family. That does NOT fly with me. Absolutely ridiculous!!
*deep breaths...*

The real problem here is that the kid's father pressed charges against the homeowner. What a message to send your child. I just saw this on the news and they reported that this neighborhood has also been victim to mail boxes being destroyed and other vandalism.

Anonymous - what world are you living in?

Having some teen vandalism problems of my own right now, I can understand the homeowner's reaction. I'd chase kids off my property w/ a baseball bat (IF the smarter part of me wasn't worried they'd pop a cap in my a$$), because I'm kind of crazy like that. So many parents are failing to teach their kids to respect other people and other people's property.

[I know, I know ... cue Naughty by Nature's O.P.P.]

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