The US Water Ski Show Team in Scotia

us water ski show team scotia

Hold on!

After seeing mention of the US Water Ski Show Team on AOA, Sebastien checked out one of their shows in Scotia. The result is a fun photoset -- both nice moments and "Look at that!"

And it sounds like Sebastien had a good time:

This is definitely a family oriented team, you can feel everybody is involved. Children, parents, grand-parents, there is a healthy energy going on. The announcers are a bit cheesy but it's all good, this fits the occasion and the location, in a nice way. Bring your iPod, you never know, maybe I was just super jolly that night. There are always looking for new volunteers by the way, you don't even have to know how to ski. I would try if I had one ounce of balance in me. Picture the enormous splashes.

The team has two more shows lined up in Scotia this summer: August 24 and August 31. The team performs on the Mohawk, right near Jumpin' Jack's (map).

photo: Sebastien B


a friend of our family's used to do this for years and we would go watch the shows at JJ...they also used to *show off* (kidding) at cookouts at camp. i tried standing up on the skis once and promptly fell face-first into a noseful of water.

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