peach slice

Tastes like summer.

Before the taco this weekend, we stopped at Golden Harvest in Valatie for some peaches. They were great -- juicy and sweet, not like the peach-like objects we often find in the supermarket. (Say all you want about the advantages of local food, sometimes the best selling point is that it just plain tastes better.) We're looking forward to scoring some more peaches this weekend at the farmers market.

We would normally be right in the middle of peach season, but it -- like a lot of crops -- is about two weeks early this summer. So don't sleep on the peaches.

The early warm weather this year has also apparently moved the apple crop along, too. The New York Apple Association reports that some early season apples should be ready by mid-August (so, maybe this weekend). And all the sunny weather should result in sweeter apples.

It has us thinking about apple picking...


Since you guys seem to like Columbia County, food and farms, why not check out these places on your next trip out our way:

- The Kinderhook Farmers Market -- every Saturday from 8 am - noon through October in the Kinderhook Village Square.

- Samascott's Orchard and Store -- similar to Golden Harvest, but with free range chickens rather than brandy:

- Love Apple Farm -- also like Golden Harvest, but with a petting zoo and a playground rather than vodka:

- Katchkie Farms -- home of Farmer Bob (and lots of great food):

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