Where to propose?

engagement ring proposalA guy emails:

So I intend on proposing to my girlfriend soon. I have the ring and everything. The thing I am stuck on is where I should do it.
Do your readers have any suggestions for a romantic place in the area (up to a 4 hour drive is fine) for me to pop the question?

This is an important question! We hope you have some good suggestions for this guy!

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I dunno, my husband and I decided to get married after a night at the bars when we were both tipsy. But in all seriousness, I guess it depends on what your lady is into. Is she a romantic person who would appreciate the sweeping vistas of a mountain top (Adirondack hike, pop question at summit), a sports nut (take her to a ball game or giants training camp or something, see if you can get Eli Manning to ask her for you)? A movie buff (watch a movie under the stars at the Jericho Drive-In and see if you can get the nice folks to pop the question over the radio between movies)? There are so many options out there for you to be creative, so go for it.

Opus 40 in Saugerties, NY (http://opus40.org/).

The pictures on the website don't do it justice -- it's one of the most beautiful places you'll find in the entire US. Should be a sunny day in the summer or any day during the Fall with peak colors. Walk her up to the monolith (can't miss it), and in the shadow of Overlook mountain make that magic happen.

On top of the Ferris Wheel at Great Escape?

I vote for: on top of Whiteface Mtn.

The Racino.

Serious answer: choosing a location based on romantic overtones or natural majesty is, IMO, overrated. I'd much rather pop the question at a place that holds a heavy personal meaning or sentiment to the two of us.

Asking complete strangers on the Internet for advice on where to propose sounds like a bad sign.

We could suggest a gorgeous Adirondack peak, but maybe she doesn't like hiking. We could suggest a great small restaurant whose staff would no doubt help you, but maybe she's not into dining out. We could suggest a hot air balloon, but maybe she's afraid of heights. We could suggest a unicorn ride through the marshmallow forest, but, well actually everyone loves those, do that.

You get the point. Use AOA for recommendations on where to buy pinatas and the best psychics in the area. Think for yourself on this one.

Applebee's parking lot.

Okay, this may stir up some controversy (I’m admittedly not a romantic), but I feel like sometimes guys go overboard with their proposals when all their girls really want from them is to get on with it and commit. Sure, an elaborate proposal is a ton of fun, but honestly, going to the bus stop where you met or on the couch during the show you watch together each week can be just as romantic—it’s the meaning behind the act that matters. Is there something that the two of you do together, or someplace that you go that’s “yours”? Don’t rule those out. Those are places/activities that have helped build your relationship and have gotten you to this point.

Now, that being said, if you want a spectacular view while you’re doing it and are willing to train it, I’d consider the rooftop garden at the Met (http://www.metmuseum.org/visit/dining/). You get a great view of Central Park and they serve drinks, so you can toast afterwards.

You're going to share where you did it afterwards, right?

Agreed with the above comments.

Pick something meaningful and situated to her tastes.

Yes, someplace special to you both is great if you can think of it. If you can't, Yaddo in Saratoga is a very romantic spot with an equally romantic history.

AOA even wrote about it:


I agree with Alice. Do it in a place that is important to you as a couple - make it a little special, but your words will mean more than any of the actions - so think about what you want to say (rather than what you want to do). That's the advice that someone gave to me and it went great.

Walkway Over the Hudson at sunset.

Perhaps you should assemble some sort of Capital Region All-Star team to pop the question for you. Get Steve Barnes, Matt Baumgartner, Kevin Marshall, Ric Orlando, Harry Tutunjian, Kristi G., the urbex photographer dudes, Daniel B., AOA Otto, Albany Jane, Kaitlin the fashion blogger, et al to meet her at the Empire State Plaza and hold up a giant banner that says "I love you so much I needed the entire readership of All Over Albany to ask you something really personal!"

Choose a place that has significance to you as a couple because it's really nice to revisit and reminisce in future years. Make sure it's not a place like a restaurant or club as they can easily be out of business down the road.

If you can't think of an existing place that fits the bill, create one before you propose. Go somewhere romantic. Be romantic, be special, be tender, be open, be in awe of her. Try to visit this place a couple of times. Make it all about your woman.

When the proposal happens in this place it will be very special to her. Then, down the road, the two of you can revisit YOUR special place and enjoy wonderful long-ago memories.

Good luck, Casanova!

My husband proposed at the end of the tour of Secret Caverns, with his knee in the puddle at the base of the 100 ft underground waterfall. :) Believe it or not, it wasn't a planned trip - just the result of one of our random, rambling car rides on a Sunday afternoon. ("Hmm...let's drive...west today) We were drawn in by their billboards and gave it a shot. Turns out he had been holding on to the ring for weeks waiting for the "right" moment to find us. I hope that the same happens for you!

I have no idea where to propose but I do know where to, as B mentioned, buy a pinata. My recommendation is Albany's own A.C. Everson, who makes amazing custom pinatas under the name "Breaking My Art."

I say pick somewhere special to YOU -- even if it's somewhere like a petting zoo or a city sidewalk or yes, even an Applebee's parking lot, if it's a spot that has meaning for the two of you, it'll be romantic. Maybe the place where you had your first date? Or a spot where you two had something silly or memorable happen?

Somewhere that is special to her. I did it on the top of Giant Mountain, near Lake Placid. If she's into the mountains, but not into hiking, you can drive to the top of Mt Greylock north of Pittsfield and do it at the top of the lighthouse. Best Wishes!

Thatcher Park! I happened upon this scene last summer. Personally I was horrified at the idea of someone climbing over the guard fence so close to the cliff face but if you're the daredevil type then go for it!

@ B:

You know a good psychic in the area!?

A surprising number of my friends have proposed in bed. This could either represent deep meaning or supreme laziness, depending on how you look at it, but it went over well.

No, I'm waiting for the day a psychic comes to me, knowing I'm looking for one.

I got engaged in a rented rowboat at Thompsons Lake -- note my comment from last year here: http://alloveralbany.com/archive/2009/06/05/camping-at-thompsons-lake-state-park
but it did have special meaning for us, so I guess that's what made it so cool. If you're on the fence if she'll say yes or not, you may want to do it somewhere private...

The overlook at Thatcher Park.

I like Ms McK's suggestion. Hold on to the ring for a bit and pop the question when the moment is right.
You do realize that you are now kind of obliged to tell us all what you finally decided and how it went, right?

My favorite sentence in the email by far? "I have got a ring and everything." So cute!

Also: "Applebee's parking lot" FTW.

That's the first time I used FTW. Did I do it right?


If you have the money, spend a night at Friends Lake Inn. Gorgeous views, private lake across the street with a private beach/lounge area, gourmet dining, rustic atmosphere... it's worth it. (If you really splurge you can get a room with a deck, fireplace and oversized jacuzzi tub) It's 2 hours away in the Adirondacks.

I proposed to my wife in the middle of the Empire Plaza on a cold January night after a performance at The Egg. It was quiet and still, and the lights of the plaza were magnificent in the chill air.

I was going to do it at the restaurant we were headed to, but the setting was too perfect.

But I agree with everyone: Do it someplace that has meaning to you. As it was, downtown Albany in general had meaning to us.

Do it somewhere that's important to both of you. I took a knee in the lobby of the Spectrum after our weekly sunday movie. I let her pick because I thought she'd pick a romantic comedy that was out that she wanted to see. No dice. She picked Bruno.

Yes, I proposed after Bruno.

If you are outdoorsy try going to Ausable chasm its amazing

In the middle of sex.....

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