Tournament of Pizza 2010 nominations

i heart pizza

It's almost time!

That most august tradition -- the Tournament of Pizza -- will soon return. That means we have some brackets to fill out. And we need your help.

For the first time, this year's tournament field will be selected in part by a vote from the crowd. So, we need nominations.

Got a good pizza place in mind? Just post a comment with the name of the place and the town where it's located. We'll gather up the nominations for a vote next week.


I nominate myself as judge. Qualifications: I like pizza.

Little Bites and More in Latham.

Dominick's in Slingerlands -- especially love their white broccoli pizza and their sausage pizza.

Despite them not making it to the second round in Albany last year, I'm still a big fan of Little Anthony's on Central. Best sauce I've had.

DeFazio's in Troy!

I say throw a wood-fired bracket in there.

No on-nom-nominations, just a comment on the tournament bracket structure. It seems a little off to compare plain pizzas in one round, deluxe in the next, meat-lover's after that, and so on. I think most people have one or two kinds of pizza that they eat 90% of the time.

It would be more helpful to know who has the best standard pizza, the best thin crust, the best deluxe, etc. The overall best parlor in town may only have the second best white pizza, in which case its placement on the bracket plays far too great of a role in the end result.

Sovrana Pizza on 63 North Lake Avenue, Albany, although located in a somewhat shady part of town, is by far the tastiest pizza I've ever had. I've never had a bad pie there -- It's a really nice, chewy, almost thick crust with homemade sauce and they have the freshest ingredients. In the summer, the owners (Demetrio and Lina Grecoe) organically grow their own vegetables outside of Albany and bring them in to use for all the pizzas...yum!

When we first ordered from there, they opened the box at checkout just so they could see our happy faces...fully loaded with veggies and piping hot - delicious!! That being said, we've obviously had many pizzas from there, but really love the Large White and regular pizza with lots of veggies and ricotta. I'm sure the Plain Jane pizzas are just as good...


Only thing to change: Spruce up the place and move the shop to a safer part of town!

Sovrana's on north lake in Albany...

Marino's in Saratoga

Elias' in East Greenbush

Homestyle in Niskayuna

Paesan's in Guilderland

Ralph's in Colonie

Antipasto's in Clifton Park has the best pizza in the Capital District, hands down.

Smith's Tavern in Voorheesville.

The Village Pizzeria in Galway (Rt 29, just past Middle Grove). Get the arugula pizza -- best around.

SOHO Pizza on Lark St!
(This is where I broke my 20 year pizza boycott after food poisoning when I was younger. Their pizza looked and smelled so good I just had to do it! I'm glad I did!!)

Little Anthony's on central ave. Always gets my vote!!!!

I'd really like to see DeFazio's get another shot. It's where I go when I want to taste a pizza instead of just eat it. I can't explain their early knockout last time they were included, except that I also like pâté, natto, and black licorice. Not on my pizza... though that sounds delicious.

Goomba's in East Greenbush (well, Castleton) is delish!

Kay's Pizza in Averill Park. Only 32 days left in the season though!

Andriano's in Delmar
Pasquale's in Albany

I second the fuj's suggestion for a wood-fired bracket. I'd recommend Bacchus and Townsend Park as contenders.

I love NY Pizza - Troy
Red Front - Troy
Deli and Brew - Troy

I like the idea of a wood-fired bracket. I nominate Bacchus.

I still can't believe that, after two years of tournaments, every single bid in the Albany bracket has been west of Lake Avenue! I thought you guys called your company Uptown/Downtown Media, not Uptown/Out-of-Town Media. ;) I'm just ribbing, but how 'bout sharing some of that crusted and gooey pizza love with us downtowners? :D

I nominate a Lark Street Bracket:
-- SoHo Pizza
-- JG's Pizza

And I nominate a Downtown Albany joint that could be pitted against one of those Uptown or Out-of-Town pretenders:
-- Pizzeria Sapienza

I look forward to this year's tournament. Keep it up!

Pizza at Sherry Lynn's Gluten Free. (Even without gluten this stuff can be a contender.)

Red Front -Troy

Kay's- Averil Park

Ralph's- Colonie

I also like the wood-fired idea

Regina's in the north end of boston- don't see any rules as to where' it's got to be -

or Brooklyn

I'm in east greenbush and I'm certainly not driving to clifton park for take out pizza! (and probably vice versa!)

had a pizza from last year's winner and I would never go THERE again. Not worth the $20.

Giueseppe's in Watervliet

Opened last fall, so relatively unknown outside the immediate local area, but can definitely stand up to all the other names mentioned here!

D'Andreas - Saratoga Springs
The Fountain - Albany
Paesans - Guilderland

I really like Johnny C's over in Rotterdam... pizza isnt their primary dish but it's quite good.

Mmmm pizza.

Spinners off of Whitehall in Albany.

And Paesans in Guilderland.

Mick's Pizza in Cohoes for the awesome crust.

Also, Hometowne Pizza in Cohoes.

Little Anthony's on Central Ave, Albany/Colonie.

Don't forget that they also offer vegan pizza! No one else does that!

Cusato's on Rte. 9 in Halfmoon

Cohoes House of Pizza

New Yorker in Colonie

Pops Pizza... in Cohoes. Great family owned pizza place!!

Hill Street Cafe - Albany
The Fountain - Albany

I would put them in opposite sides of the bracket so they can fight it out in the final round.

Marinos Flying Pizza in Schenectady! I mean, fer heaven's sake...they have flying pizza!!! Oh, and the pizza is delicious.

I second the nomination for Pop's Pizza in Cohoes. They have recently opened and could compete with any pizza in the area! Their Grand Opening is scheduled for Sept 9-they will have pizza deals that night that can't be topped. Check them out if you haven't already!!

Definitely Pop's Pizza on Columbia St in Cohoes.

Pop's Pizza Cohoes NY for best pizza!

Cohoes for a small city has a great selection of Pizzaria's but for being the new guy on the Block...Pop's is putting out a great pie.

Pasquale's in Albany

DeFazio's in Troy!! yum!

Pop's Pizza in Cohoes

Pop's Pizza in Cohoes NY. The pizza is GREAT!!

Even though I'm a devotee of the "real" I Love in Troy, I'll nominate the I Love NY on Central near New Karner. You'd be surprised.

Pops Pizza is new in Cohoes and has amazing pizza and food! Great prices, quality food, and great staff/owners. A+ !!!

pop's pizza in cohoes!

PURPLE PUB in Watervliet!

Pizza Gram in Guilderland! Best pizza in Guilderland, no question.

Pops Pizza in Cohoes!!!

Sovrana's! bad neighborhood, but great pizza (and subs for that matter)

DiFazio's! But a bit further afield lurks a true pizza nirvana -- Baba Louie's in Hudson, Great Barrington, or coming soon to Pittsfield. The fig pizza is unbelievable.

Bacchus for crispy crust. And I have to say, Red Front has grown on me.

Pop's Pizza in Cohoes is the best!

POPS Pizza in Cohoes!!! Newly opened by a wonderful family and al of their pizza's are delicious!!! You MUST try their fried oreos!!!

Ahh, I love the small of astroturf in the morning...

Love the idea of a wood-fired bracket, for which I nominate Harvest & Hearth in Saratoga Springs.

Lou Bea's on Delaware - will be reopen for business this weekend after a bad fire.

Little Anthony's - Central Ave

D.C.'s Pizza Western Ave - Best SIcilian style in town

Homestyles in Schenectady rocks. The best pie is the tomato pie! Making a great pizza with sauce alone is hard enough but to pull it off is amazing!!!

So for the bracket structure there needs to be a line for sauce alone!

Adriono's in Delmar gets my vote for the peperoni but their cheese pie lags, no pop!

So there also needs to be a cheese alone catagory.

In my opinion there should be a bracket structure with the four capitol counties. albany, Schenectady, Saratoga and rensselaer. The top winners of the four counties should then go head to head as a Final four!!!!!

Eehhhhh....DeFazio's (Troy)

DeFAzio's Pizza Troy..punttanesca pizza is the best

i second smith's tavern in voorheesville. and DeFazio's.

Pop's Pizza in Cohoes! Amazing pizza!


Pizza King in Schenectady by far. Their Mushroom, Broccoli or Spinach Marsalas are phenomenal.

Perecca's in Schenectady. As far as I know, the only coal oven pizza you're going to find without driving to New Haven or NYC, it's really not like any other pizza I know of around here.

Townsend Park Bakery @
238 Washington Ave
Albany, NY 12232
phone: (518) 462-2881

You have to try Marissa's Place - true Brooklyn pizza from a former New Yorker!

Locally owned grocer Price Chopper offers Bella Roma pizza, which is made fresh in local stores daily. You should let them enter since they're a frequented local pizza place as any other!

Marino's - Sch'dy

Carm's - Glenville

Daurizios - Rotterdam

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