The Track opens today, family's attorney says Bethlehem homeowner should face additional charge, neighbors lift car that was crushing man's leg

The season at the Saratoga Race Course opens today, under clouds both literal, financial and legal. This year's meet will be 40 days long, the longest season in more than a hundred years. [NWS] [TU] [Saratogian] [Post-Star]

Ding-dong drama The attorney for the family of the teen allegedly tackled by a Bethlehem homeowner after a prank this past weekend says not only is the family not dropping the charges -- but the homeowner should face additional charges for detaining the teen. "The child was significantly injured," contends the attorney for the family, who says they're not condoning their son's actions. There are also now significant differences in the versions of events being described by the attorneys from both sides. [WNYT] [WTEN] [CBS6] [YNN] [TU]

Carl Paladino's campaign is touting a poll that reports him running more-or-less even with Rick Lazio against Andrew Cuomo. Paladino has recently been speaking out against plans for a mosque near the World Trade Center site, saying -- as governor -- he would use eminent domain to block the project. NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg's response: "Huh? He's not going to get elected, so let's go on to the other topic." [State of Politics] [Daily Politics] [TU] [Daily Politics]

The early-retirement option for state workers apparently has some public employees making the case that their jobs could be eliminated. [TU]

Saratoga Springs mayor Scott Johnson says the city can't issue building permits because of an action by the city's civil service commission. [Saratogian]

A reported eyewitness to the scene surrounding a Poestenkill car crash that involved the car of an off-duty Troy police officer has added new details to the story. [Troy Record]

A new high voltage power line that Global Foundries says it needs has met resistance from some people who live along the proposed path. [Daily Gazette]

The Greene County Sheriff's office says a Niskayuna man attempted "suicide by cop" in a bizarre series of events yesterday. [TU]

Another person has taken a plea deal for being involved in the mugging on Lancaster Street in Albany's Center Square neighborhood. [TU]

A bystander says neighbors lifted a car off a Troy man after it fell and crushed his leg while he working underneath it. [Troy Record]

The mother of the 11-year-old Schenectady boy who was shot in head in June says her son has been released from the hospital. [Fox23]

The Guilderland school board approved the selection of Marie Wiles for superintendent. [CBS6]

The backstory on why it took eight months to fix the Albany's city hall clock tower. [TU]

The Salt premiere at the Palace last night included an Angelina Jolie impersonator. [Fox23]


Note to Mr. Madeo:

Fire your lawyer. Fast.

Punish your kid.

Have him apologize to the real victim in this case.

If this Madeo story happened in, let's say… Arbor hill or Center square, the spin to the story and charges may be quite different.


With it looking more and more like this ridiculous "prank" drama will end up in court, all I can say is that Madeo's attorney will have a tough time finding a sympathetic jury based on the hundred of comments already on various sites. I'm not familiar with the Madeo blog, and must say I have no inclination to read it now, can't say I'd have much if any respect for his opinions about anything.

I am particularly struck by the apparent fact that this is but one incident in a long string of similar events in Bethlehem, some accompanied by outright vandalism. While there's no way to be sure, it certainly raises the question of whether or not these same four 'innocent children' have been involved.

I suppose few of us have never played some silly late-night pranks (I used to sneak into a country club pool with my friends), but the situation in Bethlehem appears to be out of control...and now we have some inkling of why that is...parents who prefer to look the other way.

Whatever happened to commonsense? These teenagers set out to do this prank, the homeowners reaction was well within reasonible bounds and was caused by the teens actions. Now Mr. Madeo's lawyer has come out with more allegations against the homeowner- some of which the other teens involved even refute (another gift to soceity from the law profession). Mr. Madeo, fire your lawyer, drop the charges, and have your son apologize to the homeowner and his family. It was a prank, but your son needs to learn that actions cause reactions and unwanted consequences sometimes.

I can't believe the sentiment on this case. This kid was playing a harmless prank. And regardless of whether there were incidents of vandalism in the town, and regardless of whether this specific kid was responsible for those, this adult had no right to ASSAULT this child for RINGING A DOORBELL. How would you like it if your kid had his body bloodied, teeth knocked loose and was held prisoner for ringing a doorbell? How would you like it if it had happened to you?! Kids will be kids and play pranks. This "adult" was not exercising self-defense in any manner of the law. He should be thrown in jail and sued to the full extent of the law.

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