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hellions of troy summer 2010Update: The drawing's closed. Thanks for entering! Congrats to Kamala, Dan and Dawn!

The Hellions of Troy are back in action this Saturday at the Rollarama against the Central Mass Roller Derby's Petticoat Punishers. We have three pairs of tickets and we're giving them away.

Here's how you could win a pair. Post a comment answering this question:

What's one thing in everyday life that you would whistle as a "foul"?

This could be anything -- from people taking too long in the drive-thru ATM (!) to people who hover at the pick-up counter in Five Guys 9 (!!) to co-workers who talk to too loud on the phone. Blow the whistle and tag 'em with a penalty!

We'll pick three winners at random from the posted comments.

The Hellions throw down at 7 pm on Saturday (doors at 6pm). Tickets are $12 at the door ($10 ahead of time) -- kids are $3. From what we heard, the last bout was a packed house.

Important: One entry per person. You must answer the question to be entered. You must submit your comment by 1 pm Friday August 13. You must include a working email address (that you check regularly) with your comments. The winners will be notified by 3 pm Friday and must respond by 6 pm.

AOA is a media sponsor of the Hellions.


Foul call in the supermarket: People who pick up meats, frozen foods, deli items, sandwiches, decide halfway to the checkout that they don't want them and just stash them on the nearest shelf. I've seen steaks and chicken in magazine racks, ice cream in the canned goods, eggs left in the produce section. Their close relatives are people who think that any unwanted item can be dropped into the open freezer section.

Silent but deadly farts... MAJOR PENILTY! TO THE BOX!!

Slow Drivers.

People walking into traffic on Central Ave.

Definitely pedestrians walking into the road when they don't have the right of way. The best are the mothers who push baby strollers into the road!

People who talk on their cell phones while receiving counter help at a store.


The person in the truck behind me when I was at the wheel of a car with a big sign on the roof that said, "Learn to Drive: Student Driver," and was up my a** anyway! LOL

people who do not get what the turn lane at colonie center is for.

People who use checks at a grocery store. The machine is ALWAYS broken. Who uses checks anymore?????

Coming to a complete stop in the EZPass lane

people (center square residents?) who park using two spaces instead of one. you have no idea how it infuriates me when i see a dozen half-spots and not one available full space!

People who throw garbage out their car windows! Do they think the earth is a trash can??

Major foul: people who don't clean up after their dogs! There's not much that can ruin my day faster than having to dodge HUGE dog bombs on the sidewalk, and then finding one hiding in the grass. I liked those sandals too.

Foul in the box that pops up on my computer screen "An unknown error has occured." preceeding a program crash.

Really? Software is supposed to do only as told by a programmer. Whatever the programmer wrote into the code that told the program to quit must be known to someone!

Easy. Not using your turn signal!

People who text or check their phones every two seconds especially in places like movie theaters...

*** not washing your hands, post bowel-movement ***

A chicken--oh wait that's fowl : )

People who try to merge with highway traffic which is going 65 mph (or more) but only accelerate up to 40 or 45 down the ramp.

Hmm. Can you tell I drove the length of the Mass-Pike yesterday?

There are a lot of driving ones huh?

Littering. 'Nuff said.

People who go 50mph in the left lane of the Northway!


People who drive 50mph in the left lane oh the Northway!

rude customers at work.

I have things that blow my whistle...

husbands/wifes that talk to each other over facebook and people that use their cellphones at the gas pump... do they realize that they could blow me up!!

People who talk on their cell phones while in (and using) the bathroom, particularly, public restrooms.

Blow the whistle on "Muffin Tops"

Wearing pajamas while out in public. Irritates that women are that lazy, not to put some pants on before shopping at their local grocery store.

uturns on central ave

People driving through their red line when mine has been green for several seconds make me see red, even though they apparently don't.

People who drive super slow in the passing lane on the thuway.


Can we just consolidate and say any driver (or pedestrian) who doesn't seem aware there are others around them and how their actions affect them?

BTW, my Driver Ed. instructor memorably told us 'if you're being passed on the right, you're in the wrong lane!'


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