Dog-friendly spots

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Check it out: it's a map listing dog-friendly places in Saratoga, part of the Saratoga Springs Dog Friendly Downtown project. It also includes notes for each place -- for example, at Lifestyles: "We welcome dogs under 30lbs. No dirty feet please."

(This isn't new, but we came across it again the other day and don't seem to have mentioned it the first time around.)

Rebecca emailed a few months back that something like this might be good for Albany. Any interest? We could probably something together for other parts of the Capital Region.

By the way: There's already a map of Capital Region dog parks, compiled by Mark.


As someone who is always with her dog & plans on becoming a doggy foster mom soon, YES YES YES I am interested in a dog-friendly map! This might actually help me get a social life.

Yes, I'd be interested in this sort of thing. Sometimes I want to stop somewhere on my way home from somewhere else but am not sure whether dogs are welcome.

Maybe you need a special Wag over Dogbany week featuring businesses that welcome and serve pets. There's a surprising number of them.

oh the timing irony of this.
Just had a chat tonight with someone who works at Lowe's and was told that Lowe's has an unofficial policy about allowing dogs in their stores.

and to help with the "dog friendly" map let me add that University Wine and Liquor (next to Pet Supplies Plus) is pet friendly.

I am SO interested! I adore going places with my dog. eateries have a choice? Is it against the health department or anything like that?

@Rebecca - I've brought my dogs into Lowes and Home Depot before bc I've heard the same thing - as long as they're friendly, well behaved and on a leash or in the cart, they're welcome.

Awesome -- a list of human-unfriendly businesses that won't be getting my money. I'll have to remember to print this out before my next trip to Saratoga.

(Seriously, pets belong at HOME. Some people are allergic or just hate dogs, and your dog is not more important than your fellow human beings.)

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